Sunday, December 26, 2010

twas the day after Christmas

going to get a lot of snow here in the Northeast so lots of people up early running errands and doing last minute stuff before it starts.  the bf went out to do some last minute stuff.  we were up at 6.  i was outside taking stuff down since the wind is supposed to be crazy.  my neighbor was outside too.  he waved and after a few minutes he came down the driveway.  'she's at the grocery store he said'  i knew what he meant and what he wanted so we went inside and i got right on my knees.  here's where we take a twist....  remember he's been getting closer and closer?  well he took his pants completely off this time and took his shirt off.  i was sucking his dick when he asked to see my ass again.  he started talking and saying, 'you like to get fucked huh?'  my heart started beating and i said yeah.  he said 'you wanna get fucked?'  i didn't want to seem too nuts about it so i just said 'sure, yeah'  he still let me suck his dick for a few more minutes while i guess he thought it over.  then he finally said 'ok, don't have much time.  get up.  i'm gonna fuck you.'  i said 'that's hot. is it cool if i take a pic of your dick so i can jerk off to it later?'  he said 'no, i don't want my face.'  now i begged.  i told him i swear i won't take one of your face.  i even said he could look at it right after i take it to be sure it's ok.  he said no two more times but then i think he saw that we were talking and not doing anything and the time was marching on so he said ok...  woohoo!!!  i ran upstairs and got some lube and came back down.  i lubed up my hole and lubed up his dick.  he said 'you have rubbers?'  i acted surprised.  i said 'crap no, the bf and me don't use them'  he paused for a few minutes and i could tell he was realllllllly horny and thinking about the time so he said, 'ok, ok, hurry up'  i just fell back and threw up my legs.  he took no time to get right in there.  he said 'fuck, that's hot.' and he said nothing else after that.  he started the back and forth and stared straight out the window and didn't look down until he was done.   it didn't take him long which confirmed he was crazy horny and yes, he shot his load inside.  then i gave him a face cloth, he cleaned off got dressed and bolted.  a nice late christmas present that this 'straight' hunk from across the street barebacked me.  here's the pic he let me take.  mission accomplished.  hope this means from now on he fucks me instead of me blowing him....

Friday, December 10, 2010

NYC group time

I was in NYc on business and got some play set up in advance.  A reg fuck bud of mine and I chatted and we organized a small group (4 guys) and were good to go until I got there.  He emailed me and got gun shy about the group but still wanted to get together with a bud of his if that was cool.  Eh, sure why not.  He was staying the night so we could fuck a few times so I didn't want to interfere with that plan anyway.  My bud is about 5'8" swimmers build, nice thick dick and a goatee.  His friend was a 25 year old Puerto Rican student.  Hello....  I was fine with it!  They both got to my hotel within 5 minutes of each other and we got rid of our clothes pretty quick.  I got on my knees and started blowing the two of them.  They were kissing while I did this.  The kid had a nice thick uncut dick.  It was tasty.  Then we got on the bed and lubed each other up.  The kid was the first to slide his dick in me while my bud straddled my face and stuck his dick in my mouth.  That was hot, then they switched positions.  Then we got back to sucking each others dicks for a bit and after a while went back to fucking.  This time my bud slid his dick in me with me on my back and he leaned in and started making out with me.  At the same time the kid got behind him and stuck his dick in my bud's ass.  A little train action going on.  We did this for a bit and then they switched positions in the train.  The Puerto Rican kid suddenly moans and shot a load in my hole.  My bud said 'you came already' and the kid said 'that's only the first load'  I like this kid......  We switch again and this time I'm in the middle of the train with mu bud fucking me and me fucking the kid.  That was hot but I am an easy cummer so I didn't want to go to aggressive and cum too fast.  I stopped after a few minutes and let my bud fuck him.  Then he pushed me on the bed and my bud went back to fucking me while I made out with the kid.  This went on for a few more minutes until my bud told me to push back on the bed so he could get on too.  He got on and threw my legs over his shoulders and started to plow me slow at first and he kept picking up the pace.  He was making out with the kid, then with me, then the kid, me, so on and so on.  When he was kissing me the kid would egg him on.  I finally started to feel my bud's dick swell up and he said 'fuck yeah, you want it?'  I said yes!  and he said 'fuck yeah' and pumped a load in my hole.  He made out with me the whole time he was squirting and I loved every second of it.  Then he pulled out and the kid got back into position.  He pushed his dick right in, all sloppy and smiled.  He got right into the groove and started pumping away.  Like a machine.  So fucking awesome.  Within 5 minutes he was moaning again and shot another load in my hole.  Then he pulled out and stood my cock up and sat right on and started riding me.  He did that for about 3 minutes like he was riding a horse in a race and I knew he wasn't going to stop until he got what he wanted.  So I gave it to him :)  I shot my load up his ass and he was yelling 'shoot it!  shoot in my ass!'  It was very cool.

We all collapsed on the bed and talked for a long time, about an hour and then they both got dressed.  The kid to leave and my bud to go get something to eat.  I gave him my room key and he went to get some chow and then came back.  He ate and then got naked again and climbed into bed with me.  He asked if I wanted to get fucked again and I said yeah.  He got back in position with my legs over his shoulders and piston fucked me until he came again.  Then he smiled and pulled out and went down on my hole felching out the loads that were in there.  He kept telling me to push it out.  He was feasting on me for a good 15 minutes until he had eaten enough  :)  We went to bed but about 2 hours later he got up to pee and when he came back he spooned me from behind and started fucking me again.  He came in me a third time a little while later.  I guess I can't complain, the sex was awesome, they were both hot and in the morning my bud got dressed and left.  I had about 2 hours before I had to leave to catch my flight and one of the guys from the planned group sent me a text.  He asked if we could still get together. I told him how much time I had and he said he'd be there in 30 minutes.  I didn't hold my breath but he really did show up.  He was a hot Israeli kid with a nice dick.  He got naked.  I asked if I could take a pic of his dick which is on here and then after he pushed me back on the bed with my legs on his shoulders he grabbed the camera again and took this video.  I wish he had kept it on until he came but it's worth seeing his dick inside me ;)  So all in all not a bad night....and following morning.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Are you giving me a cavity search officer?

Been a bit since I hooked up with my cop friend who lives a few towns over but I got an email from him yesterday saying he was going to be alone today and he has been horny.  He asked if I'd come over so he could rape my ass.  I asked if he'd be telling me I was a whore when he came in my hole again.  He replied 'you are a whore.  tell me you're going to take my cum.'  I told him I would.  So after I went for a run this morning, I came back and showered, cleaned out the hole and told the bf I was going out for a bit.  I drove to his place and sent a text to tell him I was on my way.  He must have texted me back a good 6 or 7 times on the way 'where are you now' 'how close' ....  I could tell he was REAL horny.  Then he sent me a text asking if I brought poppers with me.  I said yes.  'Good.  Come in through the kitchen, take your clothes off and come into the bedroom.  I'll be naked in bed waiting for you.'  When I got to his house I did like I was told.  I walked into his bedroom and he was sitting in bed stroking his dick and watching some porn.  He told me to put my hole in his face and suck his cock.  He's predictable, this is how he always likes to play.  He loves to start off by rimming my ass and then he pushes me off and fucks me doggy.  Always the same.  He rimmed me for a bit and then asked where the poppers were.  He took a hit and then pushed me off his face and flat on the bed.  He lubed my hole and pushed right in.  Not slow, just straight in.  I yelled OW.  He said 'shut up.  Take some poppers. you know you want this because you're a pig.'

I couldn't deny that part.  I took some poppers and got a bit more comfortable and he started plowing me hard.  He started getting verbal too.  'Yeah, you like that huh?  You my cum pig?  You like my dick.'  Then he grabbed the back of my hair and pulled my head back.  He leaned forward and spit in the side of my face.  He said 'tell me you want it.'  I told him I wanted it.  He said 'like you mean it slut, say it again.'  I told him I really wanted it.  I loved his dick in me.  To please, please fuck me.  He asked me 'are you a whore?'  I nodded and said yeah.  He told me to say it out loud.  I said I was a whore.  He said 'this is what you want, it's what you deserve isn't it?  tell me this is what you're for.  tell me you came here because you're a pig and you want my load.'  I told him I drove here for him to fuck me raw and to cum in my ass because I'm a whore.  He said 'I know you are you fucking pig' and he spit in my face again.  He told me to clean it off my face and to eat it.  I wiped it off with my fingers and stuck it in my mouth.  This whole time he was fucking me hard and then he took another hit of poppers.  'You gonna take my load pig?'  I said yeah.  He said 'beg for it, beg like a bitch.  tell me you want my cum in your pussy.  do it or you don't get it, and you better sound like you mean it.'  I did my best job begging.  Please, please cum in my hole.  I need it so bad, it's all I ever want.  It's your cum I want.  Blow it in my pussy.  it's your pussy, it's here for you to pump your load in.  please, please do it.

