Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The fun continues....

Day 2 was even better than day 1. I was on bbrt looking around and talked to a bunch of guys. The usual 'can't right now but look for me later' or 'host only' and they live miles and miles away. BUT.....a hot black top with a listed dick size of 'huge' was on. We chatted before but didn't get to hook last time I was here. He's a when I'm on I'm looking kind of guy. I am glad I was ready to go. 4 emails and 10 minutes and it was a plan. Right before I left another guy I had spoken with last time I was here emailed me. He is Middle Eastern and very hot also. I told him about the other guy and if he wanted me to stop by after I would. He said yep, he was into it.

Took down both addresses and hit the road. Got to the black stud's house and he was tall. Likin' it already. Got undressed and we started kissing. He put me up on the bed and I started blowing him. He liked it a lot but he wanted my ass in his face so he could rim it while I blew him. Oh yeah.... He rimmed me and I blew him for a long while and then he said (like the guy yesterday) that my hole was tight. I told him it would loosen up. He rimmed and fingered me for a few more minutes and then told me to get on my back. Yes sir! Took a few minutes because he is one of those tops who can get semi hard but doesn't turn rock hard until he's in you. For the best too because once he got in and started going, oh man was that dick big. He had a big old smile on his face and I had my legs up and was playing with his nipples. He really liked that. Then he pushed my legs way back and started piston fucking me deep. Holy crap it was good. He did this for a while. He has great stamina. Then he told me to flip over and get on all fours. I did and he shoved in from behind and started plowing again. He started getting verbal and asking if this was what I wanted. I said yes and that his dick felt so good. He told me I had an amazing ass and asked me again what I wanted. I told him I wanted his load. He said 'oh yeah? how much you want it?' I said to please give it to me, please, please, please... He said 'oh you'll get it.' He kept fucking me for a real long time, I mean it was a good 15 minutes doggy style after having been fucked on my back. He kept telling me it was coming, it was coming. It was getting to the point that I had to bite the edge of the mattress. He was pounding me so hard. It was that fine line between pleasure and pain but no way I was going to tell him to stop until I got that load. Finally he says 'you ready for it, you want it?' YES, YES!!!! He starts going even faster and deeper if that's even possible. Then he lets out a huge aaarrrgggghhhhh and I felt it throb a good 6 times and squirt. I am getting horny again now just typing it LOL. Then he pulls out and he gave my muscles a quick rub down. A fuck and a massage? Hell can't beat that. He texted me after I left and said he wanted to do it again next time I am in town. HELL YES!!!

So back to my car and text the Middle Eastern guy. Ask if he still wants to hook. He says 'yep, you all loaded up?' I tell him yes and he says 'cool, ok if I rim you first and eat some of the cum?' This night is getting better. He was only 5 mins from the first guy so I get there pretty quick. He comes to the door, lets me in and we get undressed. He asks if uncut dick is a problem. I laugh and tell him no dick is a problem. He smiles and says ok. We get undressed and I get on all fours and he goes to work eating my ass. He does this for a few minutes and then I flip over and suck his cock. Middle Eastern cock is so hot because it has that dark color and is usually uncut and the head is not pink but also a dark color when uncut. I love it!! So I blow him for a bit and then he tells me to turn around back on all fours. He has no trouble sliding in and says he can feel the cum inside. This makes him so horny that he cums within a couple of minutes. He says he is sorry for cumming so fast. I don't care I tell him, I'm just glad I got your load. So I get dressed and off I go back to the hotel.

Hmmm, I am still horny though. I log back onto bbrt and another guy that is reallllllly cute that I was talking to also is on again and said he went out to dinner with friends but now he is horny. He asks if I want to go to his place. I tell him I just got in from being out and that I probably won't go out again. He says 'ok, can I come to you? Real horny here.' Fuck yeah, bring it! So we are texting back and forth while he is on the road. He asks if he can take pics of my hole and video of us fucking. I say yes, just no face. He says no problem. About 5 minutes after that he texts me he is here. He comes up and knocks on the door. I open the door and get an instant erection. Did I say realllly cute? He is REAAAALLLY cute. We start making out right away. I practically rip his clothes off. He has an average dick like mine. 7 inches. Med thick but I know he'll be fun. He wants me to jump up on the bed and start taking pictures. He is always smiling. Great smile too. He takes pics for about 5 minutes and then shows me what he took. I tell him to email them to me when he gets a minute so I can post them here. Then he sets up a makeshift platform with hotel furniture to video us fucking. And then we get to it. Same thing, we start on my back. We both sniff lots of poppers and he is going good. Then he tells me to flip over and he starts fucking me doggy. Starting and stopping, starting and stopping.... Then he pulls out and says 'oh shit' and I feel something hot on my back. He starts to cum, he pushes back in and squirts a few more up my hole and then pulls out. He squirts a bit on the bed and I jump at it and start blowing his dick. He squirts once more in my mouth. Then he lies down next to me for a while and we talk. He says he has to be up early and I ask if he wants to shower. He says yes and asks if I want to shower with him. I say yes and we get in the shower and make out a bit more. We get out and dry off and he gets dressed and goes. He texts me on his way home and says he wants to play again the next day if I want to. I say YES!!! and he says he likes to get fucked too. Do I want to flip with him. Hell yes!!! So, should be another entry from here with another load from him.... ;) Woohoo!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Windy City loads day 1

