Tuesday, March 30, 2010

LA wrap up

I said when I started this blog that I wouldn't try and recreate or list past fucks although there have been some amazing ones. A quick mention to a hot vers top in Chicago with a crazy hot muscled bod and a dick that I felt throb when he came inside me like nothing I have ever felt before. I still dream about that....

Anyway, my fuckbud from the previous day (the pic in the last post) came back two more times and dicked me good. He lasted longer since he had just pumped the 5 day load in me the day before. He fucked me in a bunch of different positions, told me what to do which is always killer, and stuck his tongue down my throat as he did me. Smelled my pits a few times, loves my smell. Damn, I am getting hard again thinking about his dick. Great length, I'm guessing 8+ and good thickness. Def feel it when he fucks ya. Two more loads from that hot mother fucker.

The other came from a random hookup on BBRT. He had a foot fetish and wanted pics of my feet before coming over. So hot. Came over, ripped his clothes off (mine were already off) started eating my hole deep. Spit on it a few times then pushed his way right in. Felt so fucking good. He only did me one way, on my back and kept my toes in his mouth while he fucked me. He kept whimpering which turned me on big time. Nice size load as he grunted and came in my hole, eyes closed, sucking my toes. Quick wipe down, got dressed and left.

Flew back home on Saturday. On to the next destination on Tuesday!! Got a gang bang lined up so can't wait to share the load count after that night ;)

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