Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Helllllooooo Daddy

So I got some older guy dick in Lauderdale and I got some more in Chicago. Didn't really do a lot in Chicago but did get a hook up with a guy from bbrt. I really should start asking guys I hook up with if they care if I put their screen names in here so you can look them up. Anyway, he was 54 and a hot daddy. He was real hairy, front and back. He showed up at my hotel room door in a pair of jeans and a t-shirt with a long sleeve shirt over it. He came right in and right up to me to start kissing. I knew we wouldn't be wasting any time. He started pulling my clothes off so I helped. Then he pulled his off and I saw all the hair. He asked if I liked hairy. I said yep. He pushed me on the bed and sucked my dick for about 20 seconds and then flipped me over. When I say he feasted on my hole I can't even do it justice. He went so nuts on my hole for a good 20 minutes. Rubbing his tongue back and forth, fucking his tongue in deep, biting the ass cheeks. Over and over again he was doing this. Every now and then he'd spit in the hole and then lick it up. He was going to town. Then he laid down on the bed and I thought it was go time but he said to sit on his face so more of that :)

This did give me a chance to suck his dick though while he washed my hole over and over with his tongue. I actually got tired of sucking his dick before he tired of eating my ass. But all good things come to an end and then he flipped me over and asked 'is this what you want boy?' 'you wanna get bred.' I said yes!! and he lubed up his dick with some spit and since there was a gallon of spit in and around my hole he was able to push right in. Because he had been eating me out for so long I must have been crazy horny for cock because I shot a load on my stomach about 3 minutes into it. He asked if he should stop and I said no. He said 'yeah you still want the load, you know why I'm here' and he started fucking me a bit harder. I tightened up a bit after cumming and he told me I had a great hole. I didn't want to get too tight so I took a nice long hit off the popper bottle, got nice and light headed and he said 'there you go. daddy's gonna give it to you boy.' and he got into a rhythm, after a few minutes he asked 'you want this load' in my light headed state i said fuck yeah and he told me i was about to get it. then he moaned real loud and shot a nice load in my hole. he pulled out and we played the what are you doing in town game and i asked what he did. all the good stuff. i asked if he wanted to shower and he said no, he would just use a face cloth quick. he did, got dressed and left. when he got back near a computer he emailed me that we should do it again next time i am in town. buddy link......

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