Got to the windy city yesterday. Checked in late Sunday night and logged right on to bbrt to see what was up. One of the guys that I had chatted with before coming true to his word wanted to fuck. Being the good bottom I am.... I douched, showered and called for the car to drive to his place. I'm staying downtown and he was about 8 minutes up off Lake Shore Drive. After searching for parking which is a nightmare around there I got in, went up and he answered the door in his tight undies. Body builder.... I think I might have whimpered when he opened the door. Went inside and we kissed right away. Since he was practically naked all that had to happen was me getting naked too.... So I stripped off, he looked at my tattoo said he liked it. I sure as hell liked all of his. Nice big one, lettering and an eagle across his upper chest, wrap around design on his upper back. On his arms. I was turned on right away.

We got on the bed and he sucked my dick for a while and fingered my hole. He said 'wow, you're really tight. Do you not fuck a lot?' I told him I did but that I was always tight. He said OK and started rimming me. After a few minutes of that he decided it was time to fuck. On my back, legs on his shoulders he started pushing in. He was having trouble and kept saying 'you're so tight. Never seen a hole tight like that.' He played with it on and off and seemed as soon as he stopped it would tighten up again. After about half an hour I asked if he wanted me to blow him instead. He said not yet and decided to look around the apartment for something to stick in me and loosen me up. He couldn't find anything so went back to multiple fingers. I sniffed some poppers and he felt it was starting to loosen up. Tried again and slipped in. He got a big grin on his face and I did too. We started making out and he started pumping deep slowly. He would speed up and slow down, speed up and slow down. Then he said he had to pee for a second. I thought this meant it was going to stop us but he came back and got right back in. He said 'you're right, once it loosens up it's nice' He started piston fucking me and he had mirrored doors on both sides of the bed so he kept watching himself fuck me. He said 'your legs look good in the air.' I told him his dick felt good in my hole. He asks if that was what I came for and I said yep. He kept fucking and I was stroking myself. I told him I was going to cum. He started fucking me faster and looked down to watch me squirt. I shot a nice load on my stomach and when I was done he said 'is that it, are you one of those guys that are done when you cum.' I told him I had come here for his cum and wasn't leaving without it. He got another big grin on his face and started fucking me again.

He fucked me for a few more minutes and then asked me what it was I wanted. I told him I wanted his load and he asked me where I wanted it. I told him I wanted it in my hole. He made me ask for it and then he made me beg for it. Then he grinned again and said he was getting close. Then he told me it had been about a week since he shot a load and right after he said that he groaned loud and pushed his dick in deep and I felt it throb. He pushed in four or five more times and I felt throbs each time. Then he collapsed on me and we kissed some more. He got up to get me a towel and we talked for a bit. He asked if I was going to get more tattoos. I said yep and that I really liked his. He told me he was afraid he was going to disappoint me at first since he couldn't get in. He said his dick isn't that big (I thought it was a nice size) but I was just tight and he was getting discouraged. But he was glad it worked. I said hell yeah, me too!! Then he told me I was a really good bottom and we kissed again and I left. I hope I see him again if just for that awesome body and the tattoos!!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

I'm tired...do him instead

So....it's been a bit since I had some action (outside of the bf) and even though we have an open relationship we do sometimes play together and here is a twist on that I guess. Last night we went out to eat with friends and had a good amount to drink. We came home and then the bf throws out he wants to go out. It's almost 1 AM and I am heavily buzzed. What? Really? I ask while I yawn in his face. "You really don't want to go out?" I wouldn't have had so much to drink if I knew you wanted to go out I say so he tells me it's cool and he is going out anyway. OK, be careful I tell him and go up to bed and pass out within a couple of minutes.

