Monday, August 16, 2010

Yes sir officer....

I don't think I have ever posted anything about a fuckbud I have who is a cop for a neighboring town. We have fucked every now and again for the better part of 5 years or more I guess. He is a dominant, aggressive top. He likes humiliation, fucking hard and using me. A lot of fun when it happens..... We usually talk on manhunt and this past Friday (the day I blew the electrician) was no different. He wanted me to come over but I told him there were contractors at the house and I couldn't. We agreed to hook up this morning before work. I got there about 7:30 (half hour late) and he said "take your clothes off and get in the bedroom, we don't have a lot of time." I do what I'm told when I'm with him. Lots of dirty talk so if that gets you off, this is a good post for you. He tells me to get on the bed and I do. Then he gets on and tells me to suck his dick. OK.. Then he tells me to turn around and stick my ass in his face. He likes to rim. We do this for all of 30 seconds but he's thinking about the time so he pushes me off and tells me to get on my back. I do and then he is on his knees and bends over and puts my legs on his shoulders. Then he leans over more and spits in my face. He grabs some lube and lubes up my hole and his dick and he pushes in slowly. The second he feels his dick slide far enough in he pushes in hard.

Him - Yeah you're gonna take that dick aren't you?
Me - Oh fuck yeah.
Him - Is it hurting?
Me - No, feels good.
Him - Well then I need to go harder don't I?
Me - Yeah?
Him - Yes what?
Me - Yes officer, please go harder.
Him - Because you deserve it don't you?
Me - Yes, I deserve it.
Him - Open your mouth (I do and he spits in it twice)
Him - You like that dick in you don't you bitch?
Me - Yes sir officer.
Him - You're a fucking whore. Turn over.
I turn over and he pushes me down flat on the bed and gets on top of me and pushes his dick in.

Him - You here for some police dick slut?
Me - Yes sir.
Him - This is what you're for isn't it?
Me - Yes sir.
Him - Say it.
Me - This is what I'm for.
Him - Oh I know it you pansy ass faggot. I've seen cocksuckers like you before. They always want this.
Me - Yes sir.
He starts piston fucking me and puts me in a half choke hold with his elbow right across my throat and pulls my head back hard while he fucks me deep.
Him - Should I choke you out pig?
Me - It's your decision sir.
Him - Damn right it is. Good answer pig. You my cumwhore?
Me - Yes sir.
Him - You going to take my load you whore?
Me - Yes sir.
Him - Where do you want it?
Me - In my hole.
Him - Where?
Me - In my hole?
Him - Where, what hole?
Me - My asshole, please. Please.
Him - What asshole, what are you talking about bitch?
(Now I get what he is going for so I change my answer :)
Me - In my cunt, please, please.
Him - Yeah, you want load in your cunt you slut?
Me - Yes. Please please please.
He leans in close and whispers in my ear 'You're a fucking whore.' and then he groans and squirts deep in my hole. You can tell he's realllly verbal. He loves the humiliation aspect too. Then we got in the shower together and made out a bit. We got dressed again, him in full police uniform. Gun belt on, gave me a bear hug and a smile and said 'that ass is stellar. damn you're gorgeous. come back soon.' Yes sir officer!!!!

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