Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The fun continues....

Day 2 was even better than day 1. I was on bbrt looking around and talked to a bunch of guys. The usual 'can't right now but look for me later' or 'host only' and they live miles and miles away. BUT.....a hot black top with a listed dick size of 'huge' was on. We chatted before but didn't get to hook last time I was here. He's a when I'm on I'm looking kind of guy. I am glad I was ready to go. 4 emails and 10 minutes and it was a plan. Right before I left another guy I had spoken with last time I was here emailed me. He is Middle Eastern and very hot also. I told him about the other guy and if he wanted me to stop by after I would. He said yep, he was into it.

Took down both addresses and hit the road. Got to the black stud's house and he was tall. Likin' it already. Got undressed and we started kissing. He put me up on the bed and I started blowing him. He liked it a lot but he wanted my ass in his face so he could rim it while I blew him. Oh yeah.... He rimmed me and I blew him for a long while and then he said (like the guy yesterday) that my hole was tight. I told him it would loosen up. He rimmed and fingered me for a few more minutes and then told me to get on my back. Yes sir! Took a few minutes because he is one of those tops who can get semi hard but doesn't turn rock hard until he's in you. For the best too because once he got in and started going, oh man was that dick big. He had a big old smile on his face and I had my legs up and was playing with his nipples. He really liked that. Then he pushed my legs way back and started piston fucking me deep. Holy crap it was good. He did this for a while. He has great stamina. Then he told me to flip over and get on all fours. I did and he shoved in from behind and started plowing again. He started getting verbal and asking if this was what I wanted. I said yes and that his dick felt so good. He told me I had an amazing ass and asked me again what I wanted. I told him I wanted his load. He said 'oh yeah? how much you want it?' I said to please give it to me, please, please, please... He said 'oh you'll get it.' He kept fucking me for a real long time, I mean it was a good 15 minutes doggy style after having been fucked on my back. He kept telling me it was coming, it was coming. It was getting to the point that I had to bite the edge of the mattress. He was pounding me so hard. It was that fine line between pleasure and pain but no way I was going to tell him to stop until I got that load. Finally he says 'you ready for it, you want it?' YES, YES!!!! He starts going even faster and deeper if that's even possible. Then he lets out a huge aaarrrgggghhhhh and I felt it throb a good 6 times and squirt. I am getting horny again now just typing it LOL. Then he pulls out and he gave my muscles a quick rub down. A fuck and a massage? Hell can't beat that. He texted me after I left and said he wanted to do it again next time I am in town. HELL YES!!!

So back to my car and text the Middle Eastern guy. Ask if he still wants to hook. He says 'yep, you all loaded up?' I tell him yes and he says 'cool, ok if I rim you first and eat some of the cum?' This night is getting better. He was only 5 mins from the first guy so I get there pretty quick. He comes to the door, lets me in and we get undressed. He asks if uncut dick is a problem. I laugh and tell him no dick is a problem. He smiles and says ok. We get undressed and I get on all fours and he goes to work eating my ass. He does this for a few minutes and then I flip over and suck his cock. Middle Eastern cock is so hot because it has that dark color and is usually uncut and the head is not pink but also a dark color when uncut. I love it!! So I blow him for a bit and then he tells me to turn around back on all fours. He has no trouble sliding in and says he can feel the cum inside. This makes him so horny that he cums within a couple of minutes. He says he is sorry for cumming so fast. I don't care I tell him, I'm just glad I got your load. So I get dressed and off I go back to the hotel.

Hmmm, I am still horny though. I log back onto bbrt and another guy that is reallllllly cute that I was talking to also is on again and said he went out to dinner with friends but now he is horny. He asks if I want to go to his place. I tell him I just got in from being out and that I probably won't go out again. He says 'ok, can I come to you? Real horny here.' Fuck yeah, bring it! So we are texting back and forth while he is on the road. He asks if he can take pics of my hole and video of us fucking. I say yes, just no face. He says no problem. About 5 minutes after that he texts me he is here. He comes up and knocks on the door. I open the door and get an instant erection. Did I say realllly cute? He is REAAAALLLY cute. We start making out right away. I practically rip his clothes off. He has an average dick like mine. 7 inches. Med thick but I know he'll be fun. He wants me to jump up on the bed and start taking pictures. He is always smiling. Great smile too. He takes pics for about 5 minutes and then shows me what he took. I tell him to email them to me when he gets a minute so I can post them here. Then he sets up a makeshift platform with hotel furniture to video us fucking. And then we get to it. Same thing, we start on my back. We both sniff lots of poppers and he is going good. Then he tells me to flip over and he starts fucking me doggy. Starting and stopping, starting and stopping.... Then he pulls out and says 'oh shit' and I feel something hot on my back. He starts to cum, he pushes back in and squirts a few more up my hole and then pulls out. He squirts a bit on the bed and I jump at it and start blowing his dick. He squirts once more in my mouth. Then he lies down next to me for a while and we talk. He says he has to be up early and I ask if he wants to shower. He says yes and asks if I want to shower with him. I say yes and we get in the shower and make out a bit more. We get out and dry off and he gets dressed and goes. He texts me on his way home and says he wants to play again the next day if I want to. I say YES!!! and he says he likes to get fucked too. Do I want to flip with him. Hell yes!!! So, should be another entry from here with another load from him.... ;) Woohoo!

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