I wake up at some point after (find out later it's about 2:15) by a dick rubbing against my mouth. It takes me a few seconds to kind of wake up but then I'm still buzzed and now I am kinda horny with this all going on so I open my mouth. The dick that slides in I realize right away is not my bf. We both have about the same size 7 cut med thick dick and this was bigger and uncut. Because I am half awake I panic and jump up a bit. Where did this guy come from? Then it dawns on me my bf is on the other side of him asleep. I shake him awake and ask what's going on. He tells me he brought the guy home to have sex but then he got tired when he got home and after fucking around a bit he asked the guy if he wanted to fuck me instead and that I wouldn't mind. Nothing like getting pimped out when you're asleep lol!! but hey, go with the flow...

Now that the story is straight I go back to lying down and opening my mouth. The guy was in his 30s and had a nice bod, hairy and had a nice uncut big fat dick. He tells me he likes to get blown before he fucks so I go back to it. After a bit of that he decides it's time to fuck as he has been fingering my hole. He then says 'your bf said I could bareback you, is that cool.' Being the token prostitute at the time having been pimped out I tell him if my bf said so then I guess it's cool. He smiles and says cool. He was very gentle, wanted to kiss and hold me in a tight bear grip for a while first then he said 'I want to feel my dick inside you.' Ok sport, let's rock and roll! I grab some lube from a drawer and grease up my hole and his pole. He slides in reaaalll slow. Again, he was very gentle. "Is that OK, am I hurting you?" Um, no and I couldn't resist but I told him I know it's tight but I have done this before. He laughs and says cool again. Then he leans over and starts kissing me while starting to pick up the pace. The bf rolls over at this point and says 'he has a nice ass huh?' "oh hell yeah the other guy says" and picks up the pace a little more. 'You like it' the bf asks him. "Yup" he says and the bf tells him after he cums to stick his dick in my mouth and I'll clean the rest off. "Fuck yeah" the guy says and he is piston fucking me real good now. I am groaning and then he groans loud and says "Oh shit I'm gonna cum." Hell yeah boy, that's what the bf sold you now do it up inside me good! He squirts a nice big load up my ass (always love cocks that are fat enough and have thick veins so I can feel them throb as they squirt each shot). I'm getting hard again just typing this one! Anyway, true to what he was promised he pulls out and sticks his dick in my mouth so I can clean it off. I happily clean it off squeezing every few seconds to get more drops of cum. Then he settles back and we chat for a bit. I ask him if he wants to shower and he says sure. When he comes out of the shower the bf is awake again and asks if he wants to fuck me again. He is now in the mood and wants to tag team me with his help. The guy says sure but he needs a few minutes to recover. We wait and chat about 20 minutes and the conversation changes over to he should just stay over so there is no rush. He agrees and the two of them tagged me not once but twice, once spit roasted and then taking turns fucking because both wanted to cum in my ass, which they did. Then again when we woke up the next morning, same as the night before. Starting in the spit roasting position with me sucking off the guy while the bf fucked me and then it moved to me face down in a pillow while they kept mounting me until they both shot in me. So one night and 5 loads, not too shabby to catch up from a 10 day lag ;)

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Monday at the video booths

Long weekends help bring out the horny boys.... I decided to stop in at the video booths and see what I could get. I know I like loads but is it just me or do you still need some kind of connection? Something that makes you see a guy and say 'yup, I want his cum inside me.' Anyway, you always gets guys at the booths who don't take a hint. Started off with some older Asian guy with I don't know what kind of haircut all weird and beehive like kept coming by and telling me I was cute and did I want to watch a movie. Um no, not the first time and not any of the 4 other times you asked. Geez....

Let's move on. After a bit of waiting, two guys came in together. I guess 30's or 40's and average good looks. They walked as a team and one of them winked at me and then they both went into a booth right in front of me. Of course our Asian friend tried to go in and they sent him away. Then I came up to the door and one of the two (a red haired guy with a close cut beard) was blowing the guy who had winked at me. The guy who had winked at me smiled and nodded for me to come in. I came in and he told the other guy to stop and start sucking my dick. The other guy did as he was told. As the red haired guy sucked my dick I started making out with the other guy. He had a nice dick sitting there and some nice pre-cum dripping so I leaned over and blew him for a bit. Then he pulled me back up and asked if I wanted to fuck the red haired guy 'he has a great ass.' Now I got it. This was a couple who was looking to get loads for the red haired guy. His bud helps him bring in guys. Hmmm, competition! Ha ha. The red haired guy went back to sucking my dick until the other guy said 'Hey get over here, I'm gonna cum.' The red haired guy stopped went straight over and swallowed his buds load, then went right back to blowing me. He did for a while and I finally said that I didn't want to cum yet so we stopped and I left the booth. I was hoping the guy who had winked at me was going to ask if I wanted to get fucked but he didn't :(

What's next? More waiting and then I got a young guy a little chunky but real cute. We went into a booth and started blowing each other. He played with my nipple rings and told me I had a nice body. I got down and started blowing him, he was I think a quick cummer because he kept stopping me and waiting a few seconds. Then he went back to blowing me and while on his knees he came on the floor. Grrrrr, am I ever going to get a load today?

