Thursday, October 7, 2010

bonus on day 3....

a guy I was chatting with since I got here came over after I cam back from Miami. I actually had dinner and some drinks first so kind of buzzed. He asked if I could take more loads. I asked what he meant and he said he wanted to take me to a sex club. I told him prob not tonight. I am buzzed and ass is sore from the alien freak guy so I wanted his load (since I have been keeping him in blue balls state since I got here) and then would prob hit the sheets.. Well I am glad we finally hooked up. The pics are his cock and him deep inside me. He is a mix of Moroccan and Puerto Rican. Yum yum, dark uncut cock. He fucked me on my back for a bit and said he could feel the other loads inside. Then he asked me to stand up and bend over the bed so he could fuck me from behind. That's how he liked to cum. No prob!! He shot a nice load in me and then I was so turned on my his dick I dropped to my knees to suck every last drop out after he pulled out. He kept jumping and twitching. he said he gets sensitive after he cums, just like me ;)

i have a bare black top lined up for tomorrow morning. start the day off right!

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