As I said that I felt his dick getting thicker in my hole and I knew he was about to blow.  He took another hit of poppers and leaned right on top of my while he pumped deep and fast in my ass.  He leaned in close to my ear and said 'here it comes' and then as he started to cum he whispered in my ear 'you're a fucking whore.  you fucking pig. '  when he was done cumming he got up and threw on some sweat pants.  He said 'you should come back next week.  here.'  and he threw me a towel.  i wiped off and got dressed.  he said 'you got all your stuff?  cool, catch you later.'  he led me out the door, i got in my car and left.  he loves the pump and dump scene and no small chat.  i'm not partner material for him, i'm just a hole to drop a load in.  i'm ok with that ;)

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Cold hands, hot dick

It's been a while since my neighbor stopped by (you can tell from my posts!)  I guess he's been busy but so have I so it's all good.  Well that changed yesterday.  I guess he was alone last night and I think he was watching my house because he knew my bf had gone out.  I heard a knock at the back door around 8 and was thinking it must have been my family, they're the only ones that use the back door really.  I get to the door and see him standing there with a smile.  I was stoked because I was so horny, it's been a while since I got any play.  Gotten to that point where we don't even say anything anymore.  He just came in and walked around the corner into the den and said 'you got any porn'?  Since I only have gay porn and I wanted his dick in my mouth as quick as I could, I scrambled to pull up some straight porn on the internet and then flash it from the PC to the TV in the den.  He already had his dick out and was stroking when I walked back in.  Like I said, no need to say what he wants anymore.  I just got down on my knees and started sucking his cock.

He groaned a little as I started and then he started talking (he's getting more verbal the more we do this).  He started saying 'yeah suck that dick' 'yeah you want that, huh' 'show me how you want it' 'suck it like you mean it'.  I took a it of poppers and started going to town on his dick.  He asked 'what are those for?'  My heart jumped.  I thought to myself this was a good sign if he's interested in experimenting.  What else would it lead to?  So I told him it just makes you light-headed and makes me get more horny.  He asked if he could try some.  I said sure, just block a nostril and breathe in through the other for a couple of seconds and then switch them and do the same.  He did and within a couple of seconds said 'whoa, that shit is weird'  He swayed a bit and I thought he needed to sit but he said he was fine.  'Just keep sucking my dick' so I knew it was working.  :)  So I did as told.  I sucked on his dick like the greediest pig I could and he was loving it.  My head was going back and forth like crazy and I felt his dick getting tight in my mouth and he started to groan.  I knew it was coming and oh did it ever.  He flooded my throat with a sweet flow of jizz and I swallowed every drop.  Same as usual when I was done, he said 'thanks man, pulled up his pants and walked to the door'  He looked back, gave a wink and said 'see you soon bro'.  I HOPE that his wanting to try the poppers is a sign that he wants to keep experimenting.  If it kills me I am going to get that man to pump his load in my hole.

Monday, November 29, 2010


Wow, crossed the 25,000 view mark.  I am glad there are so many guys interested in me getting bred ha ha.  :)

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Saturday sleaze

A little late posting this but....last Saturday went to the baths and I had oh so much fun :)  Started as soon as I got there.  I got my room, got undressed and saw lots of action and guys moving around.  I decided to start first by going into the sauna which is kept pitch black.  You get a real quick view when you open the door and the guy near the door was a good looking guy in his 40s I'd guess.  I walked in and sat down on one of the benches opposite him.  My eyes adjusted to the dark pretty quick and it only took a couple of seconds before he walked over and stood right in front of me rubbing his crotch through his towel.  I reached up under his towel to grab it and was happy that action was starting so fast (have been disappointed here before) and was happy that this guy had a big dick :)  I pulled the towel up and started blowing him.  He groaned and that is like a magnet for other guys.  Guys started coming over rubbing his nipples and mine and someone was playing with my dick while I sat and sucked this guy off.  His dick swelled and I knew what I wanted so...I stood up and he leaned down so I could whisper in his ear and ask if he wanted to go to my room.  He said yes so we walked out and went back to my room.  He said 'I'm glad you asked because I'm hoping you want to get fucked and I didn't want to do it in there.'  I told him he was in luck...He pushed me on the bed and straddled my face so I could suck his dick more.  He was pumping my mouth and saying yeah, suck that dick.  Suck it good.  Keep it hard before it goes in you.  Then he asked if I wanted him to use a rubber.  He doesn't like how they feel on his dick but if I want him to he will.  I told him he was in luck again because I like it raw.  He said 'well good, let's get the party started then.'  He walked backwards on his knees until my legs could come up over his shoulders.  He grabbed the lube off the table and I grabbed the poppers and asked if he wanted some.  He said no but I should take a hit.  I did and then he slowly slid his dick in.  "Oh fuck, you have a tight ass.  So hot.' he said.  And he pumped in and out realllly slow for a few minutes.  Then he started to pick up the tempo and he leaned over and started making out with me while he fucked me.  He started piston fucking me and I found out I had kind of a squeaky bed.  Someone walked by outside and laughed saying out loud 'yeah fuck him, fuck him' even though they didn't know who we were, well at least I don't think they did.  He fucked me for a while longer and I felt his dick starting to swell so I knew it was coming.  He asked if I wanted him to pull out.  I said no and he smiled and dove down and buried his tongue down my throat as he started to moan and shot a load up my ass.  So fucking hot and such a great way to start my night.  He asked if I was going to be there a while.  I said I had just gotten there and he said 'cool, maybe I'll get the chance again.' I said hell yeah but I didn't see him again so was either timing or he left, not sure.

I headed to the shower and rinsed off then hit the beat again.  Down the back path behind the last row of rooms is a dark hallway and there were a few guys hanging out there.  One was another older guy with a hot chest so after getting fucked I was pretty horny for more and I dropped to my knees in front of him.  He took of his towel and I started sucking his cock.  Within minutes a crowd formed and another guy got on his knees and the two of us started sucking the dicks around us.  I love the baths!  The older guy with the hot chest came in my mouth after just a couple of minutes and then leaned over and thanked me before putting his towel back on and walking away.   Behind him was another guy but on my knees it was too dark and I couldn't see.  He pushed his dick in my mouth.  Nice size, not huge, but was good for easy sucking like the guy with the hot chest.  I put my hands up to play with his nipples and he said 'fuck yeah'  I knew to keep my hands there and a few minutes later he shot a load in my mouth too.  Next!!  Another guy came over.  I stopped to look at the other guy servicing and it seemed we both had little groups around us.  The next guy that had come over had a bit of a gut I could see even in the dark and not a long dick but it was fat.  I decided I was going to be a pig tonight so I leaned forward and started sucking.  I thought it's kind of like a glory hole as if I can't see the guy on the other side anyway so just suck it and shut up.  I started sucking his dick and two guys got on either side.  The three of them started feeling each other up so I figured this was a good package thing and started moving from one dick to the next and so on until they were all wet and sloppy and hard.  Then I concentrated again on the first guy but while I did the other two started jerking off.  The one on my left said softly 'I'm gonna cum' so I stopped sucking the first guy and moved my mouth to him.  He shoved his dick in and shot a BIG load down my throat.  I choked because it took me by surprise but I went back to clean it up :)  Then I moved back to the first guy and within a minute he shot his load in my mouth.  The last guy was getting blown by the other guy now but when he saw I was done with the first guy he pulled his dick out of the other guy's mouth and came back to me.  He pushed back into my mouth and held my head while he fucked my mouth.  Within a couple of minutes he shot his load in my throat.  I decided I had enough protein to drink for now and left the other guys to my partner in crime who was still on his knees.  I stood up and started to walk around again.  I did several laps and stopped to watch the TV (Iron Man 2 was on) and stopped in the video room to watch some porn and a guy got on his knees to blow me which was good for a few minutes but I didn't want to cum so I pulled back, put my towel back on and kept walking around.  An older jock guy with shoulder length hair and a baseball hat on had just said bye to another guy coming out of his room when I walked by and he said 'what's up?'  Feeling pretty bold and horny I walked into his room.

