Thursday, September 30, 2010


I'm caught up after this post. I was in NY this Mon and Tues and got a load each day. After last week's more active week was hoping for more but eh, what are ya gonna do. Both loads were from guys on bbrt. Load one was from a guy the first night who I have hooked up with before but been a while. He is a poz top and is real cute. He's a dancer so he's in real good shape.... We met after I got back from dinner, he blew me for a bit after we got naked and then I returned the favor. He has an average size dick and a nice bod. We fucked for about 15 minutes and he flipped me over doggie and then flipped me back over on my back so he could kiss me while we fucked. He makes a great face when he cums. He doesn't make a lot of noise but his eyes almost roll back in his head and you feel it squirt. He told me it was nice to get back in touch and he was leaving for work to San Fran the next morning. So he rinsed off, got dressed and sent me a text thanking me for the hook up. He said he's be in my area in a couple of weeks for work and was hoping we could hook up again.

Day two I had meetings all morning but once they were over I prowled fast for a load before I had to check out and I am glad I did. Hooked up with a kid from Starbucks. He was from Long Island but was in the city meeting with his general manager and checked out bbrt after he met with her. Glad he did! He stopped by, had an average to a very slightly chunky bod, hairy and had a small but fat dick. Man did he fuck hard though. He plowed me good and deep in a few different positions. On my back, doggie, standing at the end of the bed. He asked me if I wanted more or if I wanted him to breed me. I had to check out so I told him I wanted to be bred. He said 'all good' and told me to get back up on the bed. He put me on my back with one leg over his shoulder and plowed as deep and hard as he could for another few minutes and then he started to breathe heavy so I knew it was coming. He moaned real loud when he came and he shot a good size load in my hole. He smiled, got off me and rinsed off in the shower. We chatted for a bit and then he left. I sent him an email thanking him for the load. He said anytime and to tell him next time I am in the city. You got it bud!!!

I love LA - again

So I am late as usual in updating this but from last to LA on Wednesday. Nothing to report Wednesday night except me jerking off. If you guys would ever want to see a video of that, let me know ;) Anyway, on Thursday around noon my reg fuckbud (who is posted in my blog before - and fucks me every time I go to LA) stopped by to give me his first load of my visit. He is tall, shaved head, some chest hair and a big fat cock. Man do I love that cock. He stopped by a few hours later than he expected. Told him it was cool and that I was there for a couple of days if he wanted to hook up later. He told me no!! He hadn't cum in more than a week and was so horny and needed my hole. Well alright then! As soon as he walked in I practically jumped him and we started making out pretty heavy. Started stripping off his clothes. He told me I looked even better than last time he had seen me. I guess the work at the gym has been paying off. More and more guys commenting on my body which means more wanting to fuck me. Which means more cum for me and that makes me happy :) Anyway, we got naked and walked into the bedroom and he pushed me back on the bed. I leaned over the side and started sucking his dick. He was so horny this only lasted a couple of minutes before he said he needed to fuck me. OK by me!! He pushed me back and put a pillow under my back so my hole was a bit higher for him. He lubed up his dick and then my hole and got a big grin as he slid his finger in. 'Oh man, that's some good hole' he said and the he slipped in and leaned over and started making out with me. His first load is usually quick and this was no exception. This was the only position we fucked in and he piston fucked me for a few minutes until I felt his dick swell real big and then he moaned and I definitely felt it throb and shoot inside over and over again. It was a huge load. Sooo fucking good. We kept making out. He pulled out and collapsed on the bed next to me and said it was so good to see me. I got down on his dick and cleaned it off with my mouth and told him the same. He rinsed off and got dressed and told me he'd be back... I told him I'd be ready....

