Thursday, March 25, 2010

I love LA

So I've been thinking of starting a blog for a while because it gets me off reading other guys blogs and what goes on out there. What better entry to start with than with LA. I call myself a closet bb cumdump because I love it and get off on the fact that I wear a suit but behind closed doors I am a pig. Out here in LA on business and met up with a reg fuckbud of mine.

Tall, shaved head, so hot, great smile. Dick is nice length and width so great overall. He always knows when I'm coming out and within 20 minutes of landing in LA he sent me a text message. We hooked up this morning before breakfast. He came to my hotel straight from the gym and was kind of sweaty. Turned me on more. He had saved up a 5 day load for me. Ripped off his clothes, I was already naked. Got on my knees and started working his cock.

A couple of minutes later I was on my back with legs in the air and he was working his dick in me. So fucking love his dick. He plowed me for a little bit but I wanted it bad so I begged him to cum. He made me stop jerking off and told me I couldn't cum until he was done. I kept begging. A couple of minutes later he started moaning and I felt the dick throb inside me and I could feel the loads. No better feeling in the world. He's going to stop by a bit later on again and hopefully tomorrow too. Need as much of his cum before I go. Looking to meet up with some other guys and get more cum tonight and tomorrow too. The blog is officially started and I will keep everyone up to date on load taking.

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