Sunday, May 16, 2010

sure that's what you want??

So I have said it before, I hate living in the suburbs from an action perspective. Glad I travel for work so I can get some play in the cities I travel to. But.....I have to say I have been finding local hookups slowly but surely. This past Friday was another example. I was crazy horny in the afternoon and nothing was close (as usual) on bbrt so I switched to Manhunt. You remember the local daddies I gave my ass up for were locals on the weekend and they were on Manhunt.

I was so horny I needed something ASAP...a guy hit me up, he was less than 10 minutes away. I said what are you looking for? He said a nice BJ would be good. We'll see. That wasn't exactly what I wanted but I wanted some dick so I agreed. You have poppers? Nope. Can I bring some? I don't care. Great, I'll be there in 10-15. OK. Get to his house and knock on the door. I hear a 'come in' and then a 'be careful on the steps' He was redoing the entrance way in his house and there he was just at the top off to the right where he had a little office type space set up with his PC. I got up the steps and he wasted no time. Pulled his pants down, average size dick, but he was real aggressive. He pushed me straight down to my knees and said 'suck my cock.' OK, maybe this will be a good blowjob and I do love the taste of cum so.... I guess I will live. Take a hit of poppers and start going to town on his cock. Easy to deepthroat, please just flood my throat. I need cum....

Getting his knob nice and wet and sloppy with spit I hear him playing with his PC as I blow him. It had been about 5 minutes so I come up for some air. I look at the PC and he is watching a bareback clip. Ahhhhhh, the day has promise after all Mr. Negative Safe Only.... I decide to ask the question 'Do you fuck too?' 'Let me see your ass,' he says. Ok dude, this ain't my first time in these games so now I know it's gonna go my way. In a flash my pants are down around my ankles, he spits on my ass and his dick was so wet and covered with spit he slides right in. I take another hit of poppers and he goes hard and deep. Remember his dick wasn't that big but he made up for it with a fierce pounding, I mean fierce. Slamming my hole so that I had to grab on to furniture to brace myself. So what I needed.... He didn't say anything but just kept fucking me hard and watching the PC. After a few minutes I hear him start to moan a little and I know it's coming. Fuck yeah!!! Jizz me good bro. He moans nice and loud and the cum went up my butt. He goes and gets cleaned up and brings me a rag and then says 'thanks.' Um, no thank you... He says we should do this again sometime. Um, fuck yeah. Not much happens in these parts so if you want a place to squirt your juice, I'm your guy!!!

Maybe there are more hidden guys saying 'neg' 'safe' on Manhunt than I thought. I'll have to keep trying that out ;) Until the next load goes up my hole my friends..... catch you all soon I hope

8====> (_o_) slurp!

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  1. "Maybe there are more hidden guys saying 'neg' 'safe' on Manhunt than I thought." - well I know there's at least one: my MH profile is "safe only"..... -Dan