Thursday, June 3, 2010

yummy yummy yummy i got cum in my tummy....

if you can't get fucked, the next best thing is to swallow. i was out running some errands this morning in providence and had that familiar horny feeling, ha. i decided to stop at the video booths near the post office to get some. i walked down the stairs not sure what the day would bring, did a lap around the area and lo and behold HOT guy. everyone was on the same side so i wandered to the other side thinking to myself 'please, please, please' and my prayers were answered. he walked over and stood at a booth at the end. after a couple of minutes of the awkward glance game he went into the booth and i quickly followed.

he put on straight porn so i thought maybe a closet case? he asked if i was clean. um, sure... you know you're in a sleazy video booth right? then he pulled down his pants. oh mama. was probably around 8 and nice and thick. but he pushed me back and pulled down my pants and got down and started blowing me. he did that for a few minutes and then got up. i took the quick opportunity to get down myself and start sucking his cock. he groaned right away. then he pushed me back and said he was getting close. i stood up and he said 'i'm married' thought to myself hot, big dick and married. oh man, can we make this a reg thing???? anyway, he asked 'what do you like to do'. i said i like to suck, get sucked, fuck, get fucked. he said 'me too. do you have a condom?' gee, no sorry i don't. 'ok, i don't want to fuck then. is it ok if you just blow me.' well, if i must...... i said do you want to cum? 'are you sure you're clean.' um, absolutely..... then i went to town and within a couple of minutes he said 'i'm gonna cum, i'm gonna cum.' i'll tell you this.... it was the sweetest load i have ever tasted in my life, and there was a lot. not so much that i couldn't swallow or gag or anything, but a great sized load. i am definitely going to remember that.

of course after that i was even more crazed and horny and i did a couple of laps looking for another guy. this time a dark haired bearish type caught my eye. he was a good looking guy, a little chunky but i reasoned out what i thought was in his shorts. this time i ducked into a booth and waited about a minute. he didn't come in so i started to walk out and then he was standing at the door. he said 'oh sorry, do you still wanna?' hell yes! get in here man! and i was right about the package. not real long, probably about 6 inches but CRAZY fat. he started tender but the started getting more aggressive, he sucked me off for a bit and then i blew him. i asked if he wanted poppers. no, but you go ahead. ok man. fuck yeah, i need something in my mouth stat!!!! went to town and he pushed me back also and said i don't wanna cum yet. i asked pleadingly, do you like to fuck? 'yeah but not here.' grrrrrrr!!! oh well, back on the knees, but he stopped me and started making out heavy, he shoved his tongue way down my throat. now i'm thinking there's a chance and he tells me to turn around. but he rubs his dick up and down my crack and then wants to blow me again. he's going for a few minutes and i tell him i'm going to cum, he lets it all fill his mouth and then stands up and spits it out. silly boy, what a waste. then he says 'i can cum in your mouth too if you want.' um, yes please!! so then he says 'get back down there and suck my dick.' ok.....another hit of poppers and i am going nuts on his dick. a few minutes later he says 'i am going to cum, get ready.' and didn't he though... another one with a nice big thick tasty load. swallowed every drop. when i stand up he says 'oh i thought you were going to spit it out.' i said, i never waste cum and he laughs. introduces himself, says he's from boston, day off, was horny. wouldn't mind doing more with me sometime. um, fine by me! we exchange emails and i hope to hear from him soon. i want that cock in my hole!

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