About an hour after he left I was online bbrt and got a hit from a latin guy who was right around the corner from the hotel. I told him I just wanted a load and already had one in me. He said he'd be right over. 15 minutes later he was knocking at my door. He had an average size dick but a nice head and was uncut. I got down on my knees and started to blow him. He said it felt real good. He started giving direction and told me to play with his balls, lick the shaft, take it all the way down and hold it, etc. This went on for about 5 minutes and then he told me he was going to cum. I sucked faster and sure enough.....a hot tasty load right down my throat. Kudos to all you latino boys. Don't know what it is but you have some of the sweetest, tastiest cum out there. Yum yum!! But he wasn't done.... He said in a few minutes he could go again and he'd be able to fuck. He only liked it doggie, no problem by me. So a few minutes later I was back on the bed on my knees with my face in the pillow and he mounted me from behind. He started slow at first and then picked up the pace and started some dirty talk, in Spanish. That made it so much better. He kept pumping balls deep, calling me puta and stuff for a few minutes until he started to moan and he came again, a few good squirts in my hole to add to what he sent down my throat. After he pulled out I turned around and cleaned his dick off too, paying attention to pull back the foreskin and make sure I polished the knob real good. Got a few more drips out and loooved every second of it.

After he left I got a real urge to dump and had to run to the john, man did it squirt out. My fuckbud must have dumped an even bigger load than I expected in and the latino boy was just the straw that broke the camel's ass. It was like I threw a couple of tablespoons of cream in the toilet. I should have taken a pic of it. Will do next time. Had meetings and dinner so nothing else happened that day.

Next day my fuckbud met me early afternoon before he went to work and we went at it again. This time was much longer and he fucked me ragged for over half an hour. Making me take it in lots of different positions, legs over shoulders, on my side, doggie, we 69d for a bit. He spit in my mouth. He used me reallly good this time. After pounding me hard for all that time he asked if I wanted more cum. I said fuck yeah and he said ok sexy, here it comes. He shot load number two in my hole and smiled as he did it. He told me again that I had such a hot hole. I told him it was his anytime he wanted it.

After he left I got online and started prowling on bbrt. This was my last night in town and I wanted more cock. I got a few guys who wanted a group so it took a bit to coordinate but worked it out so 3 lined up and came over (2 at once and 1 came about 15 mins later). Been a while since I was worked over by more than one but this was definitely worth the wait. The first two were a couple. One was strictly a top, big dick white muscle boy, average looks but real nice body and big dick. The other was a vers top black boy, tight toned body and also a big dick. They took turns fucking me while the other kept his dick in my mouth. They would make out together while pumping in me from opposite ends. That is such a hot feeling to be getting off a couple at the same time, watch them make out and have both their dicks in you from different sides. Man I love that. About 15 minutes in the third guy knocked at the door and the black guy took his dick out of my mouth and opened up for the other guy. Other guy was a good looking guy too with a decent body. He was a vers top also so I started sucking him and the black guy off at the same time and after the first guy who was still fucking me started getting in his rhythm and pumping me deep he put my legs over his shoulders and started making out with me. That left the other two to start fucking around. I was thinking they might get too deep into it and not come back to me but they didn't disappoint. After the first guy finally started to moan the other two stopped and came over and cheered him on. 'Yeah fuck that ass.' 'Pump a load in there.' 'Breed his hole.' and he did as told. He pumped a load in nice and deep and then pulled out and his boyfriend cleaned off his dick and then pushed his in and leaned over to make out with me so I could taste his partner's load while he fucked me. The third guy pushed his dick in my mouth and made out with the black guy and his partner both while the black guy fucked me. He didn't take as long and he shot load number two in me. Returning the favor, his partner cleaned off his cock while guy number three got into position and started to fuck me. He got right into a piston fuck and came in a couple of minutes. When he shot I felt his throb too. What is it about that? I love that feeling.... When he pulled out I felt some of the cum squirt out with his dick. They all told me how hot it looked and we chatted for a bit. Then they all got dressed and left.

My fuckbud sent me a text and wanted me to swing by his work (he's a bartender) so I did but....not before getting one more load from a vers guy. He was on his way to a party but stopped by the hotel to give me a load. His dick looked small at first but man did it swell up nice. He told me he was vers so he likes to take loads too. He told me it was hot feeling the other loads in my hole and he told me he was poz. All good news ;) A few minutes is all it took and he pumped a load in me. He pulled out and I cleaned off his cock too. I think I was just in that kind of mood. :) He rinsed off and left for his party but told me to buddy him for my next trip out to LA. He wanted to fuck around again. Hell yeah!!!

