Thursday, October 7, 2010

Lauderdale Day 2

2 loads for day 2. No pics or vid today, sorry about that. I asked but both guys said they weren't really that into it. No worries... Two more hot daddies. The first one came by during his lunch break. Nice lunchtime treat! He was another with an average dick, smaller than mine. Probably 5 inches or so. He made me blow him sitting up against the headboard of the bed for a good 20 minutes. He loved head. I just sat there looking up at him while his dick went in and out of my mouth. He was really into it. I actually thought for a while that he was going to cum in my mouth because he liked head so much but right when I was thinking that (as my jaw muscles started getting tired) he pulled out and told me to get on all fours. He was shorter than me and he mounted me standing behind me and pushed in and fucked downward while I was on all fours. That was pretty hot. I wish he had let me take a pic or something but I won't lose sleep over it. That was the only position we fucked in. He started getting verbal and after another 5 minutes or so he shot his load in me. He stopped for a minute and then started up again. I thought he was going to go again but he told me he just wanted to make sure and push it in deeper. Hot! Then he got dressed and we chatted for a while. He told me where I should go in Wilton Manors where all the gay scene is for the most part.

An hour later deposit number two came by. This was another pump and dump. He was in good shape, hairy, middle eastern with a nice uncut cock. Another average, not huge or even big really but respectable. He asked if I had any loads in me already and I said yeah. That was all he wanted to know. Then he bent me over the end of the bed and fucked me from behind for less than 5 minutes and squirted a load in me. He said 'now you have one more.' He pulled up his pants and left. Anonymous sex is kind of hot sometimes. I wish it had lasted a bit longer but what can you do? ha ha. Anyway, after that I went down by the pool and drank way too many mojitos and came back to my room and passed out. Woke up in the middle of the night with the tv on. Got into bed and that was that. Too much alcohol interferes with the plans. Take a note! Unless you are at a bathhouse already when you're drunk it works against you! haha. Well, time to try again today....


  1. Passed out in your room, door wide open, face down, lube next to your ass.
    The sign reads:

    Bank Closed, butt please use our Night Depository!