He closed the door and pulled my towel off.  He was still dressed but after he took my towel off he took his shirt off and pulled his pants down around his ankles.  He had an average dick.  He pushed me down on the bed and started sucking my dick.  He lifted my legs up so he had access to my hole and started rimming me.  He said 'I can taste cum.  You already been fucked?'  I said yep and he said 'you wanna get fucked again?'  I said yep again and he pushed my legs up over his shoulders and leaned in to my body.  He slid his dick right in and started going at it.  He did this for a bit but then asked if I like it doggy.  I said any way you want and he told me to stand up and bend over the bed.  He went back to his knees and rimmed me more.  Then he told me to suck his dick and asked if I could taste the cum on his dick.  I said yep and he said good and then picked me back up and bent me over the bed.  He pushed back in and kept starting and stopping so he could get down and rim me for a few minutes.  Then he finally asked if I wanted another load in there.  I said hell yes and he pushed in farther and shot a load in me.  He asked if I wanted more and I said hell yeah.  So he opened the door to his room and put his dick back in me so other guys could see him fucking me.  This drew a crowd also.  This guy (a guy with same thinking as me) had Maximum Impact in his room.  He started talking to the guys in the doorway telling them how nice and tight and wet my hole was.  Then he asked if anyone wanted a go.  A few of the guys stepped in the room.  He told me to flip on my back so the others could hold my legs up while each guy fucked me.  I did as I was told and no sooner did I flip over than he put a facecloth drenched in Maximum Impact in my face and held it there while the first guy got in position.  He kept it held over my face only taking it off every few minutes to spray more on the facecloth.  I don't know how much time passed but I know my heart was racing and I was light headed thinking to myself fuck me fuck me fuck me.  And they did.  There were 4 guys that gang fucked me while I had the had the facecloth over my face.  I was kept on my back and they kept cheering each other on and one by one they shot their loads into me calling me pig and other stuff while they used me.  I thought I was done until the jock whispered in my ear that a few more guys were at the door and they wanted a piece.  So two more guys fucked me while the jock helped them with my legs and the cheering and holding the facecloth over my face.  I was so out of it by the time this was done but I do remember trying to stand up and being too light headed.  Cum was dripping down my legs as I stood up.  I sat back down on the bed and the jock asked if I was ok.  I said yeah and he told me how hot it was.  I told him I needed a minute and after resting a bit I got up, grabbed my towel he thanked me and I headed to the shower.

When I came out of the shower I was going to get dressed and go home but as I walked back to my room there was another guy standing in his doorway and he said 'I wish I had joined'  I smiled and he asked if I wanted to come in his room for a bit.  Ahh what the hell I thought and I walked in.  He pushed me to my knees and stuck his dick in my mouth.  I sucked his dick for a while and then he stood me up and said he wanted to fuck me.  He put me on my back and threw one leg over his shoulders and slid his dick in.  Slow and steady fucking me is how I'd describe it.  He didn't take too long and he just stopped.  I wasn't sure what was going on but then felt his dick throbbing and knew he was cumming.  He's one of those guys that needs to be still when he cums.  the friction of fucking back and forth is too much I guess for a dick as sensitive as his was.  Fine by me!  When he pulled out I dropped to my knees and cleaned off his dick.  He asked where I was from and he told me where he was from.  I said wow, over an hour to come here.  He said now but now it was worth it and smiled :)  Then we headed to the shower together and I saw him in the light of the shower.  We shared one shower.  He had a shaved head, hairy chest, football player build, nice cock, med length and thick.  Nice way to end the night ;)  I went to my room got dressed and left belly and butt full of cum.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

The bathhouse

Felt a little horny so went to the bathhouse last night.  DEAD doesn't begin to describe it.  So weird for a Friday night but there you go....   Walked miles in that place waiting for some action.  The repeats who kept swing by were real old guys and real fat guys.  I like bears but not obese and real old doesn't do anything for me either.  These weren't daddies, they were real old.  Finally.....a daddy was in one of the rooms playing with himself through the towel and I stopped in.  He let me suck him but he stopped me after about 3 minutes because he didn't want to cum.  Grrrr... On to the next.  A few guys had wandered in.  Got a bit more to look at.  There was one kid who was young, tall and cute.  He was talking with another guy so left them alone.  I hooked up with a good looking guy with a belly.  He let me blow him and then he asked about fucking and I said I loved to get fucked.  He rimmed me for a while and then put some lube on my hole and his dick and waited for my reaction.  When all I did was take a hit of poppers he smirked and slowly slid his dick in.  He fucked me on my back and made out with me the whole time.  He would stop to whisper in my ear that I was a pig and he loved it.  He kept kissing me and after a while asked if I wanted his load.  I said yeah and he said he was poz.  I said I didn't care and he said 'I wasn't going to pull out anyway' and then he shot his load in me.  Yum!!!!

Back to wandering and who stopped to chat but the cute tall guy.  He started grabbing my dick through my towel and then got on his knees to start sucking me off.  We attracted a crowd pretty quick.  And then others started trying to get in on the action.  It made him a little uncomfortable so I asked if he wanted to go to my room.  He said sure.  When we got there he pulled off his towel and I got on my knees and started sucking him.  I did for about 3 or 4 minutes and it didn't even get remotely hard.  I thought to myself hmmmm he's a total bottom.  He just wants to blow me.  OK.  So I stopped and sat on the edge of the bed.  He got on his knees and did what he does best I think.  He was blowing me good.  Because I'm not typically a top, like when I fucked the guy in LA or when I get blown with this guy, it takes me a while to cum.  This kid was a trooper.  It had to have been 10 minutes and his head was like a piston and he kept going until he got what he was after.  I finally started to moan and that made him pick up the tempo.  Then he got a tasty treat.  He told me his name was Chris after he stood up and thanked me for the load and left.  I decided that was as good as that night would be.  I got a load and gave a load so I got dressed and left ;)


A quick blow job for one of the hot local jock older guys I hook up with.  There is an older post of him on here somewhere.  It's been a long while since we hooked up because he travels a lot for work and so do I so schedules don't line up that often.  We chatted, he said he was off Friday and I told him I'd be around.  He was on Manhunt and I emailed him but he didn't open the email right away.  When he finally did he asked if I could come by and blow him and if I'd be interested in blowing a bud of his too.  I said hell yeah.  Then he asked how long.  I said I was ready and could be there in 10 minutes.  He said he had to roll pretty quick and his bud was out so just him and had to be now.  Told him I was on my way.  I got to his place 10 minutes later, walked up the stairs to his apartment, walked in and there he was in the living room with a t-shirt on and nothing else, sitting in a chair and stroking his dick.  He said what's up man and I said hey and got right down on my knees and got to work.  He said fuck yeah and told me to go slow.  He doesn't like to cum to fast.  He stood up and skull fucked me for a bit, but he would start and stop so he wouldn't cum.  Then he told me to take my shorts off so he could see my ass.  I did as told.  He has never fucked me before so I was hoping but all he did was rub his dick against my crack and up and down my back and then he told me to get back to work.  Started going heavy and every few minutes he would stop me.  I caught him checking his watch and knew he was taking every minute he had.  He said ok which I knew meant he was ready to cum so I went for broke.  When he was close he pulled out and told me to tilt my head back.  He likes a mix of a facial and in your mouth so he said here it comes and then it started squirting out on my face, chin and I had my mouth open so some went in my mouth.  Before he was done shooting he stuck it back in my mouth and I got a couple of clean shots down the throat.  Then I rubbed what was on my face on my hand and licked it off.  He had cum on his fingers too and he stuck those in my mouth to clean off.  Got some towels and took care of the rest.  Dressed up, shook hands and left.  I like him.  Right to business, do the deed and go....

Mmmm mmm flip?

Finally catching up on my postings from LA.  AND I do have video of my fuckbud BUT I can't post it because both his face and mine are in it.  I'm not smart enough to edit, haven't figured that out on my Mac yet but for sake of knowing which bud it was, I'll post the pic of his dick in me from the very first time we fucked so you'll know who it was again.  But, the day didn't start that way.  Did some work and then when I was finally done there was a guy I had chatted with the day before who had a lot of ink and I looooove tattoos so we had talked about hooking up.  I walked up the 3 blocks, West Hollywood is great for hookups, and met at his apartment.  He came down to meet me at the main entrance and we walked up to his apartment and were greeted by his friendly dog.  We went into his bedroom and started making out but then quickly got naked.  He said I looked more muscular than my pics and that I was hot.  He got on his knees and started sucking my dick.  After a while he got up and I started sucking his dick.  That went on back and forth for a while and then he decided to rim me, for a loooong time.  So good.  Then he moved into fucking position and that never really took off.  Then we moved back into sucking but this time 69 was the flavor.  It was good too.   We stopped after a bit and we got back to kissing.  He was on top of me and before I knew it he straddled my dick and sat down on it.  I hadn't planned on topping but I went with the flow.  This worked just fine.  He took it for a while then we flipped over and he tried to fuck me again but he couldn't quite get it in, he was semi-hard.  No worries we went back to me fucking him and I did it with him on his back so we could make out.  I started half spitting in his mouth and he responded real well.  So I lifted my head up and drooled down a line of spit.  He opened his mouth wide and let it fall on his tongue.  Then we made out and he passed it back.  This gets me off for some reason so I got rock hard.  We did this a few more times and then I got a nice big line into his mouth and told him to swallow it which he did.  That put me over the top and I started to moan and came in his ass.  He asked me to keep my dick inside him while he jerked off.  I did and a few minutes later he came.  He told me he loves getting fucked by muscle jock types.  Well, I'm glad I was there then ;)  We cleaned off and chatted a bit.  He is a tattoo artist in LA and he gave me his card.  I walked back down to the hotel, showered and walked to the bars.

My bud was there and we hung out until closing and then he came back to my hotel with me.  We got naked, I was kind of buzzed and he nailed me real good.  He told me the next morning that I seemed kind of out of it because I laid there face down in the pillow and let him have his way while he pounded me until he shot his load.  I remember him fucking me but I guess I don't remember it in detail!  Man, I must have been out of it.  But, I know I got his load again ;)  Then we put our arms around each other and went to sleep.  I woke him up the next morning after I showered.  I crawled up the bed and kissed his chest then his neck and he started to smile with his eyes closed, then I kissed his lips.  He got up and got dressed.  We left, I checked out and drove him home and then headed to the airport.  Sad.  I miss him!  You know what I can show you is a real short video he sent me of him jerking off.


