Monday, July 26, 2010

Windy City loads day 1

Got to the windy city yesterday. Checked in late Sunday night and logged right on to bbrt to see what was up. One of the guys that I had chatted with before coming true to his word wanted to fuck. Being the good bottom I am.... I douched, showered and called for the car to drive to his place. I'm staying downtown and he was about 8 minutes up off Lake Shore Drive. After searching for parking which is a nightmare around there I got in, went up and he answered the door in his tight undies. Body builder.... I think I might have whimpered when he opened the door. Went inside and we kissed right away. Since he was practically naked all that had to happen was me getting naked too.... So I stripped off, he looked at my tattoo said he liked it. I sure as hell liked all of his. Nice big one, lettering and an eagle across his upper chest, wrap around design on his upper back. On his arms. I was turned on right away.

We got on the bed and he sucked my dick for a while and fingered my hole. He said 'wow, you're really tight. Do you not fuck a lot?' I told him I did but that I was always tight. He said OK and started rimming me. After a few minutes of that he decided it was time to fuck. On my back, legs on his shoulders he started pushing in. He was having trouble and kept saying 'you're so tight. Never seen a hole tight like that.' He played with it on and off and seemed as soon as he stopped it would tighten up again. After about half an hour I asked if he wanted me to blow him instead. He said not yet and decided to look around the apartment for something to stick in me and loosen me up. He couldn't find anything so went back to multiple fingers. I sniffed some poppers and he felt it was starting to loosen up. Tried again and slipped in. He got a big grin on his face and I did too. We started making out and he started pumping deep slowly. He would speed up and slow down, speed up and slow down. Then he said he had to pee for a second. I thought this meant it was going to stop us but he came back and got right back in. He said 'you're right, once it loosens up it's nice' He started piston fucking me and he had mirrored doors on both sides of the bed so he kept watching himself fuck me. He said 'your legs look good in the air.' I told him his dick felt good in my hole. He asks if that was what I came for and I said yep. He kept fucking and I was stroking myself. I told him I was going to cum. He started fucking me faster and looked down to watch me squirt. I shot a nice load on my stomach and when I was done he said 'is that it, are you one of those guys that are done when you cum.' I told him I had come here for his cum and wasn't leaving without it. He got another big grin on his face and started fucking me again.

He fucked me for a few more minutes and then asked me what it was I wanted. I told him I wanted his load and he asked me where I wanted it. I told him I wanted it in my hole. He made me ask for it and then he made me beg for it. Then he grinned again and said he was getting close. Then he told me it had been about a week since he shot a load and right after he said that he groaned loud and pushed his dick in deep and I felt it throb. He pushed in four or five more times and I felt throbs each time. Then he collapsed on me and we kissed some more. He got up to get me a towel and we talked for a bit. He asked if I was going to get more tattoos. I said yep and that I really liked his. He told me he was afraid he was going to disappoint me at first since he couldn't get in. He said his dick isn't that big (I thought it was a nice size) but I was just tight and he was getting discouraged. But he was glad it worked. I said hell yeah, me too!! Then he told me I was a really good bottom and we kissed again and I left. I hope I see him again if just for that awesome body and the tattoos!!

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  1. luv reading about your super tite hole. so many btms are jealous ;)

    hope you cum to Chi again soon!