Now I left to go see my fuckbud. Had a few drinks at the bar and ended up staying until closing. He decided he wanted to come back to the hotel and fuck me once more before I flew home the next morning. I told him I was definitely game. He fucked me and fucked me and fucked me and finally shot a load in me before collapsing and falling asleep on the bed. Man I love that dude's dick. Soooooo much...

Thursday, September 23, 2010

The San Francisco Treat

If I had only done my homework and realized Folsom is this weekend I would have changed the scheduling and gone to LA first. Oh well, anyways.... not a loss because I got some good play in San Fran anyway. All from bbrt. First guy chatted with me a while and we agreed to meet and he asked if I had chatted with another guy (friend of his online). I said no but he asked if I'd be into getting tag teamed. Ha, do you know who you're talking to dude? Yes! So I unlocked for his bud and he sent him a text message. 20 minutes later both were at my hotel room door. Average guys with average bodies and dicks. Was a hot start to the night though. They got naked right away and I got on my knees. I started sucking cock, moving from one to the other and back again until they got tired of just getting blown and told me it was time to fuck. One of them pushed me back on the bed and started eating my hole. The other got on the bed and put his dick back in my mouth and started sucking mine too. A 69 while you're getting rimmed is actually pretty hot, never done it before.

After a while of the spit shine I got on my butt, it was time to start the main show. The first guy put my legs on his shoulders and started fucking me. He fucked me for all of 4 minutes and said 'oh shit, I'm gonna cum.' Glad I got the load but damn, a bit longer would have been fun too ;) Anyway, now I know why guy number two tags along. He flipped me over because he likes doggie. The first guy threw his dick in my mouth to clean off while his friend started fucking me. He went for a while and then put me on my side and kept going. He went on for another 5 minutes or so and then flipped me on my back again and pushed back in. That was the home stretch. Within a couple of minutes he started breathing heavy and I knew it was coming. And I was right.. The extra treat was that friend number one felched my butt and made out with me and the other guy so everyone got a taste of the load. Yummmmy!

So, that would be a good night but I wasn't done.... I logged back onto bbrt and there was a guy who was on his way home and we chatted and agreed he should stop by. He was ute, thin bod and a FAT dick. Oh man was he good. He only fucked me on my back and after about 3 minutes I came. He said 'oh no. is that it for you. I'm not done with you.' I told him I could keep taking and he smirked. He fucked me slow then fast, then slow then fast for a few minutes and after about 5 minutes of that he swelled up big enough that I could feel the difference in my ass and he came and came and came. It was enough on top of the two that were already in there that it squirted out on the bed when he pulled out. So fucking hot. We buddied each other and agreed that we would fuck again next time I came to San Fran.

Last but not least.....I found one more guy who wanted to hook up but he only wanted a blow job. Since one of my goals is to get the swallowed count up, I was happy to do it. He came by and holy crap was he hot. He had an amazing body but no face pic, but since I'd be on my knees anyway I didn't really care but when he showed up at the door he was crazy good looking. I practically ripped his pants off and got on my knees and started going to town on his dick. I sucked his dick up and down then pulled it out and licked up and down the sides, I did some ball sucking then back to the shaft to finish up the job. I rubbed his balls while I sucked him off and it didn't take him that long either. Maybe 5 minutes tops and I tasted a nice sweet stream of cum pumping down my throat. I asked if we could do it again next time I was in San Fran and he said he was only there for the Oracle conference. He was from Dallas. Arrrgggghhh, it figures. A place I never go to. But, he travels a lot for work like I do so I am hoping I get that cock again (in my ass ;) San Fran was a good I need to post the LA part of the trip. Woohoo!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Hello neighbor

Well my neighbor kept his promise. This won't be a long post but wanted you all to know he came by again yesterday when I was alone and pulled out his dick. I got on my knees and blew him until he gave me a nice load. I think I will like this :) Heading out to the West coast later this week. More posts to come!!

