Friday, April 23, 2010

he was a hairy bear, not a scary bear... :)

So I add a loooooong time chatting bud to the list. We have spoken on and off for over a year but it never worked for us to hook up. Finally did last Monday and did the long ass drive to his house. Was worth it though. He was shirtless at the door, asked if I liked what I saw. Straight up to the bedroom. He told me he definitely liked what HE saw :) Woohoo!

Got naked, got on the bed and started sucking his cock. He had three piercings between his balls and asshole. Nice. Asked me 'do you like portable slings?' Um.....keeps my legs in the air where they belong while you plow and breed me? Y E S.....

So we set me up and he started going to town. He hadn't cum in 4 days so the first load was quick, about 3 minutes. But he asked if I could keep going. I knew I liked this guy..... Kept fucking me and a few minutes later load number two shot in. Yummmmm... Can you stay for one more? I don't see my legs coming out of the sling so........

Started again and about 5 minutes later load 3 made it a nice triple play. Then I came. 15 minutes and 3 loads. I loooooveee loads. Sign me up?

If you're in Massachusetts or in a major city (I travel a lot for work) get in touch and let's see what we can make happen. My ass is always hungry and it's actually really tight for someone who likes to get fucked..... On to the next!

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  1. fuck man - i need to breed you - you take poz sperm? comin' to boston for work next week - will be there for 14 days