Wednesday, May 12, 2010

when you least expect it...

So hear I am outside Chicago for an industry thing. Was on bbrt and couldn't get anything working and was getting later and later so I figured forget it. A few leads but I had to drive to them and everyone told me the Eisenhower expressway is under construction and would take over an hour. Grrrr, why is this thing in the burbs???

Anyway, last ditch effort was putting an ad on craigslist. Funny though even when it says raw bttm looking you'd be surprised how many guys says 'ok if I wear a condom' or 'safe only here.' Um...did you read my ad? Well just when I was about to give up at almost 1 AM I got an email from someone who is right here in the hotel. There are 4 different meetings going on here I guess. He was in a different one which makes it less awkward to sit in meetings, but he said 'have to be real discreet.' Fine, just come dump a load in me, need it soooooo bad.

When he knocked on the door he was a good looking guy, not crazy hot, but guy next door type, but when he took of his clothes holy crap!!! What a cock, and uncut, and fat!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! He asked 'you said you like it raw right? I don't like rubbers, they're too tight on me.' I think I got a tear in my eye.. I got on my knees grabbed some poppers. He was excited when he saw them and started huffing on them too. I went to town on his dick, well as much as I could fit. Maybe about half. His dick got hard in about 30 seconds and I was in heaven. He asked if it was OK to cum in my mouth. I said I thought he wanted to fuck. He said he did and he cums more than once. I think I am in love!! I said yes and he shot a load down my throat like I haven't had since I used to blow guys on the docks in Manhattan. It was a lot. I choked which I was not happy about and some spilled all down my mouth and chest but it was sooo tasty.
Could have ended there but....yup, he put me on the bed and threw my legs over his shoulders. We grabbed some lube and more poppers and took our time. He slowly pushed it in a bit at a time. Took about 5 minutes back and forth but once it was in he got a big grin on and asked if I was ready. I was born ready bro!! He started all the way in balls deep and then all the way out so my ass twitched waiting for the next thrust. After another few minutes he started going faster. Oh man it felt so fucking good. It was faaat. Strecthed me real good and he was a little loud but I was so horny I didn't care. You know that feeling when you can actually feel a guys dick inside you swelling up, the head I mean? His swelled BIG. I took another quick hit of poppers and then he yelled FUCK and shot a big load in my ass. I felt the dick throb since it was stretching me anyway. Seemed to thrust forever. Oh man I needed it so bad and I could not have asked for a better hook up after hours of nothing. Thank you Craigslist!!

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  1. Hot story - there's nothing like finally landing a quality fuck after spending forever looking. P.S. Am loving your blog so far! -Dan