Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Sunday facial and tasting

So I had to go to my sister's house on Sunday and what better thing to do on my way but stop off and suck some cock. I logged onto bbrt for about an hour before I headed over but not too much going on here in the sticks and just for the hell of it logged onto Manhunt since it had been a while. Got 3 hits right away. One turned out to be a guy I have spoken to a lot of times before but we had never hooked up. He says he is an aggressive controlling top and he loves getting blown. OK I can deal with that.... so all of five emails to set the stage and he tells me to be at his apartment at 4.

I leave at 3:50. He is literally less than 10 minutes from my house and on the way to my sister's. Reaaaallll easy. Get out of my park, he left the front door to the house open and the door to his apartment on the second floor open to. He peeks out when he hears the downstairs door. I walk in and he says what's up. He is watching a ball game and he mentioned being a bit of a jock in our chats before so I'm thinking so far so good. Then the aggressive comes out big time. Take your shirt off, nice. Take your pants off. Get on your knees. Suck my dick for a bit. You like that? Suck on my balls. Play with the shaft, no slower. Stop sucking so fast, I don't want to cum yet. NO you have to earn it.

I'm liking this guy more and more. Get on that chair, show me your ass. He starts rimming me. Get on the futon, spread your legs. My heart skipped a beat, thought this meant he was going to fuck me, but he wanted to feast on my ass some more. He kept spitting on my hole and then licking it up. He said I had a nice ass. I should mention his dick was a real nice size, about 8+ and thick. Reeaaalllly wanted to get fucked but I didn't say anything since he was clearly in charge. Get back on your knees. Suck it. Slow down. He pulled out again and then told me to suck his balls again. Now I start begging, please please and I can tell he secretly likes this. Please what? You want to suck my dick some more, is that what you want? I want to taste it. You want to taste what? You going to swallow my load? YES!! Are you sure that's what you want? YES!! OK, start blowing me again. Mmmmm. You ready for this load? Oh God yes!!! OK, open your mouth. Tilt your head back, close your eyes. Loved it.... Then he busts and I feel hot spooge all over my face and then he sticks it back in my mouth so I get a few shots in there to taste too and he starts to laugh. You like that? That what you wanted? Oh man, Yes!!!!

Then he says you cum now. Who am I to argue. I shot a load all over his shorts which were on the floor. Nice. Now lick it up. Oh man, I think I want to come back. Please, please I hope he fucks me next time!!! Then he gets me a towel, I clean off and get dressed. He asks if I like baseball. Yeah, get tickets from work sometimes. Cool, me too. OK, thanks man. Nice to finally meet you he says. Um, you too. Please fuck me next time!!!!

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