Friday, November 5, 2010

Fuck me the way you do....

So my fuckbud fucked me again last night.  It was at his place though so I did not have my camera.  I know he'll fuck me again tonight so I promise I will leave the camera out to get some video or at least a pic of his dick in my hole!  Anyway, we went to dinner again and then for some yogurt on Sunset Boulevard and then walked back to his apartment.  We went into his bedroom and got naked.  He turned on CAM4.  I had never heard of it but it's not like ManRoulette where you get random cam hookups with other people.  It's more like a thing for people who want to be watched on cam by as many people as possible.  He wanted to turn it on so people could watch him fuck me.  That was pretty hot.  We both got on the bed and started making out for a while.  He had bought some new poppers so a fresh bottle was there.  I sucked his dick for a while after taking a hit.  He was groaning happy about where his dick was soon going to be ;)

Then he decided it was time for the show to really start and he got up and told me to get up and bend over the end of the bed near where the cam was.  He started fingering my hole and leaning over kissing my ear and whispering to me to open my hole up.  That he needed me to open my hole up so he could fuck me.  I needed to open my hole up if I wanted some of his cum.  I did what I was told.  I took another hit of poppers and he started using 2 and then 3 fingers in my hole while I moaned.  (Side note....I'm getting a hard on just typing this.  Ha ha, man he makes me horny!)  He grabbed some lube and greased my hole up and then greased up his dick and gave me the popper bottle as he slid in.  He started pumping me slow, all the way in and all the way out pulling his dick out and then pushing it back in all the way to his balls real slow and then all the way out again...  I was loving it and he kept looking over his shoulder and telling me how many people were watching.  I guess you can also chat with the people watching you and they tend to tell you what to do.  So the comments started coming in "pound his ass" "fuck his hole"  "bareback, fuck yeah!"  "cum in his ass"  "flip him over"  That one took, he said turn on your back.  I did and he pushed back in and started pumping my ass a bit harder but still all the way in and all the way out.  After a while doing this I had to pee.  His dick is big so it hits my prostrate just right, it curves up too.  He's good....  So he let me up to go pee and then I came back and got back on the bed quick and we started up again.  He fucked me on my back again and held my legs far apart at first as he looked down at his dick going in and out and said 'your ass feels so good'  I told him his dick did too.  Then he pulled my legs in and rested my feet on his chest and bent my legs back towards my chest.  He leaned in and now started pumping hard and deep.  He was hitting my prostrate every single time and that made me moan.  The cam has volume too so lots of comments started coming when people heard me moaning.  "yeah, fuck him harder" "fuck that bitch" "do him" "shove a pillow over his mouth" "cum in his ass".

He told me to get up and bend over the end of the bed again.  He wanted people to see my ass for a minute and he held it open wide so the cam got a good view.  More comments about my hole and what to do with it.  He pushed back in and asked if I was doing ok.  Yes!!  So he started pumping faster and I knew this was the home stretch.  He went faster and I started asking for it.  Please, please, please.  He likes that and after a few minutes he said 'ok, you ready?'  I said yes and he moaned as he shot a big load in my ass.  I didn't know how big until the next morning but we'll get to that in a minute.  He pulled out and we kissed again and as I stood there I felt cum dripping down my legs.  I told him that and I didn't want to get it on his rug.  I grabbed a towel off the floor and wiped my hole.  Then we both got in the shower and rinsed off.  We came back and read the last comments "yeah!"  "fucking hot" "breed his hole" "cum in that slut" "do it again!"  It was kind of a hot experience putting on a show for the internet. I will have to check that site out later.  We lied on the bed a while and watched tv and then he started falling asleep so I told him I'd go and get out of his way.  He walked me back to my car and we kissed again and he said 'I'm going to stay over at your hotel tomorrow night after work, ok?'  Fuck yes!!!  So now, the next morning.  I got back to the hotel and went to bed (well after chatting with some guys online who wanted to fuck but it was 2 AM at that point and I just needed to cum and go to bed, not wait an hour for another guy to come by) but I fell asleep after blowing my wad.  This morning I was woken up by housekeeping knocking on my door.  I yelled out and they left but I walked into the bathroom to pee.  I got a feeling like I was going to fart and I let it happen without thinking.  I was still half asleep.  All of a sudden I felt a wet feeling and heard a splat on the bathmat I was standing on in front of the toilet.  A huge wad of cum shot out of my ass.  You'd think I had taken more than one load last night.  That's the pic you see here, and I also took an updated shot of my bod for you guys.  More posts to come later!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Hot in LA

90s.   That's hot fucking weather or should that be hot weather for fucking?  Ha ha.  My first day was a good one and I gave it up to my fuckbud who swung by after he worked out.  He promised me pics and vid but he was so horny that we didn't get the camera out this first go around.  He came in and pretty much shoved his tongue down my throat.  He pulled off my tank top and started playing with my nips.  I pulled off his tank top and started playing with his nips.  He stuck his hands down my shorts and played with my dick.  I undid his zipper and let his shorts drop around his ankles.  He said 'what about my sneakers'  I smiled and got on the floor and undid his sneakers and took them off.  He laid back on the bed and said 'come over here'  I climbed up on him and we made out for a long while.  He grabbed me close and pulled my arms up and stuck his face in my pits.  He loves that I don't use deodorant and he loves the musky smell of my pits.  He said 'man I love how you smell.  No one smells like you...'  He has told me that before and he means it.  As soon as he smells my pits his dick gets rock hard.

He said 'climb on it' so I grabbed some lube and some poppers and slowly sat down on his cock.  I rode him up and down for a bit and he said 'you're barely moving.  ride that thing!'  so I started thrusting up and down faster and harder and he said 'that's a boy' and we fucked a while that way.  Then he told me to get on the bed.  I asked which way he wanted me and he said any way I wanted.  I got on my back (my favorite so I can kiss a guy) and he slid his dick in.  I asked if he had ever tried Max Impact.  He said yeah and I told him if he wanted me to open up more I could take a hit because it worked like magic on loosening my hole up.  He passed me the bottle and I took some and then he took some.  He got a glazed look in his eyes and then started plowing deep.  He leaned over and we kissed while his dick stretched my hole.  I love his dick, so fucking hot.  Nice and thick, fat head.  Could take it all day.  Then he told me to get on my hands and knees so he could fuck me doggy.  He took more Max Impact and started pumping me hard again.  I started moaning and he started slapping my ass and telling me to take it.  I told him yeah, to fuck me, fuck me harder.  He asked, harder?  I said yeah.  He sprayed more Max Impact on the face cloth and told me to lie flat on the bed.  He climbed up on the bed and stuck the facecloth in my face.  I got real light headed and then he took some and he started POUNDING my ass. I mean hard.  You know the sound as balls slap on the ass with so much force that it sounds like a small firecracker just went off?  Oh man, was it good.  He said 'this what you wanted?'  I said fuck yeah, please fuck me, fuck my ass.  He kept going heavy for a while longer and then he said 'tell me what you want?'  I said I want your load, I want it bad.  He said 'you want some cum?'  I said fuck yes, please, please, please.  He took another hit and kept pounding away and all of a sudden even with the Max Impact my ass started feeling tight and I knew it was his head was swelling because he was about to cum.  And boy did he....  he shot a big load in my hole.  When he pulled out he collapsed next to me on the bed.  A little more spooge leaked out of his piss lit and I jumped on it like a dog in heat and licked it up.  He moaned as I squeezed his balls to get the last drops out.  As he lied there drained I started licking him all over.  I licked his pits which made him moan and licked him from top to bottom down the chest, over his dick and balls, down his legs.  He had a big smile on his face.  Then I flipped him over and gave him a massage.  He was a very satisfied too :)  I'll end up hooking with him a few more times while I am here!

Monday, November 1, 2010


So I decide to hook up with a guy from bbrt that I have spoken with a few times.  Bigger belly than the pics in his profile but cute and a nice guy.  OK, let's do it.  We get naked and get in his bedroom.  We take some hits off poppers and I blow him for a while.  He pushes me back on the bed and lubes up his dick (average size) and slips in and starts fucking me.  All is going well until he suddenly stops and slips out.  He leans back on the bed and starts jerking off.  I ask if he's ok and he says he is 'I don't know what happened.  I think you're just hotter than I was expecting and your dick is bigger than mine so I got nervous.'  I tell him dick size doesn't matter to me.  What does is him cumming in my hole but it doesn't help....  He can't get it back up and says he's sorry for dragging me out there and not being able to perform. Arrrgggghhhh!  Can't guys just plow an ass regardless of who it's attached to?  What's a cumwhore supposed to do?  :(

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Back home

Temporarily....... then off for work again next Wednesday.  Back to the West coast.  Mmmmmm LA boys. My fuck bud promised pics or video of his dick in me so I should have something to post next week beyond just words.  Look for it guys!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Thank you my friend....

