Sunday, September 19, 2010

Florida - home of the Rays

Never been to Tampa before but went down for business last week. A LOT of guys online in Fort Lauderdale area and Miami area but outside that not too much on bbrt for other locations down there but that didn't stop me from getting at least one load. The other thing I'll say is there are a lot of daddies in Florida. The average age was 45+. Now I have no problem with that, I love me hot daddies... :) So, I chatted with one online. He wanted to host so I ditched the person I was traveling with and hit the road in the rental car. By the way it was H O T down there, damn I was sweating just from the walk to the car. I got to the guy's house and he left the front door open a crack. Walked in and a dog came over wagging his tail and hopped up on me. I heard his voice saying to ignore the dog and come on in. I walked into the living room and he was sitting there naked and watching porn. He looked like an ex-navy guy if I had to guess (we didn't talk much) but he had a salt and pepper buzz cut, nice build and some ink on both arms but not tribal or anything. An anchor on one (so probably not a stretch if Navy). He wanted to get right into it. 'Wanna get down here and suck my dick boy' he said. Hells yeah.... on my knees and as I started sucking him off he pushed me back a little and shoved a bottle of poppers under my nose. This guy was good it was like he knew me!

Sucked his dick for not too long and he asked if I wanted him to cum, he was real horny. I said not yet but then he said he can easily cum more than once so I said nothing else and kept blowing him. 'Good boy' he said and then right after 'here it comes' and slurp, big big load. Sweet sweet load too. Was not what I was expecting. And weird after he came in my mouth and it tasted so good I got rock hard. He stood me up and said 'let's go downstairs'. I followed him down to the basement (finished) and around a corner to what I can only say was a toy shop. Holy crap there was shit everywhere. Big dildos, little dildos, pumps, leather, whips, chains. I mean he had it all. He told me to hop up in the sling so he could get at my ass. He asked if I wanted some ass play or just to get fucked. I told him just to get fucked because it was getting late. He said no problem and lubed me up with his finger and a lot of spit. He had a med thick uncut cock, one big vein under the head which always turns me on. I asked if I could take a pic of it but he said no :( Then he asked if I was ready, I said yep and he slid in slowly. He told me I had a sweet ass, I thanked him and told him I liked his dick. He told me he was poz and asked if I was going to take his load in my hole. I said yep to match the load I swallowed. He told me again I was a good boy and then started piston fucking me. He kept telling me I had a hot hole and asked me if it felt good. I was moaning and saying yes. He started going slow, all the way out then all the way in, balls deep. He did it slow for a few minutes and then picked up the pace again. He asked if I wanted another load and I said hell yeah. He fucked me for a few more minutes and I felt his dick swell. I knew it was coming. He told me he was going to shoot a poz load deep in my hole. I said please please and he said good boy again and then came. When he stopped I said that was good. He told me we weren't done yet and then I felt my but starting to get tense and that full feeling real warm and I realized he was taking a piss in my hole. He asked if I liked it and I said yeah. He told me to hold it when he pulled out. I tried as hard as I could but a little leaked out. Then he opened a cover in the floor which opened a drain and he said I could let it out. It flowed out just as warm as it went in. It was an awesome feeling but I kind of wanted to keep his cum inside me. I guess I got a good long taste so I won't complain about the one in my butt. ;)

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  1. This is the first time I've ready your blog. After that story, I'm hooked. (And I think I might book a flight to Tampa.)