Thursday, October 7, 2010

Lauderdale day 3

Oh man......I have heard that guys like this exist but I have never met one. Was chatting with a bunch of guys and nothing panned out. Ended up taking a chance on a guy in the Miami area so had to drive for 30 minutes. Man am I glad I did. He said he was an aggressive pig top and said he could cum multiple times. I was thinking yeah ok, but he wasn't joking. I will go into detail but the short story is he came 6 times in an hour. Twice in my mouth and four times in my ass. I have never met anyone who had an endless supply of cum. The fifth load was in my mouth and I swear to you it was a respectable load so I think he's either an alien or a freak. I wish I knew more guys like him! He fucked mercilessly too. Man is my ass sore....

Started by me telling him I was almost there. He told me that after he cums if I suck him again he'll get hard again fast. I was like ok.... I walked in and we went to the bedroom. Nice house by the way. He was hot, hairy and latino. We kissed right after getting naked and then he pushed me to my knees. I started to blow him and I am not even joking. I was doing it for about 10 seconds and he shot a load in my mouth. My first thought was fuck, I came all this way for a 10 second blow job. But.... then he told me to keep blowing him. We got on the bed. He wanted my ass in his face while I sucked his cock. He went nuts on my butt. Then he took some poppers and went even more nuts you can't even imagine. He flung me on my back like a rag doll and said put your legs up. He got some lube, lubed himself up and pushed inside. Man you're tight he said. Then he fucked deep and hard and kissed and played with my nips. After a good 10 minutes he came again, I felt it twitch. So hot. Then he started again and I was like, man he's not joking. He flipped me on my side and threw one leg over his shoulder and went for broke. About 5 minutes later he came again.

Then he stopped and said he needed a couple of minutes. He said cum was leaking out and took the two pics listed here. They came out ok but not great. He got a beer and got me some water and then told me to start blowing him again. It was like a magic remote. I started sucking his dick again and 30 seconds later he was hard as a rock. He told me to put my butt in his face again while I blew him. So we did that scene again. Very hot. Again, he took a hit of poppers and went nuts. He put me on my back again and started fucking me. A few minutes later and load number 4 was in. Back to rest and we chatted for a while. Then it was back to blowing him and he said slow, now faster....faster, play with my balls, etc. Then he said, wait wait, easy. slow down but it was too late. He shot another load in my mouth. Then it was rest again and we chatted for a while longer. He said he wanted to rim me again and he took a big swig of beer and then started rimming me and he squirted the cold beer in my hole. Weird feeling but was cool. Then he put a small vibrating toy in my hole and asked if he could leave it in there while he fucked me again. I said sure. He asked if I could take another load. Yup I said so it was back to sucking him off and him rimming me.

Then, more poppers and back to crazy sex.... he put me on my stomach this time and climbed on the bed hovering over me and fucked squatting over me and thrusting down into me. man did that reach deep. I was moaning and moaning. He kept asking if it was ok and if he was hurting me. I said no, just please give me another load. It took him a bit longer this way. Was another 10 mins or so and then he shot the last load. He asked if I wanted more but I told him I should probably get back. I showered and we chatted some more. He told me I was much sexier and better looking than my pics and asked when I was leaving. We are supposed to hang out tomorrow night in south beach and have a beer. No sex but......we'll see....

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  1. Fucking HOT! I have a friend that has given me two loads. I have been trying to get more out of him but usually his partner has gotten a load or two out of him by the time I get him.