My last fuck in Atlanta was my one of my fuckbuds from late last week.  We met up and went to dinner and then back to his place.  We spent some time on Manhunt and bbrt trying to find another top to tag me but after about two hours of 'my place' 'no car' and 'who's the other guy' then nothing more we said screw it.  We started making out and I pulled out his dick and started sucking him off and playing with his nipples.  After a few minutes we decided to get naked and go in the bedroom.  We made out some more and then he pulled my hips up to his mouth (he was on his back on the bed with his head on the pillow) and he started sucking my dick for a while.  Felt good...  Then he pushed me back and said that my dick tasted good.  He lied on his stomach and I started to give him a quick massage.  He moaned in a happy way and then something made me move down to his butt (maybe the guy I had hooked up with earlier in the week) and I swirled my finger around the outside of his hole.  Then I started kissing him from his ears to his neck, down his back and then slid my tongue in his hole.  He started moaning and was into it.  I was into it too but kind of excited about this because I always thought he was a total top.

And just as I was thinking he might not me I went to push my finger in and he laughed and pulled away.  He said 'uh uh, no one fucks me sexy.  time for you to get fucked.'  So he grabbed some lube and lubed up just his dick, not my hole.  I took a hit of poppers and he pushed his way slowly in.  Was tight at first since I had no lube in my hole but it got in and I started moaning.  He started fucking me (doggy) and asked if it felt good.  I told him it did and he said it did for him too.  He has an average length dick, I guess about 7 inches but thick.  Not like the guy who practically split me in half the day before but you would feel it for sure if he fucked you.  I took another hit of poppers and it loosened me up a little more.  All of a sudden he says 'oh fuck, I'm gonna cum.'  He shot a nice load in me.  He said 'man I can't believe I came so fast' but....he had been traveling for work and was gone for almost a week in the middle of nowhere so outside of no action except for jerking off he was probably horny.  When he pulled out I turned around quick and swallowed his cock.  He winced and jumped back since his dick gets sensitive after he cums.  Mine is same way.  I can't even be touched on my dick after I cum.  Anyway, I could taste some left over cum.  Oh man it tasted good.  He finally begged me to stop because it was so sensitive.  I did as told :)  Then we got dressed and watched a little TV and I left back to the hotel.  I am lying low tonight and head home tomorrow.  I have enjoyed my stay in Atlanta ;)

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

So close.....

So I figure the guy I hook up with from Manhunt today will be the 100th load this year.  But......  he is a very cute poz top with a nice fat cock.  We hooked up in the middle of the day.  I was free and he was in between appointments.  He's a chiropractor.  We had chatted almost every day since I have been here but it hadn't worked until today.  He is only 2 miles from where I am staying so it means I want that cock again before I leave.  We met at his place and he had about an hour to play.  He said how cute I was as soon as I walked in and I told him the same about himself.  We go into the bedroom and the clothes start coming off. He is shaved real close but not down to the skin.  His head, his chest, everything.  It was a real cool feeling.   He goes down on me and sucks my dick for a while and then we both climb on the bed.  He pulls me towards the edge of the bed and throws my legs back and starts going to down chowing down on my hole. He eats me out for a good 10 minutes and then lubes up my hole and his dick.

He slides in me after I take a hit of poppers and decides to tell me he usually takes a long time to cum.  OK I think and then he proceeds to fuck me in every position possible all over the bed for the next 30 minutes.  Starting, stopping, starting, stopping.  Kissing, pounding, slow, fast.  Biting my nipples, biting my ears.  Everything in between......until...... his alarm on his phone goes off.  Fuck he yells!  It was time for him to go back to the office.  He asks if I can come back later.  I tell him hell yeah, that I have to because I got his dick but not his load.  He says 'perfect.'

I come back to the hotel and go to dinner with some of the people I am here with.  After about 2 hours I get a text from him saying he is now home for the night.  Another hour later I am done with dinner and he send another text asking me if he should save the load for me?  I tell him I am on my way.  5 minutes later I am at his house.  He is in the living room watching Family Guy.  I knew I liked him.  We sit on the couch and make out for a while until he says we are overdressed.  We go back into the bedroom and start rolling around kissing, he blows me for a while and then he lubes me up again but this time he can't get totally hard.  He tells me sometimes with cute guys he gets nervous.  So we kiss for a very long time and we both jerk off for a bit and just for the hell of it I put my fingers near his butt and he doesn't flinch.  So I get them closer until my fingers are on his hole.  I figure he's good for it so I slide my finger in and start playing with his hole.  After a few minutes he lubes up my dick and his hole and he slides slowly down on my dick.  He says 'wow, I wasn't expecting this, but....' and he rides me for a bit and then stops all of a sudden.  He tells me it's because he hadn't planned on it and he's not really cleaned out.  So I think I hit something and it made him stop.  No worries I tell him and we go back to kissing and jerking off.  Then he starts rubbing my back and hitting pressure points.  I tell him it feels good and he tells me to get on my stomach,  He gives me a deep tissue massage for about half an hour.  Felt so damn good.  Then I ask if he wants to cum.  He says he does but he is still soft.  I tell him no worries and that he shouldn't be nervous since he is cute himself and has a hot bod and hot dick.  I tell him I'll come back tomorrow but that I should go.

As I get dressed, we kiss again and say good bye.  I no sooner get to the car than I get a text from another guy who had chatted with me on and off all week.  He says on bbrt that his dick is 'huge'.  Well I am so horny right now that I decide to go to his place.  10 miles, no big deal.  I get there and he doesn't look exactly like his pictures anymore.  Chunky a little, but real tall.  6'5" which is hot.  As soon as I get naked he says 'oh yeah, this is going to be good'  I get on my knees and start sucking his dick.  It swells in my mouth stretching it wide.  I pull back and say geez, you weren't kidding.   He tells me to go back to sucking his dick which I do for a few more minutes.  Then he says you want to get fucked?  I say yep and on my back again I go.  He asked if the other guy came in me.  I tell him no and he says good because he likes to eat ass to but he doesn't like to taste other guys cum.  No problem.  He eats me for a while and then lubes me real goooood.  He says do you need poppers?  I look at his dick and decide I need the big guns.  I brought the Max Impact with me.  I take a hit and he tries to push in and he can't get in.  I think back to the group a few days ago and decide I didn't take enough.  So I spray more on the face cloth and take a real big hit and keep it on my face.  He pushes up against my hole and my heart starts racing with the stuff I am breathing in and my asshole puckers and pulls his dick in.  Even with the Max Impact I felt how big it was.  I started moaning right away.  Every thrust he did was agony.  He asked if I liked his big dick.  I really was torn between asking him to stop and begging him to split my ass open.  I opted to just tell him it felt good.  He kept going deep and every time he did brought a scream from me.  He had a huge smile on his face now.  I get the feeling he likes breaking in tight holes. I needed something to occupy myself so I start jerking off.  As I do he is sliding in and out and I am screaming.  After a few more thrusts in between screams I cum.  He looks down and says 'no!  you came already?  Can you still take it?'  I tell him I can for a bit but it will start tightening up with a dick as big as his.  So he says 'do you want me to cum?'  I say yeah and man it got worse before it got better.  He positioned himself a bit higher so he thrust downward and if he was going to cum he started pumping faster.  I am pretty much all out screaming now but I have the face cloth stuffed in my mouth to stifle the screams.  Thankfully it only takes him another minute or two and he says he is cumming.  I feel it twitch as my hole closes tight around his massive dick.  He pulls out and we talk for a bit.  My ass feels like it takes a good 5 minutes to collapse back to its normal size.  Man, that was good and I realize that was probably the fattest cock I have ever taken the 100th load.  Congrats.....

Where'd that rubber go?

So the guy who was into me at Manifest came back on Sunday night.  He showered and came by about 10:30.  We lied on the bed in the hotel and made out for a while and watched some football.  Then he got antsy and stuck his hands down my pants.  He peeled back the top of my jeans so the head of my dick stuck out and he started sucking on it.  That went on for a bit and then we got naked.  He pushed my legs back towards my shoulders and decided it was time to feast on my hole.  He ate me gooood.  Then he grabbed some lube and lubed up my hole.  He reached to his jeans and pulled out a rubber.  He said 'is it ok if I use a condom?'  Arrrrrgggghhhhhh.

This was the same guy who the day before barebacked me in a sex club?  WTF?  Why now.  But I was so horny I told him sure.  He slipped in and started fucking me on my back.  We made out a bit while we fucked and he said 'man I remember how tight your hole was.'  I said yeah and he started fucking harder.  Now call this luck or fate but the next thing out of his mouth is 'oh shit, don't be mad but I think the condom came off.'  He pulled his dick out for a second and sure enough, no rubber.  My butt had pulled it off his dick.  Ha ha ha!  So now whatcha going to do?  Well, he is horny so he doesn't say anything and just sticks his dick back inside.  Within a few minutes he says he is going to cum and he does.  So now I had his load and a rubber somewhere in my hole.  He tells me he's sorry and I tell him no sweat that it will come out.  After he leaves I sit on the john and squirt......out pops my friend and some cum.  That was a first......

