Wednesday, October 6, 2010

fort lauderdale breeding - day 1

So I finally got more pics for you guys, and even some video ;) It was a good day last night. I got 6 loads in my hole, one in my mouth and I also gave my load to another hot top (who is the guy standing and you just see his body and his cock). Started after I checked in and logged onto bbrt. Chatted with so many guys. Really active here, I didn't know it was so busy down here. And lots of bb action. Wow. And lots of daddy dick. :) First guy who stopped by is in the pic sucking me off. He feasted on my hole for a good half hour and he blew me for a while too but he never got to fuck me or cum. He couldn't get it hard. He apologized but told me he didn't expect me to be so hot and I kind of intimidated him. Noooo!!! Still a cumdump, doesn't matter man :) Well, next time. Anyway, I liked the blow job and definitely liked the rimming.

After he left another guy showed up about 15 minutes later. He was a latino guy, mid 40s with a nice build and an average uncut cock. He wasted no time because he was just looking for a quick pump and dump. My hole was still slimy from being rimmed for so long so he used no lube and just pushed in. He fucked me on my back for about 5 minutes and shot a load in me. He told me it was my lube for the rest of the night. I said right on. He put his clothes back on and left.

Next guy that showed up was the next pic, still shot of his dick in me and then the video of him fucking me too. He had some nice tattoos from the top of his shoulder all the way down his leg on one side. He had an average dick too. That's one thing I notice down here. Everyone is into bb and lots of average size dicks. They all commented that mine is big but I think mine is respectable 7c and med thick is not big ;) but it is a good tool. Ha ha. Anyways, I sucked his dick for a few minutes and then we got on the end of the bed and he started fucking me. We went this way for a bit, which you see in the video and then he told me to flip over take it doggie. That's the way he liked to cum. He asked me if I wanted his load. I said hell yeah and he gave it to me. That's not on video but it was a good size load. Then he showered off and told me he'd look for me again before I left. About 20 minutes later the next guy showed up.

He was a chub. Latino and had a small dick but I didn't care. I was about getting bred so I told him to get to it. He rimmed me to taste the other loads in there and then he started fucking me. He was only a couple of minutes into it and the next guy knocked on the door. We stopped to let the other guy in, another hot daddy top mid 40s and he knew the latino guy. They smiled and chatted. The daddy asked if the other guy dropped a load in me yet. Said not yet and the chub latino guy got back to it. He fucked me while the other guy got naked and climbed on the bed. The daddy played with my nips while the latino guy fucked me for a few more minutes. Then the latino guy asked if the other guy wanted a turn. The daddy said yup and got in position. He slipped in no problem and started to fuck. He said he could feel all the cum in me and asked if I was going to take more after they left. I said yup and he said good boy. He fucked me for a while and I played with his nips. Then he asked if I was ready for his load. I said yup. He told me it was a 4 day load and he shot it deep in me. When he pulled out he told me to get on my knees and clean his dick off. Tasted all the cum on his dick it was so hot. He only let me do it for about 10 seconds and told me to get back on my back so the latino guy to finish up. Went back to getting fucked by the latino guy while the daddy got dressed. he got back on the bed and kissed me while I took the other guys dick and told me I was hot and he'd be back before I left. I said I'd be here. I want some vid of his dick in me next time too. Then he left. The latino guy flipped me over and did me doggie and as soon as we got into that position he came. Then he asked if I liked to swallow too because he could cum again. he ate my hole again so he could taste the loads while he jerked off. Then he got on his back and jerked off while telling me to lick his balls. When he was ready he told me to open my mouth. he got up and shoved his dick in and shot another load in my mouth. I've said before how sweet latino cum is. Yummy. Then he got dressed and told me to look up his bf on manhunt. The chub was going out of town on business but the bf would fuck me if I wanted. I looked him up. Hot!!! I sent him a note and hope we can fuck. Hot bod, big dick, blond. Very cool.

The next guy had a nice bod and a nice cock. I left the hotel and went to his place. His pics are the standing pics and he is versatile and all about swapping loads. He started by fucking me and told me he was getting my load somehow before he gave me his. i said ok and he started fucking me, no lube needed. He took a reaaaallllly long drag of the poppers and kept them under my nose for like 60 seconds. Was so light headed and he started pounding my hole. He told me to let him know when I was ready to cum and he would take my load. I told him when I was ready and he flipped on his back and I fucked him for a few minutes but didn't cum. We went back to him fucking me and I got close again. I told him when I was close and this time he just pulled out and sat on my dick instead and rode it on top. I felt I was about to bust and he went faster and tightened his ass. I shot my load in him and he said fuck yeah and got a big smile on his face. Then he got off me and stuck his dick back inside my hole. He went nuts and fucked me hard. It was like having a load in him recharges him, so hot. He shot his load in me a few minutes later. I had taken vid of him fucking me but it was too dark so all we have are the pics. Got dressed and came back to the hotel with a wad of toilet paper in my underwear because the cum was dripping out now.

Got back and got a text from the last guy who had just gotten out of work. I told him to come by and he did. He showed up and walked right in and got naked. He was a hot guy too. Mid 30s, real nice body and wanted to do it in the dark and have it be anonymous. No talking. OK, he climbed on and fucked me. He was real verbal, calling me a cumdump and told me I was a pig taking loads all night. Told me he was poz and he was going to breed my hole. Yup, he did. After a few minutes he came too and shot a nice load in me. Didn't say another word. He grabbed a towel and cleaned off and then said he'd be back again before I left.

Not bad for day 1!

video video


  1. Welcome to Fort Lauderdale! Moved here in April and find that most guys like to fuck bareback and breed ass. My type of city! How long are you visiting?

  2. Fuck that is so hot! I'm going at the end of the month, can't wait! -Dan