Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Monday at the video booths

Long weekends help bring out the horny boys.... I decided to stop in at the video booths and see what I could get. I know I like loads but is it just me or do you still need some kind of connection? Something that makes you see a guy and say 'yup, I want his cum inside me.' Anyway, you always gets guys at the booths who don't take a hint. Started off with some older Asian guy with I don't know what kind of haircut all weird and beehive like kept coming by and telling me I was cute and did I want to watch a movie. Um no, not the first time and not any of the 4 other times you asked. Geez....

Let's move on. After a bit of waiting, two guys came in together. I guess 30's or 40's and average good looks. They walked as a team and one of them winked at me and then they both went into a booth right in front of me. Of course our Asian friend tried to go in and they sent him away. Then I came up to the door and one of the two (a red haired guy with a close cut beard) was blowing the guy who had winked at me. The guy who had winked at me smiled and nodded for me to come in. I came in and he told the other guy to stop and start sucking my dick. The other guy did as he was told. As the red haired guy sucked my dick I started making out with the other guy. He had a nice dick sitting there and some nice pre-cum dripping so I leaned over and blew him for a bit. Then he pulled me back up and asked if I wanted to fuck the red haired guy 'he has a great ass.' Now I got it. This was a couple who was looking to get loads for the red haired guy. His bud helps him bring in guys. Hmmm, competition! Ha ha. The red haired guy went back to sucking my dick until the other guy said 'Hey get over here, I'm gonna cum.' The red haired guy stopped went straight over and swallowed his buds load, then went right back to blowing me. He did for a while and I finally said that I didn't want to cum yet so we stopped and I left the booth. I was hoping the guy who had winked at me was going to ask if I wanted to get fucked but he didn't :(

What's next? More waiting and then I got a young guy a little chunky but real cute. We went into a booth and started blowing each other. He played with my nipple rings and told me I had a nice body. I got down and started blowing him, he was I think a quick cummer because he kept stopping me and waiting a few seconds. Then he went back to blowing me and while on his knees he came on the floor. Grrrrr, am I ever going to get a load today?

Next up is a dark haired hot guy, looking a bit rough he was circling the booths like a dog in heat. He kept trying all the door knobs so I figured he was looking to get in and blow someone. Then he finally nodded at me and went in a booth near me. He was hot so I followed him in. He pulled down his pants and holy crap, he had a big dick. Finally!!! I got down and started going nuts since I was now so horny I needed something. I was down there for a good 5 minutes and he had a nice hard cock but he was making no noise or anything. I stopped for an air break and figured I'd ask what he likes. 'I like to get fucked' he said. Aaarggghhh, but now I am so horny that I say OK. He turned around got some spit up his hole and I slipped in. He thrust back against me and kind of slammed me against the wall. Damn, this guy is as hungry for it as I am.. So that kind of turns me on a bit. He is clenching on my dick with his hole and I am just thinking about how much I want that big cock in me :( but I keep going. After a few minutes he says 'I need you to cum in me' Um ok, no problem. I told him I was poz, he didn't say anything. OK, here we go then. I groan a bit and squirt in his hole. He keeps thrusting back for a few minutes I guess to be sure he gets every drop squeezed out. Then he turns around and drops to his knees and cleans off anything he might have missed. Gets up pulls up his pants and walks out.

Now usually after I cum, I'm done for a bit (that's why I never cum first) but for some reason I am so horny for cum that I walk out of the booth and look for the next guy! Within a couple of minutes I see another red haired guy, nice shape a little taller than me, he doesn't bother making laps around the booths, he stops right in front of me and goes in. OK, this might be promising. I go in and he says 'What's going on?' Nothing I say just horny. Start grabbing his crotch and he grabs mine, we pull our pants down and I get right to it. Down I go and his dick gets hard right away. It's a medium size, perfect for taking all the way. He is saying 'fuck yeah' and other stuff. I stop after a few minutes and stand up to see if he wants to suck me too. He doesn't do anything besides play with my dick so now I know I finally am gonna get one! I go back down and start blowing him again. Soooo good and sooo happy that I am going to get some. After a few more minutes he says 'oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah' and I taste the jizz squirting in my mouth. Oh man, thank you! I have needed that all morning! He thanks me, zips up and steps out. I step out too but weird, I'm still down for more..... and I stay.

Glad I do. Again, I didn't wait 5 minutes and a guy with awesome blue eyes comes around the corner. He sees me and does the same stop right in front of me and into the booth. Someone jumps at the door and tries to go in and he sends them away. I then go up and he smiles and nods me in. He has a Navy Lacrosse shirt on, great blue eyes, nice body and shorts on. I grab his crotch and he's already hard. He starts to pull up my shirt and says 'fucking nice man, can you take your shirt off'. Um yeah, if it gets me a load! Haha. I take my shirt off and he says 'wow, that's fucking perfect. you're fucking hot dude.' I tell him he is too and he goes down and starts sucking my dick. For a second I wonder if this will be a bust but then he stands up and I get down on his dick. Yeah he likes it. After a few minutes he stops me, I stand up, he pushed me back against the wall and we start making out. Then he tells me to make a muscle and he starts kissing and sucking my bicep. I like this guy, and he's cute..... I go back down to sucking his cock for a few more minutes and then after a few minutes he stops me again. More kissing and then he says 'let me see your ass.' Bonus! I turn around and he says 'fucking awesome' He slides his dick up and down the outside of my asshole for a while and then he turns me around and goes down on me again. Then he stands up and I go down on him again. He groans a bit more and then asks to see my ass again. He slides up and down again and then I feel a little drop of something (spit) hit my lower back. He slides up and down in it. Spits some more and then slides up in my ass. Finally, one load swallowed, maybe I get some more! He starts fucking me and says 'man that feels good, you are so fucking hot man' He fucks me for a few minutes and I am so horny I cum again while I am jerking off. He is fucking me and then asks 'you getting close' I tell him I already came and he says 'awesome. ok if I cum inside your hole?' Please, please, please!!!! Yeah I tell him and then he groans again and I feel his dick pulse inside my hole. Oh fuck yeah! After we're done he asks where I live I ask where he lives and then he asks if he can get my number. I say OK cuz I want that load again! I'm thinking I hope he's not looking for anything more than sex since I already have a bf but we'll see. We walk out into the parking lot. He asks my name and what I do. He tells me his name. He's ex-military, was a pilot for a while and is now an air traffic controller full time. He takes down my number and says he'll definitely call me. Hasn't yet, but I hope he does!

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