Monday, April 5, 2010

double dutch

well, not really double dutch but it might as well have been. hooked up today with a guy that i have spoken with on bbrt on and off for about a year. schedules never really worked, well they did today. oh my god is all i can say. he has 'ask me' on his profile when it lists cock size but it should say huge. i got an instant stiffie when i saw his dick. i went to his place from work and he had just gotten home from work. he asked if i wanted to shower. um, anything you want donkey cock.... in the shower it took me about 30 seconds to drop to my knees and start blowing him, or at least as much of it as i could fit in my mouth.

towel dry and 2 minutes later on the bed we are, making out. turn around he says, i want to eat your ass. yes sir! he dug deep and i chowed down on that cock some more. finally (well only a few minutes later but in line with what i REALLY wanted), he asks 'you want me to fuck you?' HELL YES!!! by the way, he had a great accent. loved it, turned me on big time. so he says, wow you're tight. oh you'll like it when you get in there. open up, open up, let me in he says. ok, time for a hit of the poppers. done and done. the heart starts beating, the hole starts budding and he slowly, slowly, slowly pushes in. fuck it felt good..... he pumped me for about 2 minutes and said 'damn you'r so tight i am gonna cum' no problem for me man :) throb, throb, throb. still swimming in my hole right now. wants to come up but i'm forcing it to stay in. hope it doesn't squeeze out when i am asleep tonight :) damn i want some more of THAT!!!

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