Thursday, October 21, 2010


Always a good time in Atlanta. No let down today. Two different guys from bbrt but both with a good amount of cum. I have hooked up with both before. The first is a hot daddy who is right down the street from my hotel. I swung by in the afternoon and he brought me down to his play room. We got naked pretty quick and I got on my knees to suck his dick for a bit. He has a nice dick, not big and not that thick but respectable. Suck time was over quick and he wanted me to get in the sling (which I love). He put on some porn that was behind me so he got to watch while he fucked my ass. He lubed up and went right in. Took a hit of poppers and we were good to go. He was off his game a bit it seemed because he was all about just slamming and slamming his dick as hard as he physically could. Since his dick isn't that big it was his pelvis hitting mine. Ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ..... then he let it slip he was on Special K. Well, now it makes sense, but I do want a load so I guess I'll deal. It didn't take him very long anyway. He came a big load actually. Then he went for round two and within another 5 minutes he splattered the inside of my guts again. He kept going in and out and I could feel how squishy it was. Mmmmmm, was worth it to lube up my hole for whoever was next :)

The second guy was a guy I have hooked up with before also but when we were both traveling in Denver actually. He has never been home in Atlanta when I have been here. Anyway, we spent a long time talking to catch up. He's a real nice guy too. Beautiful green eyes that make me hard as soon as I look at them. After a lot of talking we started kissing. He commented on how big my arms had gotten and how jealous he was. Then we started talking about guys we have scored with from bbrt and he wanted to see some of the guys that did me. He likes sloppy seconds so he was glad there was cum already in me. Unlike the first guy, he has a real thick dick. It's about 7 inches long but thick around. He is always one of my favorite fucks to remember because he is one of 3 dicks I remember in detail the way it throbbed in me when he came. I blogged before about the guy in Chicago that had the awesome bod and a hot dick that throbbed with every squirt. So fucking hot, makes me horny just thinking about it. Well, this guy is right up there. After the kissing we get naked and he says again how good I look. We climb on the bed and start rolling around making out. He tries to give me a hickey. I go for his nips which drive him nuts, boing! He gets hard right away. We try to get his dick in with just spit but no can do. I am straddled over him but even though I have been fucked a lot my ass is really tight always. It's weird. So we get some lube on it and I sit down on his dick slowly as I take a hit of poppers. Soooooo good his dick feels. I ride him for a few minutes and we make out and I play with his nips all at the same time. I grab his arms and pull him towards me while his dick is still in me and we flip me on my back and he piston fucks me for a bit. Then as my head is hanging over the side of the bed he pulls me back and sets me on the pillows. Then he flips me over and we decide to finish up doggie style. He asks if I want it. I say it feels real good and yeah I want it. He can feel all the spooge in me already and tells me he's gonna give me load 3. I say fuck yeah and I can feel his dick swelling. Oh man I love that moment. Then he shoots a massive load in me and as soon as he pulls out some of it squirts out on his bed. He has his play cover on so no harm but I told him I was sorry anyway. Then we lied naked next to each other and kissed a while and then talked a lot longer. I gave him a quick massage and then got dressed and came back to the hotel. He leaves on business tomorrow but is back in a couple of days and is going to text me so we can fuck again. When I got back and got undressed I felt it wanted to squirt out so I put a towel on the floor and got my camera to take a pic. A huge wad shot out but I didn't get it. I decided more was coming out and instead of trying to grab a pic of it, to take a video so you can watch the rest drip out. There is still a lot you see come out so you know two big spurts had already come out before what you see. A good night!


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  1. Very HOT! Glad you got 3 big loads in your hole. I have a feeling your holes is very tasty.