Monday, October 4, 2010

local latino

A guy from bbrt that I have chatted with for a long time finally got the opportunity to fuck yesterday. We chatted and he was free and asked if I could stop by. An easy 2 emails later and I was on my way to his house. He sent me a text and asked if I could come in through the side door and get naked in the kitchen, come down the hall to the bedroom and find him ready. So I did. He was naked and hard sitting on his bed which was a mattress on the floor. He is in the process of moving. Simple. I got right to it and started sucking his dick. He started moaning and we went on with the oral for a couple of minutes and then he flipped me around and started rimming me while I sucked his dick. That was good and he was really into rimming me. He was stretching my butt cheeks and burying his face and tongue as far in as he could get it. I was digging it big time. After a few more minutes he pushed me off his face and told me to get on my hands and knees.

There was enough spit in my hole that he didn't need lube. LOVE that. He slipped in and I moaned. We both took a hit of poppers and he asked if that's what I came for. I said fuck yeah and he started fucking me deep and slow. He had an average size dick but a real nice mushroom head so when he pulled almost all the way out it would stretch my hole. Very hot. He fucked me doggie for a bit and then grabbed one of my legs and flipped me over on my back. He took another hit of poppers and then plunged right back in. He started going gang busters so I knew it wasn't going to take him long. He said 'you want it?' I said hell yeah. He asked if it's what I came for and I said yeah, do it. Then he moaned and squirted a nice load in my hole while he buried his tongue down my throat. Was hot. He pulled out and we chatted for a bit. Then he gave me a towel to clean off and we walked back into the kitchen and I got dressed and left. Glad he was able to breed me while he is still local.... He moves next weekend. Right under the wire!

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