Thursday, September 23, 2010

The San Francisco Treat

If I had only done my homework and realized Folsom is this weekend I would have changed the scheduling and gone to LA first. Oh well, anyways.... not a loss because I got some good play in San Fran anyway. All from bbrt. First guy chatted with me a while and we agreed to meet and he asked if I had chatted with another guy (friend of his online). I said no but he asked if I'd be into getting tag teamed. Ha, do you know who you're talking to dude? Yes! So I unlocked for his bud and he sent him a text message. 20 minutes later both were at my hotel room door. Average guys with average bodies and dicks. Was a hot start to the night though. They got naked right away and I got on my knees. I started sucking cock, moving from one to the other and back again until they got tired of just getting blown and told me it was time to fuck. One of them pushed me back on the bed and started eating my hole. The other got on the bed and put his dick back in my mouth and started sucking mine too. A 69 while you're getting rimmed is actually pretty hot, never done it before.

After a while of the spit shine I got on my butt, it was time to start the main show. The first guy put my legs on his shoulders and started fucking me. He fucked me for all of 4 minutes and said 'oh shit, I'm gonna cum.' Glad I got the load but damn, a bit longer would have been fun too ;) Anyway, now I know why guy number two tags along. He flipped me over because he likes doggie. The first guy threw his dick in my mouth to clean off while his friend started fucking me. He went for a while and then put me on my side and kept going. He went on for another 5 minutes or so and then flipped me on my back again and pushed back in. That was the home stretch. Within a couple of minutes he started breathing heavy and I knew it was coming. And I was right.. The extra treat was that friend number one felched my butt and made out with me and the other guy so everyone got a taste of the load. Yummmmy!

So, that would be a good night but I wasn't done.... I logged back onto bbrt and there was a guy who was on his way home and we chatted and agreed he should stop by. He was ute, thin bod and a FAT dick. Oh man was he good. He only fucked me on my back and after about 3 minutes I came. He said 'oh no. is that it for you. I'm not done with you.' I told him I could keep taking and he smirked. He fucked me slow then fast, then slow then fast for a few minutes and after about 5 minutes of that he swelled up big enough that I could feel the difference in my ass and he came and came and came. It was enough on top of the two that were already in there that it squirted out on the bed when he pulled out. So fucking hot. We buddied each other and agreed that we would fuck again next time I came to San Fran.

Last but not least.....I found one more guy who wanted to hook up but he only wanted a blow job. Since one of my goals is to get the swallowed count up, I was happy to do it. He came by and holy crap was he hot. He had an amazing body but no face pic, but since I'd be on my knees anyway I didn't really care but when he showed up at the door he was crazy good looking. I practically ripped his pants off and got on my knees and started going to town on his dick. I sucked his dick up and down then pulled it out and licked up and down the sides, I did some ball sucking then back to the shaft to finish up the job. I rubbed his balls while I sucked him off and it didn't take him that long either. Maybe 5 minutes tops and I tasted a nice sweet stream of cum pumping down my throat. I asked if we could do it again next time I was in San Fran and he said he was only there for the Oracle conference. He was from Dallas. Arrrgggghhh, it figures. A place I never go to. But, he travels a lot for work like I do so I am hoping I get that cock again (in my ass ;) San Fran was a good I need to post the LA part of the trip. Woohoo!

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