Saturday, September 4, 2010

Easy when you know what you want

Although I'm easy anyway.... :) Last Friday I was on bbrt and a guy hit me up. I love the quick exchanges to get us to the goods. It took all of 4 emails and I was set to go to his place. He had a sling and wanted me to get in it so he could fuck me. No problemo! I was already showered so I just douched quick and hit the road. He was about 35 minutes away, no biggie. Got to his place and he let me in but he was about to jump in the shower. Real nice guy too. Help yourself to anything in fridge, etc. etc. He is done about 5 minutes later and he comes out and says he is real glad I could stop by as he checks me out. No problem I said. We head to his bedroom and the sling is in the bag at the foot of the bed so we pull out all the pipes and set it up.

He gets on his knees and starts blowing me. He is versatile so I'm thinking he might want to get fucked too. But he stays on my dick sucking it greedily for about 10 minutes. It takes a lot to get me to cum from oral so I am not sure if that's what he is hoping for or not but he stops anyway and climbs on the bed. I follow him and start blowing him too. He is a moaner :) lots of noise which makes me go harder and faster. We get into a 69 and do that up for another 5 or 10 minutes. He finally tells me to stop because he doesn't want to cum yet. He wants to cum in my hole. Works for me man!! So now it's time for the main show. I climb up into the sling and he asks me if I like getting rimmed. I say hell yeah and he drops to his knees. For the next 30 minutes I can't even tell you how good it was. He looooves to rim and I have never had someone feast on my hole as much as he did. It was so awesome. I love being a sling pig and just getting done any way a guy wants. It's the best thing. So after that awesome prep he pulls out a can of Crisco. Yep, Crisco... I look at him and he laughs. He says 'I'm old school.' I tell him I don't care as long as he slips it in. Which he does nice and slow. He tells me to just push down a bit more and then he grabs the straps and guides my butt into his dick for the next 10 minutes. He moves his hips back and forth like a well oiled piston from a high performance engine. He is realllly talented. I am loving it so much that I come on my stomach a few minutes later. He says he is sorry, he didn't mean to make me cum so fast. Then he asks if I need to stop. No!!!! I told him to keep going. Me cumming doesn't slow me down and I still want his load. He starts up again and grabs the straps again and starts and stops 3 or 4 times over the next 15 minutes or so. Then he asks if I'm ready for it. Fuck yeah I say, breed me good. He starts up again but this time inside of swaying side to side he pulls the straps dead on to his dick and plows me hard and deep for a few minutes, moaning all the time. The moans start getting louder and I know it's coming. He gets louder still and then all of a sudden I hear fuck, fuck, fuck as he starts cumming in my hole. Nice load. It squirted out a bit as soon as he pulled out. He went back to his knees and ate my hole and then brought what he gobbled up to my mouth so we could share. We got back on the bed and hung out for a few minutes and then I jumped in the shower for a quick wash and off I went. Easy to decide what we both wanted. Got right to business. Spent a lot of play time and got my load ;) Woohoo!

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