Wednesday, April 28, 2010

local jizz - close and quick

another to do crossed off the list this past monday. so there is a guy on manhunt i have been speaking to on and off for over a year but it never worked out. well 5 sentences on monday was all it took and i swung by his place. he kept telling me i was adorable. i'm ok with that. he asked if i wanted to just get right into it. YES!!!

so 3 minutes later we were naked, he pulled out the futon, and we got comfy. he started sucking my dick and i noticed mine was bigger than his. he was also shorter than me. i usually go for guys taller than me, but when you're horny who cares? i pushed him back and started blowing him and he was groaning a bit. after he was good and wet i straddled him then leaned back and spread my legs.

pretty obvious what i wanted and he knew it. so he grabbed some lube and greased himself up and then fingered my hole sloppy a bit. got in close and pushed his dick in me. i took a nice long hit of poppers and then he started going faster. he kept leaning over and kissing me. was hot. i started jerking off and he asked if i wanted to cum. i do what i'm told i said. he said would be hot to see me cum. who am i to disappoint? so i came and about 5 seconds later he shot a load in my ass. check....done ;)

Friday, April 23, 2010

he was a hairy bear, not a scary bear... :)

So I add a loooooong time chatting bud to the list. We have spoken on and off for over a year but it never worked for us to hook up. Finally did last Monday and did the long ass drive to his house. Was worth it though. He was shirtless at the door, asked if I liked what I saw. Straight up to the bedroom. He told me he definitely liked what HE saw :) Woohoo!

Got naked, got on the bed and started sucking his cock. He had three piercings between his balls and asshole. Nice. Asked me 'do you like portable slings?' Um.....keeps my legs in the air where they belong while you plow and breed me? Y E S.....

So we set me up and he started going to town. He hadn't cum in 4 days so the first load was quick, about 3 minutes. But he asked if I could keep going. I knew I liked this guy..... Kept fucking me and a few minutes later load number two shot in. Yummmmm... Can you stay for one more? I don't see my legs coming out of the sling so........

Started again and about 5 minutes later load 3 made it a nice triple play. Then I came. 15 minutes and 3 loads. I loooooveee loads. Sign me up?

If you're in Massachusetts or in a major city (I travel a lot for work) get in touch and let's see what we can make happen. My ass is always hungry and it's actually really tight for someone who likes to get fucked..... On to the next!

Monday, April 5, 2010

double dutch

well, not really double dutch but it might as well have been. hooked up today with a guy that i have spoken with on bbrt on and off for about a year. schedules never really worked, well they did today. oh my god is all i can say. he has 'ask me' on his profile when it lists cock size but it should say huge. i got an instant stiffie when i saw his dick. i went to his place from work and he had just gotten home from work. he asked if i wanted to shower. um, anything you want donkey cock.... in the shower it took me about 30 seconds to drop to my knees and start blowing him, or at least as much of it as i could fit in my mouth.

towel dry and 2 minutes later on the bed we are, making out. turn around he says, i want to eat your ass. yes sir! he dug deep and i chowed down on that cock some more. finally (well only a few minutes later but in line with what i REALLY wanted), he asks 'you want me to fuck you?' HELL YES!!! by the way, he had a great accent. loved it, turned me on big time. so he says, wow you're tight. oh you'll like it when you get in there. open up, open up, let me in he says. ok, time for a hit of the poppers. done and done. the heart starts beating, the hole starts budding and he slowly, slowly, slowly pushes in. fuck it felt good..... he pumped me for about 2 minutes and said 'damn you'r so tight i am gonna cum' no problem for me man :) throb, throb, throb. still swimming in my hole right now. wants to come up but i'm forcing it to stay in. hope it doesn't squeeze out when i am asleep tonight :) damn i want some more of THAT!!!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

ride 'em cowboy

One night in Houston proved to be a good end to the trip down to Texas. Went on BBRT when I was done for the day and I found a couple of guys interested but after the orgy in Austin yesterday I was hoping for something to continue the load count. I found a hot guy with an average size dick who was about 10 minutes from the hotel. Time to get the car! Got there and he let me in but asked that I be quiet because his roommate was asleep. HOT! Fuck me with your roommate sleeping in the next room. He had some TIM porn on and there was Dawson getting bred. Took off my clothes, he took off his and was already hard. Great, no waiting! I sucked him off for a few minutes and then he got up and it was obvious he was ready to fuck. I sniffed some poppers and he went to town, me on my back on the edge of the bed, him holding my shoulders to pull my body into his dick as he did it. He fucked in that position until he came. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. I got a nice 'you ready for a load?' The right response is fuck yeah and then he came up my butt. He pulled out and I was quick to my knees and cleaned him off for an extra taste :)

Back to the hotel, looking back on BBRT for a bit more. Some interest here and there but the real good stuff came from craigslist. A short packed muscle guy had an ad, no pics online. Poz undetectable. Ca-ching. Send email. Um, visiting bb bttm here..... Exchanged pics. H O T Please come fuck me please..... He said he hadn't showered. Um, why bother now?? 20 minutes later he was at my door. 5'4" oh so well sculpted. Flattest abs I have ever seen. Nice cock on that small frame. I sucked him, he sucked me pretty wet and awesome. He was big on kissing which was very hot, love that. After about 10 minutes, legs up time! He fucked me on my back (have to admit that's my favorite position) he kept starting and stopping so I knew he was pretty close. After another few minutes I couldn't take it anymore and he asked if I wanted to cum. Um yeah, but I want you to cum first... You want me to cum now he asked? Um, yeah please. OK, nice load, felt it throb 5 or 6 times and then I came on my chest. He flopped over and then lied flat on top of me to kiss some more. Then he laid on his back and started to nap. I licked my cum off his belly. We talked for a bit, found out he's a doctor in the ER. Fuck yeah!!!! Give me that medicine Dr.... After about 30 minutes of him dozing on and off I convinced him to stay. He got under the covers and about 2 hours into sleep woke me up and fucked me again. Then back to sleep......I got up at about 6:30 to shut the shades and to pee. When I was in the bathroom he got up got dressed, we said goodbye and he left. Maybe I should break my arm before I leave Houston and go to the ER..... Best part is this morning right before I typed this I let out a small fart and a wad of cum blew out on the carpet. Thank you Dr. LLove.....