Sunday, October 24, 2010

Active Saturday night

Even though I have stuff to do every day I did find the tim to go out Saturday night. I was chatting with a bunch of guys online and some were for later, some for now but then get quiet, blah blah blah. Thing I don't like all that much about Atlanta is tons of guys here party and I am not into pnp. I am more of a purist and just like dick and cum ;) Anyway, I find most guys who have been partying can't keep it up and being a bottom that's usually kind of important to me. So I tend to avoid guys who are partying because of that and the fact that they lose track of time. Be there in 20 minutes means 2 hours, etc. I had planned on going to Manifest but lots of guys online told me if I had been to sex clubs in other cities I would be disappointed with the ones in Atlanta. That they were kind of lame. I thought about that while I talked to other guys online. I found a guy on Manhunt in a hotel in Marietta who was visiting also and was a bb poz top. It was getting late so I said sure. It was a 20 minute drive but I'd do it. Right before I was about to leave another guy from bbrt wanted to fuck. So I told the guy from Marietta I was going to stop for a load then be on my way. He said OK.

I headed out to stop one. The pics made the guys dick look real big but it was an average size. No worries. He asked if pump and dump was ok. I said sure. He pulled out three kinds of poppers and asked if I liked them. I had brought my own (the Max Impact too) but I said sure. I took a hit of his and bent over his couch. He ate my ass for a few minutes and then stood up. The curtains on his sliding door were wide open and he didn't care so if anyone else in the apartment building walked by we'd be giving them a show. He slid in and it was not even 3 minutes and he said 'I'm gonna cum' and he did. He told me he had to work the next morning so he hoped that was ok. I said yeah, there was a load in me so it was ok ;)

I got back in the car and started to Marietta for the guy in the hotel. His pics were hot, shaved head, goatee, thick earrings in both ears, older guy, and described his dick as 6.5 x 6.5 not real long but real thick. We'll see I thought as I drove out there and then also thought what the hell am I doing driving all this way but eh, what are ya gonna do. I got to the hotel about 11:15 and walked into the lobby. Told him I was on my way up. I got to room 602 and surprise, surprise there was a little group going on. The top I had spoken with answered the door and there were two other tops in the room getting blown by a guy on his knees. Well alright.... Let's do this. I walked in, had a quick pee then joined the group. The guy with the shaved head was shorter, a little taller than me but still short, probably 5'8" or so. He had a tank top on but no pants and had a metal cock ring on. Nice. Looking at his dick, he wasn't kidding, it was real fat. The bottom looked up at me and said 'wow he's hot'. All the guys in the room agreed and one of the other tops said 'glad you could stop by' and winked at me. This guy was an older daddy type with gray hair, a bit of a hairy chest, nice bod, average cock and had a leather harness on and leather pants with the crotch piece taken out. The other top was probably in his 30s, nice bod, smooth a bit muscular and a cock a little bigger. The bottom was short like me and had an average bod and average hair. When I got closer the bottom got up and started making out with me. We made out for a few minutes while the tops watched us and jerked off. Then one of the tops said 'ok boys, it's time to fuck since you're both here' We both got on the bed, me on my back with my legs up and him on his hands and knees so he could lean over me and make out while we both got fucked. The top in his 30s came over and felt my ass, he said 'so already got a load in there? I can just slip in?' I told him yep and he started his way in. The leather daddy started fucking my bottom friend while we made out. Our host was egging everyone on. We got fucked this way for 5 minutes or so and the host asked if they wanted to switch. They said sure. The leather daddy top came over to me but he started to get soft and couldn't stick it in. He said I was tight and started jerking off to get hard. The other top was fucking my friend pretty deep now and the bottom said 'don't cum in me' The top said 'no?' The host piped in and said 'oh yeah, he is the starter boy but this is the one you can cum in' pointing to me. The other top said 'i'm close' so he pulled out of the other bottom and the leather daddy moved over so the other top could relieve the ache in his balls by emptying them in my ass. The other top pushed in quick and built his momentum up again, I took a hit of poppers and he said 'I like a hungry bottom boy, you ready?' I said yeah and he shot his load in me. He pulled out and the host guy smiled and said 'awesome' Then he asked if I was ready for him. I said yeah and he lubed up his fat cock and started his way in slowly. Man it felt so good, but having just been fucked, he pushed in no problem. He did say 'man you're tight' but he kept on going. The leather daddy was fucking my bottom brother who was now on his back too, us lying side by side with heads touching. He was moaning a little but he definitely was liking it. After a few minutes the other top got dressed said his good byes, thanked us and left. The host then asked the leather daddy if he wanted to switch. The leather daddy said sure and he came back to me and the host went to the other bottom. The daddy had the same issue and said it was because he had played earlier too. The host pushed into the other bottom and the other bottom moaned and whimpered. The host asked if his dick was too big. The other bottom said no. He kept on going until he felt he was getting close and then told the leather daddy he wanted to cum. The leather daddy moved over so the host could come back to my hole. This time the leather daddy helped by spraying some of the Max Impact on a face cloth and then holding it over my face while the host pushed in. Within 10-15 seconds that shit gives you a crazy light headed feeling, your heart starts racing fast and you can't really hear anything but your heart beating. It also opens up your throat or your hole. This must have been the case because I could feel the host POUNDING my hole and could very lightly over the beating of my heart here the leather daddy saying 'fuck yeah, breed his hole' and I felt the host throb as he shot his load in my hole. The other bottom pushed the face cloth off my face and started making out with me as the host was squirting in me. Two of the tops had now cum in me. Everything stopped for a minute and the leather daddy stood there jerking off. The host grabbed a towel and cleaned off. He told me I was hot and that I had a hot hole. The other bottom got dressed. We all chatted a bit about where we were from and what we did. The other bottom then left and it was me and the host and the leather daddy. Leather daddy was not about to end the night without cumming in me. So the host told him to do what he wanted. He straddled my chest and jerked off for a long time, maybe 10 or 15 minutes but he did get hard. He told me to flip on my hands and knees. I did and he started sliding in doggy style. He started to get a little soft but he managed to get in and once he got in he got hard. He said 'wow you are tight' and then he started getting into a rhythm. He told me to take another hit of Max Impact which I did and then he went nuts as I was in my own world again of my heart beating. I could hear him moan as he was cumming but it sounded like it was coming from the next room. After he pulled out we chatted for a while more. I asked the host if he wanted to go again. He laughed and said 'wow you are hungry' We talked about my hole and it being tight. The leather daddy told me the Max Impact was not good for me. He used to be a chemical engineer and he said it's not a good thing to do a lot of. But....he said it does open you up real nice so I guess it's a catch 22. Ha.... Then they both agreed I was so tight because I work out a lot and do squats which keep my bubble butt tight. I didn't argue. I cleaned the cum dripping out of my hole and got dressed and planned to head back to the hotel.

