Saturday, May 22, 2010

do u wanna drink?

Worth mentioning that I have a bf but we have an open relationship. I travel a lot for work and that's where most of the nookie comes in, but not always... and he is getting more and more kinky but I don't usually blog about him. Until now....

Last night he was in rare form, real pig. Started with some beer and then he went to vodka and red bull and then he hit the bong and then back to beer, vodka red bull and bong. Two good cycles so he was in nice and toasty form. Then the fun started. We were watching Pink Floyd 'The Wall' on TV and I should mention I had a hit off the bong too, so we were really into it. I started dozing on and off so I said I was going up to bed. He usually cranks the music and listens longer but he followed me up. He turns on the TV in the bedroom and goes to the on demand stuff and orders a cheesy gay porn (if you could call it that) from Comcast. 12 bucks for crap and then I tell him it's not doing anything for me. So we switch to some good bb porn that's sitting in the DVD player and we start getting worked up. He asks if I'll suck his dick. Sure. I start blowing him and a few minutes into it I think he's starting to cum but nope, he's slowly pissing in my mouth. I'm not going to let it squirt out so I start to swallow but start groaning loudly too. He stops and says what's wrong? Nothing just don't pee too fast. He tells me to get up for a sec and pulls out a huge rubber sheet from under the bed. WTF? Where did that come from. Yeah boy!!

We throw it over the bed and then we start at it again. He doesn't piss anymore though so I stop and ask him why. He says he wants to piss in my ass. Hot damn, I flipped on my back and threw my legs in the air, he lubed me up and started fucking me. He stopped after a minute and then I felt it. Warm feeling filling my gut. Oh man, it was like a nice shower enema but I've never had one while lying down like that. Was so hot. I tell him I think it's going to cum out. He tells me to try and hold it in which I do and then he starts fucking me again. Yup, water squirt, squirt, squirt every time he thrusts in but I tried my best keeping it inside. He told me to flip over and put my butt in the air, maybe that would help. It did a bit and he straddled me and kept fucking until he came a few minutes later. I tried to hold it after that but had to jump up and jump on the can. All came out. Now that's how I like to get cleaned out. I have to ask for that service before heading out every day! I would highly recommend it to any bottoms that have never tried it. Soooo good.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

sure that's what you want??

So I have said it before, I hate living in the suburbs from an action perspective. Glad I travel for work so I can get some play in the cities I travel to. But.....I have to say I have been finding local hookups slowly but surely. This past Friday was another example. I was crazy horny in the afternoon and nothing was close (as usual) on bbrt so I switched to Manhunt. You remember the local daddies I gave my ass up for were locals on the weekend and they were on Manhunt.

I was so horny I needed something ASAP...a guy hit me up, he was less than 10 minutes away. I said what are you looking for? He said a nice BJ would be good. We'll see. That wasn't exactly what I wanted but I wanted some dick so I agreed. You have poppers? Nope. Can I bring some? I don't care. Great, I'll be there in 10-15. OK. Get to his house and knock on the door. I hear a 'come in' and then a 'be careful on the steps' He was redoing the entrance way in his house and there he was just at the top off to the right where he had a little office type space set up with his PC. I got up the steps and he wasted no time. Pulled his pants down, average size dick, but he was real aggressive. He pushed me straight down to my knees and said 'suck my cock.' OK, maybe this will be a good blowjob and I do love the taste of cum so.... I guess I will live. Take a hit of poppers and start going to town on his cock. Easy to deepthroat, please just flood my throat. I need cum....

Getting his knob nice and wet and sloppy with spit I hear him playing with his PC as I blow him. It had been about 5 minutes so I come up for some air. I look at the PC and he is watching a bareback clip. Ahhhhhh, the day has promise after all Mr. Negative Safe Only.... I decide to ask the question 'Do you fuck too?' 'Let me see your ass,' he says. Ok dude, this ain't my first time in these games so now I know it's gonna go my way. In a flash my pants are down around my ankles, he spits on my ass and his dick was so wet and covered with spit he slides right in. I take another hit of poppers and he goes hard and deep. Remember his dick wasn't that big but he made up for it with a fierce pounding, I mean fierce. Slamming my hole so that I had to grab on to furniture to brace myself. So what I needed.... He didn't say anything but just kept fucking me hard and watching the PC. After a few minutes I hear him start to moan a little and I know it's coming. Fuck yeah!!! Jizz me good bro. He moans nice and loud and the cum went up my butt. He goes and gets cleaned up and brings me a rag and then says 'thanks.' Um, no thank you... He says we should do this again sometime. Um, fuck yeah. Not much happens in these parts so if you want a place to squirt your juice, I'm your guy!!!

Maybe there are more hidden guys saying 'neg' 'safe' on Manhunt than I thought. I'll have to keep trying that out ;) Until the next load goes up my hole my friends..... catch you all soon I hope

8====> (_o_) slurp!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

when you least expect it...

