Saturday, May 22, 2010

do u wanna drink?

Worth mentioning that I have a bf but we have an open relationship. I travel a lot for work and that's where most of the nookie comes in, but not always... and he is getting more and more kinky but I don't usually blog about him. Until now....

Last night he was in rare form, real pig. Started with some beer and then he went to vodka and red bull and then he hit the bong and then back to beer, vodka red bull and bong. Two good cycles so he was in nice and toasty form. Then the fun started. We were watching Pink Floyd 'The Wall' on TV and I should mention I had a hit off the bong too, so we were really into it. I started dozing on and off so I said I was going up to bed. He usually cranks the music and listens longer but he followed me up. He turns on the TV in the bedroom and goes to the on demand stuff and orders a cheesy gay porn (if you could call it that) from Comcast. 12 bucks for crap and then I tell him it's not doing anything for me. So we switch to some good bb porn that's sitting in the DVD player and we start getting worked up. He asks if I'll suck his dick. Sure. I start blowing him and a few minutes into it I think he's starting to cum but nope, he's slowly pissing in my mouth. I'm not going to let it squirt out so I start to swallow but start groaning loudly too. He stops and says what's wrong? Nothing just don't pee too fast. He tells me to get up for a sec and pulls out a huge rubber sheet from under the bed. WTF? Where did that come from. Yeah boy!!

We throw it over the bed and then we start at it again. He doesn't piss anymore though so I stop and ask him why. He says he wants to piss in my ass. Hot damn, I flipped on my back and threw my legs in the air, he lubed me up and started fucking me. He stopped after a minute and then I felt it. Warm feeling filling my gut. Oh man, it was like a nice shower enema but I've never had one while lying down like that. Was so hot. I tell him I think it's going to cum out. He tells me to try and hold it in which I do and then he starts fucking me again. Yup, water squirt, squirt, squirt every time he thrusts in but I tried my best keeping it inside. He told me to flip over and put my butt in the air, maybe that would help. It did a bit and he straddled me and kept fucking until he came a few minutes later. I tried to hold it after that but had to jump up and jump on the can. All came out. Now that's how I like to get cleaned out. I have to ask for that service before heading out every day! I would highly recommend it to any bottoms that have never tried it. Soooo good.

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