Thursday, September 30, 2010


I'm caught up after this post. I was in NY this Mon and Tues and got a load each day. After last week's more active week was hoping for more but eh, what are ya gonna do. Both loads were from guys on bbrt. Load one was from a guy the first night who I have hooked up with before but been a while. He is a poz top and is real cute. He's a dancer so he's in real good shape.... We met after I got back from dinner, he blew me for a bit after we got naked and then I returned the favor. He has an average size dick and a nice bod. We fucked for about 15 minutes and he flipped me over doggie and then flipped me back over on my back so he could kiss me while we fucked. He makes a great face when he cums. He doesn't make a lot of noise but his eyes almost roll back in his head and you feel it squirt. He told me it was nice to get back in touch and he was leaving for work to San Fran the next morning. So he rinsed off, got dressed and sent me a text thanking me for the hook up. He said he's be in my area in a couple of weeks for work and was hoping we could hook up again.

Day two I had meetings all morning but once they were over I prowled fast for a load before I had to check out and I am glad I did. Hooked up with a kid from Starbucks. He was from Long Island but was in the city meeting with his general manager and checked out bbrt after he met with her. Glad he did! He stopped by, had an average to a very slightly chunky bod, hairy and had a small but fat dick. Man did he fuck hard though. He plowed me good and deep in a few different positions. On my back, doggie, standing at the end of the bed. He asked me if I wanted more or if I wanted him to breed me. I had to check out so I told him I wanted to be bred. He said 'all good' and told me to get back up on the bed. He put me on my back with one leg over his shoulder and plowed as deep and hard as he could for another few minutes and then he started to breathe heavy so I knew it was coming. He moaned real loud when he came and he shot a good size load in my hole. He smiled, got off me and rinsed off in the shower. We chatted for a bit and then he left. I sent him an email thanking him for the load. He said anytime and to tell him next time I am in the city. You got it bud!!!

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