Saturday, October 9, 2010

Day 4 Lauderdale

The hook up I mentioned from the last post was my first for my last day in Lauderdale. It was with a hung bare black top from Manhunt. I went by his place and he was ready for me about 10 AM. Walked in and he brought me straight to the bedroom. He was watching some bb porn and we both got rid of our clothes. I got right to work getting on my knees and sucking his cock. It was already semi hard before I started because he has a thing for compact white boys. Lucky me!! I blew him for a while and then he pulled me up and we starting making out for a long time. He loved to kiss. Then he asked if I wanted his dick in me and I said yes! He told me to bend over the bed and he got down on his knees and started rimming me. 'Fuck you have a beautiful hole' he said and started going at it. 'Push it out for me' he said and I did as told. He was going in and out of the hole with his tongue for a good long time. Then it was fuck time. He mounted me from behind. Gave me my poppers so I could take a nice long hit and get ready. I looked underneath myself back at his dick and man it swelled up nice. He was hung as promised. He took it real slow and slid in. Once he was in he said again what a great hole it was. He started fucking a bit faster but with a great rhythm all the way in and all the way out. This went on for a few more minutes and he pulled out. I asked if he came. He said no way, flip over. He wanted to fuck me on my back so we could kiss and he could look in me eyes.

I flipped over and he slid back inside. He asked if it felt good. I told him I loved it and that his dick was great and he told me he really liked being in my hole. I reached back and grabbed his ass cheeks and pulled him in close and he said 'oh, you want it deeper and harder sexy?' I said yeah and he said ok. He started pumping hard and I felt his balls slap against my ass with each push. For the bottoms out there you know that feeling when a dick is big enough and thick enough that when it pushes all the way in it hits the prostate and it borders on pain and pleasure at the same time? Well, this was one of those dicks. I fucking loved it. He started going to town asking again and again if I wanted more. You like that dick in you? You want this black dick to fuck you hard? You like black dick huh? You gonna let me cum in there? You want this load? You want a load from a black dick in your white cumhole? Answers to all were yes :) He started going slower again but all the way out and all the way. This seemed to be the best feeling for him. I was wiggling my ass as best I could to suck his cock in at every chance. He started picking up the tempo again and said 'you want the load? that what you came here for?' I said 'fuck yes, please. please give it to me.' he told me he was getting close. He told me it was ready and then he shot a huge load. I felt it twitch at least 6 times. He didn't pull out though. He left his dick in and every 20 seconds or so it would twitch again. He kept kissing me and we did this with his dick still in me for another 5 or 10 minutes. Then he finally pulled out and we cleaned off. He asked when I was leaving and I told him the next day. He said he'd want to fuck me again when I came back down. I told him no problem! Then he told me he wanted me to send him a pic of my hole when I got back to my hotel room so he could keep it and remember it. That's the pic you see here!

The rest of the day was by the pool and then went to dinner with some people from the poolside bar. We did a pub crawl down the beach boulevard and I got pretty hammered. I might have time for one more load before I head out but I still feel drunk from last night so not sure. Just lying in bed and typing this blog for now!

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