Sunday, October 17, 2010

Hello neighbor

Well boys it's been a while since my neighbor stopped by but fresh from giving a blowjob and having cum on my breath I had to post it. The bf is out running errands this morning and I was outside doing some stuff in the yard. Nice day. I was talking to one of my other neighbors and my across the street neighbor came down his drive and joined the conversation. We chatted for a bit and then he throws out 'hey, is it still cool if I borrow your nail gun? i wanted to tack some stuff up for halloween for this kids' i told him sure and the other neighbor said goodbye and we walked down my driveway. i asked if he really did need the nail gun. he said 'how about i put my dick in your mouth and we'll talk about that after.' fine by me.

same drill as always, we walked in the back door and he dropped his pants in my kitchen and didn't say anything else. i dropped to my knees and started to polish his knob. i soooo wish he'd let me take a pic of it. i promised him no face but i told him i just liked jerking off thinking about it and a pic would help that. he said no. i didn't want to push it and ask if he'd ever be up for a fuck. i'm thinking he controls this relationship and as long as i get to blow him on a regular basis i am not going to fuck that up.

his dick started to swell as always and i cupped his balls and then pulled them down a bit. he said 'yeah, suck my dick man.' and then he grabbed the back of my head and started skull fucking me. a few minutes later i felt the head of his dick puff up and i new the payoff was coming. man did it ever, in a big way. he shot a good 5 or 6 heavy streams of cum down my hungry throat and it twitched for another minute or so. i am starting to wonder if he has blue balls or something and isn't really getting any at home. how could his load be that big if he was? hey, i guess not my problem. just my gain ;) bring it on again man!!

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