Monday, August 16, 2010

Yes sir officer....

I don't think I have ever posted anything about a fuckbud I have who is a cop for a neighboring town. We have fucked every now and again for the better part of 5 years or more I guess. He is a dominant, aggressive top. He likes humiliation, fucking hard and using me. A lot of fun when it happens..... We usually talk on manhunt and this past Friday (the day I blew the electrician) was no different. He wanted me to come over but I told him there were contractors at the house and I couldn't. We agreed to hook up this morning before work. I got there about 7:30 (half hour late) and he said "take your clothes off and get in the bedroom, we don't have a lot of time." I do what I'm told when I'm with him. Lots of dirty talk so if that gets you off, this is a good post for you. He tells me to get on the bed and I do. Then he gets on and tells me to suck his dick. OK.. Then he tells me to turn around and stick my ass in his face. He likes to rim. We do this for all of 30 seconds but he's thinking about the time so he pushes me off and tells me to get on my back. I do and then he is on his knees and bends over and puts my legs on his shoulders. Then he leans over more and spits in my face. He grabs some lube and lubes up my hole and his dick and he pushes in slowly. The second he feels his dick slide far enough in he pushes in hard.

Him - Yeah you're gonna take that dick aren't you?
Me - Oh fuck yeah.
Him - Is it hurting?
Me - No, feels good.
Him - Well then I need to go harder don't I?
Me - Yeah?
Him - Yes what?
Me - Yes officer, please go harder.
Him - Because you deserve it don't you?
Me - Yes, I deserve it.
Him - Open your mouth (I do and he spits in it twice)
Him - You like that dick in you don't you bitch?
Me - Yes sir officer.
Him - You're a fucking whore. Turn over.
I turn over and he pushes me down flat on the bed and gets on top of me and pushes his dick in.

Him - You here for some police dick slut?
Me - Yes sir.
Him - This is what you're for isn't it?
Me - Yes sir.
Him - Say it.
Me - This is what I'm for.
Him - Oh I know it you pansy ass faggot. I've seen cocksuckers like you before. They always want this.
Me - Yes sir.
He starts piston fucking me and puts me in a half choke hold with his elbow right across my throat and pulls my head back hard while he fucks me deep.
Him - Should I choke you out pig?
Me - It's your decision sir.
Him - Damn right it is. Good answer pig. You my cumwhore?
Me - Yes sir.
Him - You going to take my load you whore?
Me - Yes sir.
Him - Where do you want it?
Me - In my hole.
Him - Where?
Me - In my hole?
Him - Where, what hole?
Me - My asshole, please. Please.
Him - What asshole, what are you talking about bitch?
(Now I get what he is going for so I change my answer :)
Me - In my cunt, please, please.
Him - Yeah, you want load in your cunt you slut?
Me - Yes. Please please please.
He leans in close and whispers in my ear 'You're a fucking whore.' and then he groans and squirts deep in my hole. You can tell he's realllly verbal. He loves the humiliation aspect too. Then we got in the shower together and made out a bit. We got dressed again, him in full police uniform. Gun belt on, gave me a bear hug and a smile and said 'that ass is stellar. damn you're gorgeous. come back soon.' Yes sir officer!!!!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

work crews can be fun....

so we are having some work done on our house. contractors were here on friday and as they were working they came to tell me they hit a problem. there was an outlet in the way that they thought came up from the floor but it came down from the ceiling instead and was in their way. 'we need an electrician to move it. do you have one you use or do you want me to call one?' um... i don't have one on speed dial so i guess you should call one. he called a guy he uses a lot and the guy was too far away but sent one of his guys to come over. oh am i glad he did..... the electrician walks in and he has piercing green eyes, great smile and sweet bod. he also is smiling a lot as he speaks to me and my partner about what has to be done. ok, yup do that, sure sounds good, blah blah blah. my partner has to run out for an appointment and asks if i'm ok with all the commotion. yep, i suppose. contractors up and down the stairs. i'm trying to work. they ask me questions every now and again. the electrician comes by and says he has to wait for them to finish something so he has some time to kill.

i decide it's time to flirt so i ask him what he wants to do to kill the time. i ask if he wants me to turn on the tv or something. he says that's ok. do you want to sit i ask him. sure he says and we start chatting. he is real nice and keeps smiling and then after about 10 minutes he asks how long me and my partner have been together. i tell him and he says that's great. i decide to go for it and tell him we have an open relationship. he says really? i say yup and he smiles again. i ask him again if he wants something to drink. he says no that's ok and then i ask if he has a bf (since i am now guessing he is gay based on what he asked me). he said no he usually just has fun and that's enough for now. then i smile and say oh really? i decide to move it forward by smiling and looking straight at his crotch. that gets me a smile back and he rubs it. i say the contractors are up and down the stairs. you want to get some privacy? he says yup. we walk into the downstairs bathroom and lock the door. in a split sec i grab his crotch and get on my knees kissing it through the jeans. i ask what he likes to do. he's a top (hooray!!) but he's nervous about fucking with so much going on in the house and he has no rubbers with him. i tell him i'll blow him if he wants. he smiles and says he'd like that. i grin and ask if it's ok if i swallow. he says sure if i want. yup, i want!!

