Tuesday, June 22, 2010

good bye dry spell - NYC day 1....

Oh man, felt so good to get fucked again.... In NYC and when I checked into my hotel I logged onto BBRT and started checking out the scene. I got the typical NY noise with the 'give me your cell and I'll contact you later' and 'I'm looking to host' but they are 60 blocks away! Anyway....got some good bites and ended up walking 6 blocks to a hot latin muscle guy who said he was looking to breed a hot hole. Well, here I am! Walked in, he was stocky but definitely had big arms and nice pecs. Nice uncut brown latino cock about 8.5 and thick. Oh yeah... He told me to take off my clothes and get on the bed on my hands and knees. Doggy it is! He was very verbal which really gets me going sometimes. I was backing up on his dick as much as I could and he knew that meant to pound in as hard as he could. I kept sniffing the poppers and he was calling me a puta and telling me I was a pig. Asked me how many guys I let cum inside me. Asked if I liked it. It was a perfect way to end the dry spell. He fucked me for five minutes or so and told me he was going to cum inside me. Then he told me he was poz and that he was going to breed my hole good. I said fuck yeah and then he groaned and came inside. I could have cried it was so good and I needed it so bad.

I guess I could have stopped there but why, it was still only about 8 PM and I had a starter load, so why not get more? Went back on to BBRT got more of the 'will be back in the city a bit later' blah blah blah but I did get in touch with another latino fuck bud who couldn't hook on Monday night but is off all day Tuesday and Wednesday so he will be in my Day 2 recap for sure! Can't wait to take more of his sweet jizz also. Anyway, I eventually found a multi-racial, looked mostly Indian 27 year old who was not a full member on BBRT. We IMd for a bit and swapped pics and then he asked if I'd let him cum in my ass. Um yeah!!! He came over around 9:30. He wanted the anonymous scene, me face down, ass in air, hotel door unlocked for him. He came in, got undressed and got behind me and started rimming my hole. Have to admit, hearing someone come in, not seeing them and then having them get behind you and know what is coming is pretty hot. He rimmed me for a few minutes then climbed on the bed and lubed me up a little (think when he stuck his finger in he felt it was still pretty wet and sloppy already). He slipped his dick in and started fucking me. He pulled my head back so I could make out with him while he fucked me and I caught my first glimpse. He matched his pics which was good. He kept fucking me for a bit and I asked if I could flip over. Sure he said. I flipped and he saw my abs and everything and said 'wow, you're hot.' Um ditto, he was def a hottie. Very Indian looking, although he had other ethnic mixes too. I said stick it back in. He did so and we started making out again while he fucked me. He told me I want you to cum, I told him I wanted him to cum so we agreed I'd cum as he came inside me. He said he was getting close and as he groaned and came I did too. Sooo good. All the while taking hits of poppers. Then he kept going and said 'tell me if you want me to stop.' I said no if you want to keep going. He went for about another 5 minutes and came again. BONUS!! Two loads from the hot stud. He jumped in the shower and then we talked for a bit. He asked if I was staying through the weekend to go to Pride which I didn't know was this coming weekend. I said I wasn't but maybe I would come back. He asked when I was staying until and I told him so he might come back for more too. Woohoo! He is in med school which I always love. Hot tops who are in med school or are doctors (like the one in Houston who fucked me) and bareback. Love it!!! More to come in day 2, but good day 1 for a couple of hours that I had free at night.

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