Monday, September 13, 2010

Married dick tastes sweet ;)

So I head out today to start traveling for work for a bit and I'm lining up stuff when I travel. Look for more posts. But....always nice when something unexpected happens. There's a married couple that lives across the street from us. We have always thought the guy was hunky. Nice rugged bod, shaved head, goatee. They both always say hi but we have always thought nasty things about him because he's hot. Today I got back from the gym, he was out in the driveway near his truck and his wife was already at work. Kids in school. I waved and he waved but then I couldn't believe my eyes. He grabbed his crotch really quick. I wasn't sure if I saw right so I stayed outside and put the hose away and filled a birdfeeder and looked back up. He rubbed his crotch again. My heart started beating fast because I have jerked off thinking about this guy before. So I smiled and then said what's going on. He walked down the driveway and across the street down my driveway. We started to talk. Just stupid shit and I think I was nervous. I mean this guy lives across the street from me. If I am wrong this could be bad.

We kept talking for about 5 minutes and I still wasn't 100% sure until he said 'you're looking big from the gym. maybe we should get a workout in sometime.' I said sure and then swallowed for a second and asked if he wanted to come in for a minute. He smiled and said sure. He followed me in the house and I asked if he wanted anything to drink. He said no that he had to head out in a few but that he was high strung and needed to let off some steam. I asked what he had in mind and finally we stopped the back and forth. He said 'I was kind of hoping you'd blow me.' My heart started beating fast again and I said hell yeah. I dropped to my knees in the kitchen and he pulled down his pants. Oh man was it worth fantasizing about. He had a thick cock, not real long but fat. I jumped up quick to grab some poppers to help loosen me up. I asked if he wanted to fuck and he said no, he wouldn't do that but he wanted to get sucked off. OK, no more questions, I took a hit of poppers and started sucking on his cock as hard as I could. He said he only had a few minutes and he was real horny so it wouldn't take him long. Like I care, I have wanted this load for 2 years. He swelled up and moaned, he kept saying yeah that's good. He also said now that he knew I would do this we'd have to do it more often when we were alone. I said oh fuck yeah, anytime you wanna feed me man. He said 'good boy, back to work, I'm getting close.' A few minutes into it, his dick swelled even fatter and he told me here it comes and man did it ever. He shot a good 6 or 7 full squirts into my mouth until it slowed down. When it was over I told him that was hot and he said yup, we'll have to do it again, just us, no talking about it. Don't tell your boyfriend. I said OK, he pulled up his pants and left. Soooooo good. I can't wait until next time. I wonder if he'll add to my cum collection or if that would scare him off. This pics is 58 loads of cum I have in my freezer. Haven't decided yet what to do with it all ;)

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