now he whips it out and it's a good 8 and nice thickness. i get real sloppy bobbing up and down on it. licking it up and down the shaft, licking his balls and he pulls his pants down all the way around his ankles. 'will you rim my asshole?' he asks. i tell him to turn around and i dive in. he groans like crazy. i love tops who love getting rimmed also. i try to finger him and the hole is realllly tight so i know he's not lying but he loves it played with. i go to pull out and he says 'no, leave your finger in there' and he turns around rock hard, i mean ROCK hard and sticks his dick in my mouth again. he starts skull fucking me while my finger is up his ass and he is moaning and starting to get more into telling me what to do. cup my balls with your other hand, hold the shaft while you blow me, lick my balls again, suck on just the head... oh so good. after a few more minutes he is puffing up and i know it's coming. he asks if i'm sure i want to swallow. i say yup. then he says i'm close and then about 10 seconds after says 'oh fuck, here it comes...' he floods my throat with cum. i taste every shot as it slides down into my tummy. he throbs in my mouth and holds my head still as he continues to shoot. he shoots 6 or 7 times and the first 3 shots were real heavy flow. i got a rock hard dick tasting the first two loads. he holds my head for another minutes after he stops cumming and then tells me to pull my finger out real slow which i do and right at the end he clenches and another mini squirt comes out. then he pulls out of my mouth and i give him a wash cloth to dry off. he pulls up his pants and asks if it's ok to kiss me so he can taste it too. fuck this guy is hot..... i say yes and he makes out with me a while and then we straighten up and come out of the bathroom. contractors still at work. they call him a few minutes later and he goes up and does what he needs to do. when he comes back down he gives me his card since he knows we have more work to do going forward. i tell him we will definitely call him and now when i am asked if there is an electrician i use i can say 'oh yes....'

Monday, August 2, 2010

Day 3 windy city...

Sorry took me a while to post the last day in the windy city.... So as promised my last hook up on day 2 kept his promise and got in touch on day 3. Before we get there though..... worked out in the hotel gym in the afternoon and there was only one other guy in there. He was an older guy, very good looking and kept making eye contact. Hmmm.... OK. I figured I needed to work out though so I kept lifting. He stayed working out as long as I did though. Funny thing.... Ha, not! So when I finally go to leave I walked by and smiled and he smiled and decided he was done and so...he left too. He caught up with me at the elevator and started talking to me. He asked what I was doing there and I said I was on business. Him too. Where are you from, blah blah blah. Then he smiled again so I figured I should cut the crap. Did you want to come back to my room for a bit? He smiled and said sure but should he shower first? I said do you think it's a waste if you just get sweaty again? He laughed and said 'wow you're direct.' I said sometimes and so we both went back to my room. As soon as we walked in I grabbed at his shorts and we started making out. He said he was paranoid about sex because he didn't have rubbers with him. He was married and asked if I had rubbers. I said no but it was OK. I asked if he just wanted to get sucked off instead. He said sure so I got on my knees and started polishing his knob. He moaned as soon as I took it all the way down. Average size and average thickness so real nice to suck deep. He asked if I liked it and I said yeah and I asked if he liked it and he said oh yeah. You know that great feeling when you blow a guy and you can feel it swell and harden in your mouth and you know what is coming next? Man I love that feeling.... So sure enough he shot a load in my thick and so tasty. Oh man it was good. Then it got weird for him and he said thank you thank you very quickly and pulled up his shorts and said he had to go. Um ok. I asked if he wanted something to drink or anything and he said no no, he was good. OK then, I got what I wanted and so did he so buh bye....

Then I washed up and sent a text to Day 2 guy. He said he couldn't come to me that night and asked if I wanted to drive to Boystown. Give me 5 minutes to get my car ;) I was there in 20 minutes and got parking right in front of his building. Unheard of!! Meant to be.. He buzzed me in and met me at the bottom of the stairs. We walked up and went to his apartment and sat down. He asked if I wanted a beer. Sure. Then he put on a movie (not porn) just a movie so we could hang out. We watched about 20 minutes and then started making out. Then he pulled his shirt off and then pulled mine off. Then the shorts (his then mine) and we thought maybe head to the bedroom. We got on his bed and started making out. He rubbed my crotch and then we started to blow each other. First one after the other, then we got into a nice 69. After a few minutes he wanted to fuck. He also said he wanted to flip. NO worries. He slipped it in and started fucking me. It was almost a repeat of the night before but without the photos. He didn't take more than 5 minutes doing it doggy all the time before he came in me. He decided he wasn't sure if he was clean and maybe we shouldn't fuck (me fuck him). I think it's because I wasn't 100% clean. So we showered and then he asked if I wanted to spend the night and just cuddle. Sure... so we get in bed and start cuddling, spooning, etc. We kiss some more and drift off.

It got soooooo hot in the bedroom, he had a fan on but the AC was off so I started to sweat. Then I was awake and his butt against my front made me start getting hard. I am thinking well since I am up and now he's showered and he went to the bathroom and everything, let's give it a whirl.... So I grab a little grease by the bed and lube my dick and his hole and slowly push in. He's asleep but quickly wakes up and starts getting into it. He starts the 'yeah, fuck my ass' chant a couple of minutes into it. Now I don't top that often anymore since I LOVE getting fucked but I used to do it all the time. Just out of practice. So sometimes I get performance anxiety but I keep it together long enough to tell him my load is coming and I manage to squirt a nice respectable load up his hole and then we collapse in our own sweat and fall back asleep making out. It could not have been more than an hour later his alarm starts going off and he asks if he can fuck me again. Hell yeah! So his wake up exercise is to do me a second time. His first load is still in my hole and it is still slippery so he needs no lube and slides right in. Again, it takes him just a couple of minutes and he drops another load in me. We kiss some more and he thanks me for spending the night. Then I tell him I will get out of his way so he can go to work. I head back to my hotel about 5 AM and sleep for 3 more hours before getting up and doing my last meetings and heading home. I made a new friend and I hope we fuck next time I come out again!