Next up is a dark haired hot guy, looking a bit rough he was circling the booths like a dog in heat. He kept trying all the door knobs so I figured he was looking to get in and blow someone. Then he finally nodded at me and went in a booth near me. He was hot so I followed him in. He pulled down his pants and holy crap, he had a big dick. Finally!!! I got down and started going nuts since I was now so horny I needed something. I was down there for a good 5 minutes and he had a nice hard cock but he was making no noise or anything. I stopped for an air break and figured I'd ask what he likes. 'I like to get fucked' he said. Aaarggghhh, but now I am so horny that I say OK. He turned around got some spit up his hole and I slipped in. He thrust back against me and kind of slammed me against the wall. Damn, this guy is as hungry for it as I am.. So that kind of turns me on a bit. He is clenching on my dick with his hole and I am just thinking about how much I want that big cock in me :( but I keep going. After a few minutes he says 'I need you to cum in me' Um ok, no problem. I told him I was poz, he didn't say anything. OK, here we go then. I groan a bit and squirt in his hole. He keeps thrusting back for a few minutes I guess to be sure he gets every drop squeezed out. Then he turns around and drops to his knees and cleans off anything he might have missed. Gets up pulls up his pants and walks out.

Now usually after I cum, I'm done for a bit (that's why I never cum first) but for some reason I am so horny for cum that I walk out of the booth and look for the next guy! Within a couple of minutes I see another red haired guy, nice shape a little taller than me, he doesn't bother making laps around the booths, he stops right in front of me and goes in. OK, this might be promising. I go in and he says 'What's going on?' Nothing I say just horny. Start grabbing his crotch and he grabs mine, we pull our pants down and I get right to it. Down I go and his dick gets hard right away. It's a medium size, perfect for taking all the way. He is saying 'fuck yeah' and other stuff. I stop after a few minutes and stand up to see if he wants to suck me too. He doesn't do anything besides play with my dick so now I know I finally am gonna get one! I go back down and start blowing him again. Soooo good and sooo happy that I am going to get some. After a few more minutes he says 'oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah' and I taste the jizz squirting in my mouth. Oh man, thank you! I have needed that all morning! He thanks me, zips up and steps out. I step out too but weird, I'm still down for more..... and I stay.

Glad I do. Again, I didn't wait 5 minutes and a guy with awesome blue eyes comes around the corner. He sees me and does the same stop right in front of me and into the booth. Someone jumps at the door and tries to go in and he sends them away. I then go up and he smiles and nods me in. He has a Navy Lacrosse shirt on, great blue eyes, nice body and shorts on. I grab his crotch and he's already hard. He starts to pull up my shirt and says 'fucking nice man, can you take your shirt off'. Um yeah, if it gets me a load! Haha. I take my shirt off and he says 'wow, that's fucking perfect. you're fucking hot dude.' I tell him he is too and he goes down and starts sucking my dick. For a second I wonder if this will be a bust but then he stands up and I get down on his dick. Yeah he likes it. After a few minutes he stops me, I stand up, he pushed me back against the wall and we start making out. Then he tells me to make a muscle and he starts kissing and sucking my bicep. I like this guy, and he's cute..... I go back down to sucking his cock for a few more minutes and then after a few minutes he stops me again. More kissing and then he says 'let me see your ass.' Bonus! I turn around and he says 'fucking awesome' He slides his dick up and down the outside of my asshole for a while and then he turns me around and goes down on me again. Then he stands up and I go down on him again. He groans a bit more and then asks to see my ass again. He slides up and down again and then I feel a little drop of something (spit) hit my lower back. He slides up and down in it. Spits some more and then slides up in my ass. Finally, one load swallowed, maybe I get some more! He starts fucking me and says 'man that feels good, you are so fucking hot man' He fucks me for a few minutes and I am so horny I cum again while I am jerking off. He is fucking me and then asks 'you getting close' I tell him I already came and he says 'awesome. ok if I cum inside your hole?' Please, please, please!!!! Yeah I tell him and then he groans again and I feel his dick pulse inside my hole. Oh fuck yeah! After we're done he asks where I live I ask where he lives and then he asks if he can get my number. I say OK cuz I want that load again! I'm thinking I hope he's not looking for anything more than sex since I already have a bf but we'll see. We walk out into the parking lot. He asks my name and what I do. He tells me his name. He's ex-military, was a pilot for a while and is now an air traffic controller full time. He takes down my number and says he'll definitely call me. Hasn't yet, but I hope he does!