Florida - home of the Rays

Never been to Tampa before but went down for business last week. A LOT of guys online in Fort Lauderdale area and Miami area but outside that not too much on bbrt for other locations down there but that didn't stop me from getting at least one load. The other thing I'll say is there are a lot of daddies in Florida. The average age was 45+. Now I have no problem with that, I love me hot daddies... :) So, I chatted with one online. He wanted to host so I ditched the person I was traveling with and hit the road in the rental car. By the way it was H O T down there, damn I was sweating just from the walk to the car. I got to the guy's house and he left the front door open a crack. Walked in and a dog came over wagging his tail and hopped up on me. I heard his voice saying to ignore the dog and come on in. I walked into the living room and he was sitting there naked and watching porn. He looked like an ex-navy guy if I had to guess (we didn't talk much) but he had a salt and pepper buzz cut, nice build and some ink on both arms but not tribal or anything. An anchor on one (so probably not a stretch if Navy). He wanted to get right into it. 'Wanna get down here and suck my dick boy' he said. Hells yeah.... on my knees and as I started sucking him off he pushed me back a little and shoved a bottle of poppers under my nose. This guy was good it was like he knew me!

Sucked his dick for not too long and he asked if I wanted him to cum, he was real horny. I said not yet but then he said he can easily cum more than once so I said nothing else and kept blowing him. 'Good boy' he said and then right after 'here it comes' and slurp, big big load. Sweet sweet load too. Was not what I was expecting. And weird after he came in my mouth and it tasted so good I got rock hard. He stood me up and said 'let's go downstairs'. I followed him down to the basement (finished) and around a corner to what I can only say was a toy shop. Holy crap there was shit everywhere. Big dildos, little dildos, pumps, leather, whips, chains. I mean he had it all. He told me to hop up in the sling so he could get at my ass. He asked if I wanted some ass play or just to get fucked. I told him just to get fucked because it was getting late. He said no problem and lubed me up with his finger and a lot of spit. He had a med thick uncut cock, one big vein under the head which always turns me on. I asked if I could take a pic of it but he said no :( Then he asked if I was ready, I said yep and he slid in slowly. He told me I had a sweet ass, I thanked him and told him I liked his dick. He told me he was poz and asked if I was going to take his load in my hole. I said yep to match the load I swallowed. He told me again I was a good boy and then started piston fucking me. He kept telling me I had a hot hole and asked me if it felt good. I was moaning and saying yes. He started going slow, all the way out then all the way in, balls deep. He did it slow for a few minutes and then picked up the pace again. He asked if I wanted another load and I said hell yeah. He fucked me for a few more minutes and I felt his dick swell. I knew it was coming. He told me he was going to shoot a poz load deep in my hole. I said please please and he said good boy again and then came. When he stopped I said that was good. He told me we weren't done yet and then I felt my but starting to get tense and that full feeling real warm and I realized he was taking a piss in my hole. He asked if I liked it and I said yeah. He told me to hold it when he pulled out. I tried as hard as I could but a little leaked out. Then he opened a cover in the floor which opened a drain and he said I could let it out. It flowed out just as warm as it went in. It was an awesome feeling but I kind of wanted to keep his cum inside me. I guess I got a good long taste so I won't complain about the one in my butt. ;)

Monday, September 13, 2010

Married dick tastes sweet ;)

So I head out today to start traveling for work for a bit and I'm lining up stuff when I travel. Look for more posts. But....always nice when something unexpected happens. There's a married couple that lives across the street from us. We have always thought the guy was hunky. Nice rugged bod, shaved head, goatee. They both always say hi but we have always thought nasty things about him because he's hot. Today I got back from the gym, he was out in the driveway near his truck and his wife was already at work. Kids in school. I waved and he waved but then I couldn't believe my eyes. He grabbed his crotch really quick. I wasn't sure if I saw right so I stayed outside and put the hose away and filled a birdfeeder and looked back up. He rubbed his crotch again. My heart started beating fast because I have jerked off thinking about this guy before. So I smiled and then said what's going on. He walked down the driveway and across the street down my driveway. We started to talk. Just stupid shit and I think I was nervous. I mean this guy lives across the street from me. If I am wrong this could be bad.

