Saturday, July 17, 2010

I'm him instead's been a bit since I had some action (outside of the bf) and even though we have an open relationship we do sometimes play together and here is a twist on that I guess. Last night we went out to eat with friends and had a good amount to drink. We came home and then the bf throws out he wants to go out. It's almost 1 AM and I am heavily buzzed. What? Really? I ask while I yawn in his face. "You really don't want to go out?" I wouldn't have had so much to drink if I knew you wanted to go out I say so he tells me it's cool and he is going out anyway. OK, be careful I tell him and go up to bed and pass out within a couple of minutes.

I wake up at some point after (find out later it's about 2:15) by a dick rubbing against my mouth. It takes me a few seconds to kind of wake up but then I'm still buzzed and now I am kinda horny with this all going on so I open my mouth. The dick that slides in I realize right away is not my bf. We both have about the same size 7 cut med thick dick and this was bigger and uncut. Because I am half awake I panic and jump up a bit. Where did this guy come from? Then it dawns on me my bf is on the other side of him asleep. I shake him awake and ask what's going on. He tells me he brought the guy home to have sex but then he got tired when he got home and after fucking around a bit he asked the guy if he wanted to fuck me instead and that I wouldn't mind. Nothing like getting pimped out when you're asleep lol!! but hey, go with the flow...

Now that the story is straight I go back to lying down and opening my mouth. The guy was in his 30s and had a nice bod, hairy and had a nice uncut big fat dick. He tells me he likes to get blown before he fucks so I go back to it. After a bit of that he decides it's time to fuck as he has been fingering my hole. He then says 'your bf said I could bareback you, is that cool.' Being the token prostitute at the time having been pimped out I tell him if my bf said so then I guess it's cool. He smiles and says cool. He was very gentle, wanted to kiss and hold me in a tight bear grip for a while first then he said 'I want to feel my dick inside you.' Ok sport, let's rock and roll! I grab some lube from a drawer and grease up my hole and his pole. He slides in reaaalll slow. Again, he was very gentle. "Is that OK, am I hurting you?" Um, no and I couldn't resist but I told him I know it's tight but I have done this before. He laughs and says cool again. Then he leans over and starts kissing me while starting to pick up the pace. The bf rolls over at this point and says 'he has a nice ass huh?' "oh hell yeah the other guy says" and picks up the pace a little more. 'You like it' the bf asks him. "Yup" he says and the bf tells him after he cums to stick his dick in my mouth and I'll clean the rest off. "Fuck yeah" the guy says and he is piston fucking me real good now. I am groaning and then he groans loud and says "Oh shit I'm gonna cum." Hell yeah boy, that's what the bf sold you now do it up inside me good! He squirts a nice big load up my ass (always love cocks that are fat enough and have thick veins so I can feel them throb as they squirt each shot). I'm getting hard again just typing this one! Anyway, true to what he was promised he pulls out and sticks his dick in my mouth so I can clean it off. I happily clean it off squeezing every few seconds to get more drops of cum. Then he settles back and we chat for a bit. I ask him if he wants to shower and he says sure. When he comes out of the shower the bf is awake again and asks if he wants to fuck me again. He is now in the mood and wants to tag team me with his help. The guy says sure but he needs a few minutes to recover. We wait and chat about 20 minutes and the conversation changes over to he should just stay over so there is no rush. He agrees and the two of them tagged me not once but twice, once spit roasted and then taking turns fucking because both wanted to cum in my ass, which they did. Then again when we woke up the next morning, same as the night before. Starting in the spit roasting position with me sucking off the guy while the bf fucked me and then it moved to me face down in a pillow while they kept mounting me until they both shot in me. So one night and 5 loads, not too shabby to catch up from a 10 day lag ;)

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