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Active Saturday night

Even though I have stuff to do every day I did find the tim to go out Saturday night. I was chatting with a bunch of guys online and some were for later, some for now but then get quiet, blah blah blah. Thing I don't like all that much about Atlanta is tons of guys here party and I am not into pnp. I am more of a purist and just like dick and cum ;) Anyway, I find most guys who have been partying can't keep it up and being a bottom that's usually kind of important to me. So I tend to avoid guys who are partying because of that and the fact that they lose track of time. Be there in 20 minutes means 2 hours, etc. I had planned on going to Manifest but lots of guys online told me if I had been to sex clubs in other cities I would be disappointed with the ones in Atlanta. That they were kind of lame. I thought about that while I talked to other guys online. I found a guy on Manhunt in a hotel in Marietta who was visiting also and was a bb poz top. It was getting late so I said sure. It was a 20 minute drive but I'd do it. Right before I was about to leave another guy from bbrt wanted to fuck. So I told the guy from Marietta I was going to stop for a load then be on my way. He said OK.

I headed out to stop one. The pics made the guys dick look real big but it was an average size. No worries. He asked if pump and dump was ok. I said sure. He pulled out three kinds of poppers and asked if I liked them. I had brought my own (the Max Impact too) but I said sure. I took a hit of his and bent over his couch. He ate my ass for a few minutes and then stood up. The curtains on his sliding door were wide open and he didn't care so if anyone else in the apartment building walked by we'd be giving them a show. He slid in and it was not even 3 minutes and he said 'I'm gonna cum' and he did. He told me he had to work the next morning so he hoped that was ok. I said yeah, there was a load in me so it was ok ;)

I got back in the car and started to Marietta for the guy in the hotel. His pics were hot, shaved head, goatee, thick earrings in both ears, older guy, and described his dick as 6.5 x 6.5 not real long but real thick. We'll see I thought as I drove out there and then also thought what the hell am I doing driving all this way but eh, what are ya gonna do. I got to the hotel about 11:15 and walked into the lobby. Told him I was on my way up. I got to room 602 and surprise, surprise there was a little group going on. The top I had spoken with answered the door and there were two other tops in the room getting blown by a guy on his knees. Well alright.... Let's do this. I walked in, had a quick pee then joined the group. The guy with the shaved head was shorter, a little taller than me but still short, probably 5'8" or so. He had a tank top on but no pants and had a metal cock ring on. Nice. Looking at his dick, he wasn't kidding, it was real fat. The bottom looked up at me and said 'wow he's hot'. All the guys in the room agreed and one of the other tops said 'glad you could stop by' and winked at me. This guy was an older daddy type with gray hair, a bit of a hairy chest, nice bod, average cock and had a leather harness on and leather pants with the crotch piece taken out. The other top was probably in his 30s, nice bod, smooth a bit muscular and a cock a little bigger. The bottom was short like me and had an average bod and average hair. When I got closer the bottom got up and started making out with me. We made out for a few minutes while the tops watched us and jerked off. Then one of the tops said 'ok boys, it's time to fuck since you're both here' We both got on the bed, me on my back with my legs up and him on his hands and knees so he could lean over me and make out while we both got fucked. The top in his 30s came over and felt my ass, he said 'so already got a load in there? I can just slip in?' I told him yep and he started his way in. The leather daddy started fucking my bottom friend while we made out. Our host was egging everyone on. We got fucked this way for 5 minutes or so and the host asked if they wanted to switch. They said sure. The leather daddy top came over to me but he started to get soft and couldn't stick it in. He said I was tight and started jerking off to get hard. The other top was fucking my friend pretty deep now and the bottom said 'don't cum in me' The top said 'no?' The host piped in and said 'oh yeah, he is the starter boy but this is the one you can cum in' pointing to me. The other top said 'i'm close' so he pulled out of the other bottom and the leather daddy moved over so the other top could relieve the ache in his balls by emptying them in my ass. The other top pushed in quick and built his momentum up again, I took a hit of poppers and he said 'I like a hungry bottom boy, you ready?' I said yeah and he shot his load in me. He pulled out and the host guy smiled and said 'awesome' Then he asked if I was ready for him. I said yeah and he lubed up his fat cock and started his way in slowly. Man it felt so good, but having just been fucked, he pushed in no problem. He did say 'man you're tight' but he kept on going. The leather daddy was fucking my bottom brother who was now on his back too, us lying side by side with heads touching. He was moaning a little but he definitely was liking it. After a few minutes the other top got dressed said his good byes, thanked us and left. The host then asked the leather daddy if he wanted to switch. The leather daddy said sure and he came back to me and the host went to the other bottom. The daddy had the same issue and said it was because he had played earlier too. The host pushed into the other bottom and the other bottom moaned and whimpered. The host asked if his dick was too big. The other bottom said no. He kept on going until he felt he was getting close and then told the leather daddy he wanted to cum. The leather daddy moved over so the host could come back to my hole. This time the leather daddy helped by spraying some of the Max Impact on a face cloth and then holding it over my face while the host pushed in. Within 10-15 seconds that shit gives you a crazy light headed feeling, your heart starts racing fast and you can't really hear anything but your heart beating. It also opens up your throat or your hole. This must have been the case because I could feel the host POUNDING my hole and could very lightly over the beating of my heart here the leather daddy saying 'fuck yeah, breed his hole' and I felt the host throb as he shot his load in my hole. The other bottom pushed the face cloth off my face and started making out with me as the host was squirting in me. Two of the tops had now cum in me. Everything stopped for a minute and the leather daddy stood there jerking off. The host grabbed a towel and cleaned off. He told me I was hot and that I had a hot hole. The other bottom got dressed. We all chatted a bit about where we were from and what we did. The other bottom then left and it was me and the host and the leather daddy. Leather daddy was not about to end the night without cumming in me. So the host told him to do what he wanted. He straddled my chest and jerked off for a long time, maybe 10 or 15 minutes but he did get hard. He told me to flip on my hands and knees. I did and he started sliding in doggy style. He started to get a little soft but he managed to get in and once he got in he got hard. He said 'wow you are tight' and then he started getting into a rhythm. He told me to take another hit of Max Impact which I did and then he went nuts as I was in my own world again of my heart beating. I could hear him moan as he was cumming but it sounded like it was coming from the next room. After he pulled out we chatted for a while more. I asked the host if he wanted to go again. He laughed and said 'wow you are hungry' We talked about my hole and it being tight. The leather daddy told me the Max Impact was not good for me. He used to be a chemical engineer and he said it's not a good thing to do a lot of. But....he said it does open you up real nice so I guess it's a catch 22. Ha.... Then they both agreed I was so tight because I work out a lot and do squats which keep my bubble butt tight. I didn't argue. I cleaned the cum dripping out of my hole and got dressed and planned to head back to the hotel.

On the way back I decided I should at least check out this Manifest place. $25, would it be worth it. Once I got in (now about 1 AM) it was slow and dead inside so not the greatest BUT within 5 minutes a guy with his shirt off walked by. We made eye contact. I walked back to where he stood near a wall and he grabbed my hand and brought me into the first room we were near which had a leather chair in it. We got naked and he said 'man you're hot' I said you too. His hair looked like that white blond Scandinavian color in the dark. His chest was smooth and he had those nice bubbled pecs. I kept playing with his nips which made his dick rock hard. Nice big dick too..... He got on his knees and sucked my dick for a while and then pushed me down on the chair and kept blowing me. Then he fingered my hole for a bit and he asked if I liked to get fucked. I said yep and he got on his knees and got close to the chair. His dick was big and it took him a bit to get in. Once he was in he said 'man you're tight' I said yeah weird, but I have been fucked 4 times tonight already. He said it was weird and smiled. He started and stopped 3 or 4 times, every time he stopped he pulled out and stood up and stuck his dick in my mouth. I could taste some of the other guys cum that was in there and now on his dick. He went back for one last go and he said to play with his nipples. I had my legs over his shoulders and he was on his knees on the floor with my ass on the end of the chair. As soon as I touched his nipples it was like his dick stood to attention inside my hole. He said fuck yeah and the asked 'you want another load in there?' I said hell yes and he gave me what I wanted. He shot a good 5 or 6 streams in my hole. As soon as he pulled out and stood up a cum fart squirting a huge wad of cum on the floor in front of the chair. He laughed. I stood up and grabbed some paper towel to clean up. We got dressed and I put another paper towel in my underwear in case anything tried to leak out when I went back to the hotel. We started to chat, told him I was visiting for work and how long I'd be here. He said we should definitely get together again. I agreed. Neither of us had our phones with us so we went outside. We stopped at his car and he put my number in his phone and called my phone so I would have his when I got back to my car. Outside I saw his hair wasn't blond but silver/gray. He was real hot and a sexy silver daddy. I definitely wanted that cock again. He is off Sunday and Tuesday and we said we'd work something out so he could get another load in me before I left. Looking at the count too, I realized I'm almost at 100 loads for the year. I wonder if I should give a proze or something to the 100th customer!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Keep em cumming