We kept talking for about 5 minutes and I still wasn't 100% sure until he said 'you're looking big from the gym. maybe we should get a workout in sometime.' I said sure and then swallowed for a second and asked if he wanted to come in for a minute. He smiled and said sure. He followed me in the house and I asked if he wanted anything to drink. He said no that he had to head out in a few but that he was high strung and needed to let off some steam. I asked what he had in mind and finally we stopped the back and forth. He said 'I was kind of hoping you'd blow me.' My heart started beating fast again and I said hell yeah. I dropped to my knees in the kitchen and he pulled down his pants. Oh man was it worth fantasizing about. He had a thick cock, not real long but fat. I jumped up quick to grab some poppers to help loosen me up. I asked if he wanted to fuck and he said no, he wouldn't do that but he wanted to get sucked off. OK, no more questions, I took a hit of poppers and started sucking on his cock as hard as I could. He said he only had a few minutes and he was real horny so it wouldn't take him long. Like I care, I have wanted this load for 2 years. He swelled up and moaned, he kept saying yeah that's good. He also said now that he knew I would do this we'd have to do it more often when we were alone. I said oh fuck yeah, anytime you wanna feed me man. He said 'good boy, back to work, I'm getting close.' A few minutes into it, his dick swelled even fatter and he told me here it comes and man did it ever. He shot a good 6 or 7 full squirts into my mouth until it slowed down. When it was over I told him that was hot and he said yup, we'll have to do it again, just us, no talking about it. Don't tell your boyfriend. I said OK, he pulled up his pants and left. Soooooo good. I can't wait until next time. I wonder if he'll add to my cum collection or if that would scare him off. This pics is 58 loads of cum I have in my freezer. Haven't decided yet what to do with it all ;)

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Easy when you know what you want

Although I'm easy anyway.... :) Last Friday I was on bbrt and a guy hit me up. I love the quick exchanges to get us to the goods. It took all of 4 emails and I was set to go to his place. He had a sling and wanted me to get in it so he could fuck me. No problemo! I was already showered so I just douched quick and hit the road. He was about 35 minutes away, no biggie. Got to his place and he let me in but he was about to jump in the shower. Real nice guy too. Help yourself to anything in fridge, etc. etc. He is done about 5 minutes later and he comes out and says he is real glad I could stop by as he checks me out. No problem I said. We head to his bedroom and the sling is in the bag at the foot of the bed so we pull out all the pipes and set it up.

He gets on his knees and starts blowing me. He is versatile so I'm thinking he might want to get fucked too. But he stays on my dick sucking it greedily for about 10 minutes. It takes a lot to get me to cum from oral so I am not sure if that's what he is hoping for or not but he stops anyway and climbs on the bed. I follow him and start blowing him too. He is a moaner :) lots of noise which makes me go harder and faster. We get into a 69 and do that up for another 5 or 10 minutes. He finally tells me to stop because he doesn't want to cum yet. He wants to cum in my hole. Works for me man!! So now it's time for the main show. I climb up into the sling and he asks me if I like getting rimmed. I say hell yeah and he drops to his knees. For the next 30 minutes I can't even tell you how good it was. He looooves to rim and I have never had someone feast on my hole as much as he did. It was so awesome. I love being a sling pig and just getting done any way a guy wants. It's the best thing. So after that awesome prep he pulls out a can of Crisco. Yep, Crisco... I look at him and he laughs. He says 'I'm old school.' I tell him I don't care as long as he slips it in. Which he does nice and slow. He tells me to just push down a bit more and then he grabs the straps and guides my butt into his dick for the next 10 minutes. He moves his hips back and forth like a well oiled piston from a high performance engine. He is realllly talented. I am loving it so much that I come on my stomach a few minutes later. He says he is sorry, he didn't mean to make me cum so fast. Then he asks if I need to stop. No!!!! I told him to keep going. Me cumming doesn't slow me down and I still want his load. He starts up again and grabs the straps again and starts and stops 3 or 4 times over the next 15 minutes or so. Then he asks if I'm ready for it. Fuck yeah I say, breed me good. He starts up again but this time inside of swaying side to side he pulls the straps dead on to his dick and plows me hard and deep for a few minutes, moaning all the time. The moans start getting louder and I know it's coming. He gets louder still and then all of a sudden I hear fuck, fuck, fuck as he starts cumming in my hole. Nice load. It squirted out a bit as soon as he pulled out. He went back to his knees and ate my hole and then brought what he gobbled up to my mouth so we could share. We got back on the bed and hung out for a few minutes and then I jumped in the shower for a quick wash and off I went. Easy to decide what we both wanted. Got right to business. Spent a lot of play time and got my load ;) Woohoo!