So hear I am outside Chicago for an industry thing. Was on bbrt and couldn't get anything working and was getting later and later so I figured forget it. A few leads but I had to drive to them and everyone told me the Eisenhower expressway is under construction and would take over an hour. Grrrr, why is this thing in the burbs???

Anyway, last ditch effort was putting an ad on craigslist. Funny though even when it says raw bttm looking you'd be surprised how many guys says 'ok if I wear a condom' or 'safe only here.' Um...did you read my ad? Well just when I was about to give up at almost 1 AM I got an email from someone who is right here in the hotel. There are 4 different meetings going on here I guess. He was in a different one which makes it less awkward to sit in meetings, but he said 'have to be real discreet.' Fine, just come dump a load in me, need it soooooo bad.

When he knocked on the door he was a good looking guy, not crazy hot, but guy next door type, but when he took of his clothes holy crap!!! What a cock, and uncut, and fat!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! He asked 'you said you like it raw right? I don't like rubbers, they're too tight on me.' I think I got a tear in my eye.. I got on my knees grabbed some poppers. He was excited when he saw them and started huffing on them too. I went to town on his dick, well as much as I could fit. Maybe about half. His dick got hard in about 30 seconds and I was in heaven. He asked if it was OK to cum in my mouth. I said I thought he wanted to fuck. He said he did and he cums more than once. I think I am in love!! I said yes and he shot a load down my throat like I haven't had since I used to blow guys on the docks in Manhattan. It was a lot. I choked which I was not happy about and some spilled all down my mouth and chest but it was sooo tasty.
Could have ended there but....yup, he put me on the bed and threw my legs over his shoulders. We grabbed some lube and more poppers and took our time. He slowly pushed it in a bit at a time. Took about 5 minutes back and forth but once it was in he got a big grin on and asked if I was ready. I was born ready bro!! He started all the way in balls deep and then all the way out so my ass twitched waiting for the next thrust. After another few minutes he started going faster. Oh man it felt so fucking good. It was faaat. Strecthed me real good and he was a little loud but I was so horny I didn't care. You know that feeling when you can actually feel a guys dick inside you swelling up, the head I mean? His swelled BIG. I took another quick hit of poppers and then he yelled FUCK and shot a big load in my ass. I felt the dick throb since it was stretching me anyway. Seemed to thrust forever. Oh man I needed it so bad and I could not have asked for a better hook up after hours of nothing. Thank you Craigslist!!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

have i been good daddy?

Finally hooked up with a pair of daddy tops that I have been talking to for a while. They live in Boston but are down by me on the weekends. It finally worked out schedule wise this past weekend. Quick exchange of emails.

Me - Hey, what's going on?
Them - BF and I are looking for a full service bottom.
Me - Here I am!
Them - Cool, what are you looking for.
Me - I need dick and I want loads.
Them - That could work.

Then they sent me the address and asked when I would be there. I said 15 minutes and they told me to be sure to wear a jock, come in the front door, head down the stairs, take a right at the bottom, head into the bedroom at the end of the hall and take off my clothes. Then put on the blindfold that is on the bed and get on my hands and knees.


So within a few minutes of being in position, one of them got behind me and started eating my hole. The other got in front of me and stuck his dick in my mouth. As it started getting bigger I could see it through the bottom of the blindfold if I looked down. All I can say is HOLY CRAP. His dick was B I G. I took a hit of poppers and started going to town sucking on it. That turned the other one on and he started fingering my hole. I started to moan. The second one told me to get back on his dick and lick up the precum. Yes sir!!!! A few minutes later the guy positioned at my ass started to fuck me. He had an average size dick but clearly he goes first to open up the boys and get them ready for his donkey dicked partner. He fucked me doggie style and about 5 minutes later he announced he was going to cum. The second Daddy told me to keep my mouth on his cock while his bf finished. Yes I did....

Took a break for a couple of minutes and the second Daddy told me to go shower and rinse off the lube the first Daddy used. I asked if he wanted me to keep the blindfold on. He said no (glad because I wanted a good look at the big cock). Took it off went and showered and came back in. I asked Daddy number two if he would please fuck me on my back. He said of course and then also told me it had been several days since he had cum so he was going to shoot a big load up my ass. My dick jumped to attention at that statement!

On my back I went, he started kissing me. He told me to take a realllll long hit of poppers. I did (Jungle Juice Black Label - very nice) and got really light headed. Then he started to push in, he told me open it up now. So weird but it's like he was Aladdin saying open sesame and it opened right up. He went in deep and kept going balls deep for about 5 minutes or so and then started to go in real slow and out real slow. He told me he couldn't last much longer and asked if I wanted the load. I said yes, he said say it again. I said please, please breed me. He said ok boy and started to go faster. I felt the head of his cock swell so I knew before he said it that he was about to cum. Only think he said was to squeeze my ass and milk his cock. Oh my God was it good. On my way home it dripped out somewhat all over my shorts, I can not wait to get that dick in me again. Love hot hung daddies....

Sunday, May 2, 2010

sling fuck in austin

not as recent as some of the other stories but had to share because i stumbled across the video. me being bred in a sling in austin. was the last fuck during a group session. loved it! video