Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Everything's bigger in Texas

Before I got to the gang bang a guy that I have been wanting to hook up with in Austin sent me a note and wanted to hook up the next day. I told him about the gang bang and he couldn't make it but then asked what I was doing right then. He was at my hotel room 30 minutes later. My cock got instantly rock hard when he walked in. He is a hot black man with one of those bods that shows through the clothes he has on. If the great bod (and so hot pecs) weren't enough, he had a big old dick.

We got naked, I sucked him off for a bit and then he went to town eating my ass. Man I could have been done with just that (well, that's a lie) so then we went for the fuck and he plowed me good for a while and dropped a nice load in me. We'll definitely be in touch next time I come down or if he heads North.

On to the gang bang.... so hot. 7 guys ended up showing for the party. My fuckbud is such a nice guy to boot, we talked for a bit since I was early and then everyone started showing up. Everyone was versatile so turned into more of a bb orgy and was awesome to watch, grab, give it up, swallow, take, poke, lick, bite, etc. Everyone was in and out of almost everyone else. I was in the sling, on the futon, back in the sling. Others in and out of those spots too. Lots of sucking, lots of rimming, lots and lots of fucking. I ended up with 7 loads in my happy hole, two were double deposits from two of the same guys, the others were single and very welcome deposits and one went down my throat which made me happy because I do like to swallow and you always get that should I suck or let him fuck me thought in your head but the taste is sooooo good.

On to the next destination....Houston this afternoon. Let's hope there is some good dick for me there too tonight :)

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Hello Austin - pre-gang bang

Have a gang bang planned for tonight. 7 guys so nothing crazy unless my bud who is letting me graciously use his condo invites dozens more guys, right on! To get in the mood, I posted an ad on Craigslist and had two guys stop by. First guy was married and probably the most polite guy I have ever met. He asked if I would take my hat off and then said thank you. He asked if I would take my shirt off and then said thank you. He just wanted to get blown. I dropped to my knees and started working his knob. He was moaning softly and kept saying 'oh fuck, oh fuck'. Then he pulled back and said do you want me to tell you when I'm going to cum or just cum?

Surprise me I told him. About 45 seconds after that he said I'm getting close, I'm getting close, HERE IT COMES and then he shot a good 5 big squirts down my gullet. So so tasty. Then he said he appreciated this so much. I felt like I should have invited him to dinner or something. So polite!

In holding mode was a guy who wanted to top bb but he didn't have much time. I told him I'd email him when the other guy left. He came over about 20 minutes later. Took off all his clothes pushed me back on the bed and started eating my ass. He spit on his dick and on my butt crack but then grabbed some lube too. I asked if he liked poppers. He said yeah and sniffed on them, then I did, then he pushed inside and started saying fuck yeah right away. Took him literally 30 seconds to cum. He was REAALLLLYYY horny. He apologized after and I told him no worries, I got what I wanted. I may look for one more before the gang bang tonight. So horny and hungry today....

LA wrap up

I said when I started this blog that I wouldn't try and recreate or list past fucks although there have been some amazing ones. A quick mention to a hot vers top in Chicago with a crazy hot muscled bod and a dick that I felt throb when he came inside me like nothing I have ever felt before. I still dream about that....

Anyway, my fuckbud from the previous day (the pic in the last post) came back two more times and dicked me good. He lasted longer since he had just pumped the 5 day load in me the day before. He fucked me in a bunch of different positions, told me what to do which is always killer, and stuck his tongue down my throat as he did me. Smelled my pits a few times, loves my smell. Damn, I am getting hard again thinking about his dick. Great length, I'm guessing 8+ and good thickness. Def feel it when he fucks ya. Two more loads from that hot mother fucker.

The other came from a random hookup on BBRT. He had a foot fetish and wanted pics of my feet before coming over. So hot. Came over, ripped his clothes off (mine were already off) started eating my hole deep. Spit on it a few times then pushed his way right in. Felt so fucking good. He only did me one way, on my back and kept my toes in his mouth while he fucked me. He kept whimpering which turned me on big time. Nice size load as he grunted and came in my hole, eyes closed, sucking my toes. Quick wipe down, got dressed and left.

Flew back home on Saturday. On to the next destination on Tuesday!! Got a gang bang lined up so can't wait to share the load count after that night ;)

Thursday, March 25, 2010

I love LA

So I've been thinking of starting a blog for a while because it gets me off reading other guys blogs and what goes on out there. What better entry to start with than with LA. I call myself a closet bb cumdump because I love it and get off on the fact that I wear a suit but behind closed doors I am a pig. Out here in LA on business and met up with a reg fuckbud of mine.

Tall, shaved head, so hot, great smile. Dick is nice length and width so great overall. He always knows when I'm coming out and within 20 minutes of landing in LA he sent me a text message. We hooked up this morning before breakfast. He came to my hotel straight from the gym and was kind of sweaty. Turned me on more. He had saved up a 5 day load for me. Ripped off his clothes, I was already naked. Got on my knees and started working his cock.

A couple of minutes later I was on my back with legs in the air and he was working his dick in me. So fucking love his dick. He plowed me for a little bit but I wanted it bad so I begged him to cum. He made me stop jerking off and told me I couldn't cum until he was done. I kept begging. A couple of minutes later he started moaning and I felt the dick throb inside me and I could feel the loads. No better feeling in the world. He's going to stop by a bit later on again and hopefully tomorrow too. Need as much of his cum before I go. Looking to meet up with some other guys and get more cum tonight and tomorrow too. The blog is officially started and I will keep everyone up to date on load taking.