On the way back I decided I should at least check out this Manifest place. $25, would it be worth it. Once I got in (now about 1 AM) it was slow and dead inside so not the greatest BUT within 5 minutes a guy with his shirt off walked by. We made eye contact. I walked back to where he stood near a wall and he grabbed my hand and brought me into the first room we were near which had a leather chair in it. We got naked and he said 'man you're hot' I said you too. His hair looked like that white blond Scandinavian color in the dark. His chest was smooth and he had those nice bubbled pecs. I kept playing with his nips which made his dick rock hard. Nice big dick too..... He got on his knees and sucked my dick for a while and then pushed me down on the chair and kept blowing me. Then he fingered my hole for a bit and he asked if I liked to get fucked. I said yep and he got on his knees and got close to the chair. His dick was big and it took him a bit to get in. Once he was in he said 'man you're tight' I said yeah weird, but I have been fucked 4 times tonight already. He said it was weird and smiled. He started and stopped 3 or 4 times, every time he stopped he pulled out and stood up and stuck his dick in my mouth. I could taste some of the other guys cum that was in there and now on his dick. He went back for one last go and he said to play with his nipples. I had my legs over his shoulders and he was on his knees on the floor with my ass on the end of the chair. As soon as I touched his nipples it was like his dick stood to attention inside my hole. He said fuck yeah and the asked 'you want another load in there?' I said hell yes and he gave me what I wanted. He shot a good 5 or 6 streams in my hole. As soon as he pulled out and stood up a cum fart squirting a huge wad of cum on the floor in front of the chair. He laughed. I stood up and grabbed some paper towel to clean up. We got dressed and I put another paper towel in my underwear in case anything tried to leak out when I went back to the hotel. We started to chat, told him I was visiting for work and how long I'd be here. He said we should definitely get together again. I agreed. Neither of us had our phones with us so we went outside. We stopped at his car and he put my number in his phone and called my phone so I would have his when I got back to my car. Outside I saw his hair wasn't blond but silver/gray. He was real hot and a sexy silver daddy. I definitely wanted that cock again. He is off Sunday and Tuesday and we said we'd work something out so he could get another load in me before I left. Looking at the count too, I realized I'm almost at 100 loads for the year. I wonder if I should give a proze or something to the 100th customer!


  1. hey, i set up the blog so now you can post comments right under the entry. not sure if it was like that before...

  2. Great post, guy! The image of you on your back taking all those loads is incredibly exciting! I could feel my heart racing along with yours.