This is a short post but I told myself I wanted to get at least one load every day I was here. I was actually going to say aww screw it and skip today but then another fuckbud of mine from bbrt told me he was free if I wanted to fuck. I told him I could swing by. He said he was really really horny and it would not take him long. Perfect I thought! So I grabbed my keys and headed out to his place. He was out of poppers so I stopped and picked up some Maximum Impact which makes me waaaaayyyyyy more light headed than poppers. Got to his house and his roommate was up. He doesn't care if there is sex going on, at least something is happening. I wish he had joined us but no worries. We went into my buds bedroom and got naked. It was dark except for the porn he had on. He told me I had to wake up his dick so I started blowing him. His dick is average size and it stood to attention in my mouth within 2 minutes. Then he told me he wanted to suck my dick which he did after pushing me back. A couple minutes later he moved down to my hole. After about 5 minutes he told me to flip on my knees and get on the edge of the bed. He rimmed me a bit longer and said 'I'm ready when you are.' I told him I was ready and he lubed my hole and slid in. I took a long hit of Max Impact, my heart started racing and I just remember starting to say 'yeah fuck me, fuck me' over and over again like 40 times. He was not joking. He no sooner started than he shot a load in my hole. I said fuck yeah and then he slipped out and we got dressed. He said he'd save another load for me if I wanted before I left. Sure thing for a sure thing ;)

The best part I realized was when I left. I stopped at a gas station to buy a chocolate bar and all the people saying hi and stuff don't know I have a load of cum in my ass. Then when I got back to the hotel and the desk clerk and one of the night staff smile and say hi and I wat to tell them I have a load in me but I just smile back. Love it....

Thursday, October 21, 2010


Always a good time in Atlanta. No let down today. Two different guys from bbrt but both with a good amount of cum. I have hooked up with both before. The first is a hot daddy who is right down the street from my hotel. I swung by in the afternoon and he brought me down to his play room. We got naked pretty quick and I got on my knees to suck his dick for a bit. He has a nice dick, not big and not that thick but respectable. Suck time was over quick and he wanted me to get in the sling (which I love). He put on some porn that was behind me so he got to watch while he fucked my ass. He lubed up and went right in. Took a hit of poppers and we were good to go. He was off his game a bit it seemed because he was all about just slamming and slamming his dick as hard as he physically could. Since his dick isn't that big it was his pelvis hitting mine. Ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ..... then he let it slip he was on Special K. Well, now it makes sense, but I do want a load so I guess I'll deal. It didn't take him very long anyway. He came a big load actually. Then he went for round two and within another 5 minutes he splattered the inside of my guts again. He kept going in and out and I could feel how squishy it was. Mmmmmm, was worth it to lube up my hole for whoever was next :)

The second guy was a guy I have hooked up with before also but when we were both traveling in Denver actually. He has never been home in Atlanta when I have been here. Anyway, we spent a long time talking to catch up. He's a real nice guy too. Beautiful green eyes that make me hard as soon as I look at them. After a lot of talking we started kissing. He commented on how big my arms had gotten and how jealous he was. Then we started talking about guys we have scored with from bbrt and he wanted to see some of the guys that did me. He likes sloppy seconds so he was glad there was cum already in me. Unlike the first guy, he has a real thick dick. It's about 7 inches long but thick around. He is always one of my favorite fucks to remember because he is one of 3 dicks I remember in detail the way it throbbed in me when he came. I blogged before about the guy in Chicago that had the awesome bod and a hot dick that throbbed with every squirt. So fucking hot, makes me horny just thinking about it. Well, this guy is right up there. After the kissing we get naked and he says again how good I look. We climb on the bed and start rolling around making out. He tries to give me a hickey. I go for his nips which drive him nuts, boing! He gets hard right away. We try to get his dick in with just spit but no can do. I am straddled over him but even though I have been fucked a lot my ass is really tight always. It's weird. So we get some lube on it and I sit down on his dick slowly as I take a hit of poppers. Soooooo good his dick feels. I ride him for a few minutes and we make out and I play with his nips all at the same time. I grab his arms and pull him towards me while his dick is still in me and we flip me on my back and he piston fucks me for a bit. Then as my head is hanging over the side of the bed he pulls me back and sets me on the pillows. Then he flips me over and we decide to finish up doggie style. He asks if I want it. I say it feels real good and yeah I want it. He can feel all the spooge in me already and tells me he's gonna give me load 3. I say fuck yeah and I can feel his dick swelling. Oh man I love that moment. Then he shoots a massive load in me and as soon as he pulls out some of it squirts out on his bed. He has his play cover on so no harm but I told him I was sorry anyway. Then we lied naked next to each other and kissed a while and then talked a lot longer. I gave him a quick massage and then got dressed and came back to the hotel. He leaves on business tomorrow but is back in a couple of days and is going to text me so we can fuck again. When I got back and got undressed I felt it wanted to squirt out so I put a towel on the floor and got my camera to take a pic. A huge wad shot out but I didn't get it. I decided more was coming out and instead of trying to grab a pic of it, to take a video so you can watch the rest drip out. There is still a lot you see come out so you know two big spurts had already come out before what you see. A good night!


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Helllllooooo Daddy

So I got some older guy dick in Lauderdale and I got some more in Chicago. Didn't really do a lot in Chicago but did get a hook up with a guy from bbrt. I really should start asking guys I hook up with if they care if I put their screen names in here so you can look them up. Anyway, he was 54 and a hot daddy. He was real hairy, front and back. He showed up at my hotel room door in a pair of jeans and a t-shirt with a long sleeve shirt over it. He came right in and right up to me to start kissing. I knew we wouldn't be wasting any time. He started pulling my clothes off so I helped. Then he pulled his off and I saw all the hair. He asked if I liked hairy. I said yep. He pushed me on the bed and sucked my dick for about 20 seconds and then flipped me over. When I say he feasted on my hole I can't even do it justice. He went so nuts on my hole for a good 20 minutes. Rubbing his tongue back and forth, fucking his tongue in deep, biting the ass cheeks. Over and over again he was doing this. Every now and then he'd spit in the hole and then lick it up. He was going to town. Then he laid down on the bed and I thought it was go time but he said to sit on his face so more of that :)

This did give me a chance to suck his dick though while he washed my hole over and over with his tongue. I actually got tired of sucking his dick before he tired of eating my ass. But all good things come to an end and then he flipped me over and asked 'is this what you want boy?' 'you wanna get bred.' I said yes!! and he lubed up his dick with some spit and since there was a gallon of spit in and around my hole he was able to push right in. Because he had been eating me out for so long I must have been crazy horny for cock because I shot a load on my stomach about 3 minutes into it. He asked if he should stop and I said no. He said 'yeah you still want the load, you know why I'm here' and he started fucking me a bit harder. I tightened up a bit after cumming and he told me I had a great hole. I didn't want to get too tight so I took a nice long hit off the popper bottle, got nice and light headed and he said 'there you go. daddy's gonna give it to you boy.' and he got into a rhythm, after a few minutes he asked 'you want this load' in my light headed state i said fuck yeah and he told me i was about to get it. then he moaned real loud and shot a nice load in my hole. he pulled out and we played the what are you doing in town game and i asked what he did. all the good stuff. i asked if he wanted to shower and he said no, he would just use a face cloth quick. he did, got dressed and left. when he got back near a computer he emailed me that we should do it again next time i am in town. buddy link......

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Hello neighbor

Well boys it's been a while since my neighbor stopped by but fresh from giving a blowjob and having cum on my breath I had to post it. The bf is out running errands this morning and I was outside doing some stuff in the yard. Nice day. I was talking to one of my other neighbors and my across the street neighbor came down his drive and joined the conversation. We chatted for a bit and then he throws out 'hey, is it still cool if I borrow your nail gun? i wanted to tack some stuff up for halloween for this kids' i told him sure and the other neighbor said goodbye and we walked down my driveway. i asked if he really did need the nail gun. he said 'how about i put my dick in your mouth and we'll talk about that after.' fine by me.

same drill as always, we walked in the back door and he dropped his pants in my kitchen and didn't say anything else. i dropped to my knees and started to polish his knob. i soooo wish he'd let me take a pic of it. i promised him no face but i told him i just liked jerking off thinking about it and a pic would help that. he said no. i didn't want to push it and ask if he'd ever be up for a fuck. i'm thinking he controls this relationship and as long as i get to blow him on a regular basis i am not going to fuck that up.

his dick started to swell as always and i cupped his balls and then pulled them down a bit. he said 'yeah, suck my dick man.' and then he grabbed the back of my head and started skull fucking me. a few minutes later i felt the head of his dick puff up and i new the payoff was coming. man did it ever, in a big way. he shot a good 5 or 6 heavy streams of cum down my hungry throat and it twitched for another minute or so. i am starting to wonder if he has blue balls or something and isn't really getting any at home. how could his load be that big if he was? hey, i guess not my problem. just my gain ;) bring it on again man!!

Hey guys

Thanks for the comments.... Glad you are enjoying the blog and the pics ;) Not sure if you all like the polls but I'll put up another one.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Day 4 Lauderdale

The hook up I mentioned from the last post was my first for my last day in Lauderdale. It was with a hung bare black top from Manhunt. I went by his place and he was ready for me about 10 AM. Walked in and he brought me straight to the bedroom. He was watching some bb porn and we both got rid of our clothes. I got right to work getting on my knees and sucking his cock. It was already semi hard before I started because he has a thing for compact white boys. Lucky me!! I blew him for a while and then he pulled me up and we starting making out for a long time. He loved to kiss. Then he asked if I wanted his dick in me and I said yes! He told me to bend over the bed and he got down on his knees and started rimming me. 'Fuck you have a beautiful hole' he said and started going at it. 'Push it out for me' he said and I did as told. He was going in and out of the hole with his tongue for a good long time. Then it was fuck time. He mounted me from behind. Gave me my poppers so I could take a nice long hit and get ready. I looked underneath myself back at his dick and man it swelled up nice. He was hung as promised. He took it real slow and slid in. Once he was in he said again what a great hole it was. He started fucking a bit faster but with a great rhythm all the way in and all the way out. This went on for a few more minutes and he pulled out. I asked if he came. He said no way, flip over. He wanted to fuck me on my back so we could kiss and he could look in me eyes.

I flipped over and he slid back inside. He asked if it felt good. I told him I loved it and that his dick was great and he told me he really liked being in my hole. I reached back and grabbed his ass cheeks and pulled him in close and he said 'oh, you want it deeper and harder sexy?' I said yeah and he said ok. He started pumping hard and I felt his balls slap against my ass with each push. For the bottoms out there you know that feeling when a dick is big enough and thick enough that when it pushes all the way in it hits the prostate and it borders on pain and pleasure at the same time? Well, this was one of those dicks. I fucking loved it. He started going to town asking again and again if I wanted more. You like that dick in you? You want this black dick to fuck you hard? You like black dick huh? You gonna let me cum in there? You want this load? You want a load from a black dick in your white cumhole? Answers to all were yes :) He started going slower again but all the way out and all the way. This seemed to be the best feeling for him. I was wiggling my ass as best I could to suck his cock in at every chance. He started picking up the tempo again and said 'you want the load? that what you came here for?' I said 'fuck yes, please. please give it to me.' he told me he was getting close. He told me it was ready and then he shot a huge load. I felt it twitch at least 6 times. He didn't pull out though. He left his dick in and every 20 seconds or so it would twitch again. He kept kissing me and we did this with his dick still in me for another 5 or 10 minutes. Then he finally pulled out and we cleaned off. He asked when I was leaving and I told him the next day. He said he'd want to fuck me again when I came back down. I told him no problem! Then he told me he wanted me to send him a pic of my hole when I got back to my hotel room so he could keep it and remember it. That's the pic you see here!

The rest of the day was by the pool and then went to dinner with some people from the poolside bar. We did a pub crawl down the beach boulevard and I got pretty hammered. I might have time for one more load before I head out but I still feel drunk from last night so not sure. Just lying in bed and typing this blog for now!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

bonus on day 3....

a guy I was chatting with since I got here came over after I cam back from Miami. I actually had dinner and some drinks first so kind of buzzed. He asked if I could take more loads. I asked what he meant and he said he wanted to take me to a sex club. I told him prob not tonight. I am buzzed and ass is sore from the alien freak guy so I wanted his load (since I have been keeping him in blue balls state since I got here) and then would prob hit the sheets.. Well I am glad we finally hooked up. The pics are his cock and him deep inside me. He is a mix of Moroccan and Puerto Rican. Yum yum, dark uncut cock. He fucked me on my back for a bit and said he could feel the other loads inside. Then he asked me to stand up and bend over the bed so he could fuck me from behind. That's how he liked to cum. No prob!! He shot a nice load in me and then I was so turned on my his dick I dropped to my knees to suck every last drop out after he pulled out. He kept jumping and twitching. he said he gets sensitive after he cums, just like me ;)

i have a bare black top lined up for tomorrow morning. start the day off right!

Lauderdale day 3

Oh man......I have heard that guys like this exist but I have never met one. Was chatting with a bunch of guys and nothing panned out. Ended up taking a chance on a guy in the Miami area so had to drive for 30 minutes. Man am I glad I did. He said he was an aggressive pig top and said he could cum multiple times. I was thinking yeah ok, but he wasn't joking. I will go into detail but the short story is he came 6 times in an hour. Twice in my mouth and four times in my ass. I have never met anyone who had an endless supply of cum. The fifth load was in my mouth and I swear to you it was a respectable load so I think he's either an alien or a freak. I wish I knew more guys like him! He fucked mercilessly too. Man is my ass sore....

Started by me telling him I was almost there. He told me that after he cums if I suck him again he'll get hard again fast. I was like ok.... I walked in and we went to the bedroom. Nice house by the way. He was hot, hairy and latino. We kissed right after getting naked and then he pushed me to my knees. I started to blow him and I am not even joking. I was doing it for about 10 seconds and he shot a load in my mouth. My first thought was fuck, I came all this way for a 10 second blow job. But.... then he told me to keep blowing him. We got on the bed. He wanted my ass in his face while I sucked his cock. He went nuts on my butt. Then he took some poppers and went even more nuts you can't even imagine. He flung me on my back like a rag doll and said put your legs up. He got some lube, lubed himself up and pushed inside. Man you're tight he said. Then he fucked deep and hard and kissed and played with my nips. After a good 10 minutes he came again, I felt it twitch. So hot. Then he started again and I was like, man he's not joking. He flipped me on my side and threw one leg over his shoulder and went for broke. About 5 minutes later he came again.

Then he stopped and said he needed a couple of minutes. He said cum was leaking out and took the two pics listed here. They came out ok but not great. He got a beer and got me some water and then told me to start blowing him again. It was like a magic remote. I started sucking his dick again and 30 seconds later he was hard as a rock. He told me to put my butt in his face again while I blew him. So we did that scene again. Very hot. Again, he took a hit of poppers and went nuts. He put me on my back again and started fucking me. A few minutes later and load number 4 was in. Back to rest and we chatted for a while. Then it was back to blowing him and he said slow, now faster....faster, play with my balls, etc. Then he said, wait wait, easy. slow down but it was too late. He shot another load in my mouth. Then it was rest again and we chatted for a while longer. He said he wanted to rim me again and he took a big swig of beer and then started rimming me and he squirted the cold beer in my hole. Weird feeling but was cool. Then he put a small vibrating toy in my hole and asked if he could leave it in there while he fucked me again. I said sure. He asked if I could take another load. Yup I said so it was back to sucking him off and him rimming me.

Then, more poppers and back to crazy sex.... he put me on my stomach this time and climbed on the bed hovering over me and fucked squatting over me and thrusting down into me. man did that reach deep. I was moaning and moaning. He kept asking if it was ok and if he was hurting me. I said no, just please give me another load. It took him a bit longer this way. Was another 10 mins or so and then he shot the last load. He asked if I wanted more but I told him I should probably get back. I showered and we chatted some more. He told me I was much sexier and better looking than my pics and asked when I was leaving. We are supposed to hang out tomorrow night in south beach and have a beer. No sex but......we'll see....

Lauderdale Day 2

2 loads for day 2. No pics or vid today, sorry about that. I asked but both guys said they weren't really that into it. No worries... Two more hot daddies. The first one came by during his lunch break. Nice lunchtime treat! He was another with an average dick, smaller than mine. Probably 5 inches or so. He made me blow him sitting up against the headboard of the bed for a good 20 minutes. He loved head. I just sat there looking up at him while his dick went in and out of my mouth. He was really into it. I actually thought for a while that he was going to cum in my mouth because he liked head so much but right when I was thinking that (as my jaw muscles started getting tired) he pulled out and told me to get on all fours. He was shorter than me and he mounted me standing behind me and pushed in and fucked downward while I was on all fours. That was pretty hot. I wish he had let me take a pic or something but I won't lose sleep over it. That was the only position we fucked in. He started getting verbal and after another 5 minutes or so he shot his load in me. He stopped for a minute and then started up again. I thought he was going to go again but he told me he just wanted to make sure and push it in deeper. Hot! Then he got dressed and we chatted for a while. He told me where I should go in Wilton Manors where all the gay scene is for the most part.

An hour later deposit number two came by. This was another pump and dump. He was in good shape, hairy, middle eastern with a nice uncut cock. Another average, not huge or even big really but respectable. He asked if I had any loads in me already and I said yeah. That was all he wanted to know. Then he bent me over the end of the bed and fucked me from behind for less than 5 minutes and squirted a load in me. He said 'now you have one more.' He pulled up his pants and left. Anonymous sex is kind of hot sometimes. I wish it had lasted a bit longer but what can you do? ha ha. Anyway, after that I went down by the pool and drank way too many mojitos and came back to my room and passed out. Woke up in the middle of the night with the tv on. Got into bed and that was that. Too much alcohol interferes with the plans. Take a note! Unless you are at a bathhouse already when you're drunk it works against you! haha. Well, time to try again today....